New Wedding Stationery Design: Decorated Indian Elephant

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Imbue You Decorated Elephant invitation set

It’s a great thing when a client gives you a shove in the right direction.

Justin and I have been talking about creating an Indian-inspired decorated elephant wedding stationery set for months. Luckily one of our customers wanted to use a decorated elephant on her lotus booklet invitations.

So after Justin drew the elephant, we created a set for it on its own, inspired by Indian block prints.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Booklet Inside

Justin’s babchi (grandmother in Polish) had this thing about elephants. A trunk that pointed up was good luck and one that pointed down was bad luck. So when Justin drew this elephant he made it a good luck elephant for his babchi and for you.

This booklet invitation design has a handy loop to keep the RSVP and any inserts neatly tucked away, while giving the invitation the main focus.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Invitation w Envelopes

Color envelopes and a wrap label with return address are included.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant RSVP

The RSVP is layered like the invitation, and has a coordinating envelope label.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Save the Date

The coordinating save the date postcard has rounded edges and modern typographic design on the reverse side.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Notecard

Coordinating note card can have your names or a simple note of thanks. Addressed label makes sending your post-wedding thank you notes so much faster.

This design will soon be available in our handmade wedding stationery shop. Or by contacting us.

{photos by Imbue You Wedding}

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Unexpected Indian Mehndi Wedding Inspiration

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teal Indian wedding dress

Beautiful henna designs on your wedding invitations, wedding cake, and bride and bridesmaids can certainly bring a mehndi theme to life. Looking for additional designs to add the intricate beauty of henna to your wedding?

Here are some unexpected ways to incorporate mehndi and henna designs into your wedding.

Mehndi nails for brides and bridesmaids

These mehndi fingernails pack a lot of detail in such a small area. They are hand painted and decorated by an artist on Etsy, Never Too Much Glitter.


Henna Paisley Groomsmen Ties

Get the guys in your wedding party on theme, with henna inspired ties. These are from Cyberoptix.


Henna Ketubah

Mehndi Ketubbah close up

There’s a global quality to mehndi that makes it great when combining cultures at a wedding. Here a traditional Jewish wedding contract, ketubah, is adorned with henna inspired design. Created by Doodlage.


Mehndi Wedding Bridal Shoes

Custom hand painted wedding shoes can also give you mehndi flair. These shoes were decorated by Love Miranda Marie.


Henna Mehndi Accessories

Incorporate table accessories into centerpieces or special items for your sweetheart table. The hand painted glass is from Mehndi Glass, and the candle is from Redwood Henna. I’ve also seen beautiful mehndi inspired plates and spoons.

See more Indian wedding inspiration on our blog or on our Indian Wedding Pinterest Board.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}


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Indian Wedding Inspiration: Archways and Architecture

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Indian archway wedding inspiration

When planning a wedding, choosing a theme that ties your various design elements together can actually simplify your choices by focusing your decision making.  For Indian weddings there are design options, besides color, that can you can use to pull your wedding look together.

One way to evoke Indian is to celebrate its architecture with wedding elements inspired by archways.

indian wedding aisle arch by

Ceremony-Canopy-Beach Wedding by

Beyond the mandap, arches can be part of your wedding by covering the aisle or the guest seating. With more or less detail, and depending on the material you use, your ceremony arches can be modern or traditional. More detail and colors will have a more traditional look,like the top photo. While simpler shapes and a more scaled back design in one color will read as modern.

{Photo sources:  Indian archway from Delhi by kholkute; Floral aisle canopy design by Fiori Fresco Special Events and Barbara Wallace Weddings, photography by Wanberg Media Arts; White canopy photo by Hughes Photographics}


indian arch wedding cake by

Archways can be decorative symbols on your wedding cake, other desserts or favors. In the cake above it’s combined with paisely, floral and other design elements to make it truly special. You can add your own whimsy, shapes and colors to have fun with arches.

{Photo by The Image is Found via Style Me Pretty}


purple lotus flower Indian wedding program by Imbue You Wedding

Arches can also be woven through your reception stationery, such as on wedding programs, table numbers, escort cards and menus.

{Indian inspired Wedding Program by Imbue You Wedding}

Indian jewelry

And don’t forget your wedding  jewelry. I love how these jewels frame the face and create an archway with the shape of their design.

{Photo source:  left:; right:}

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding.  For Indian wedding invitations and stationery visit Imbue You Wedding.}

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5 Theme Wedding Planning Tips

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teal Indian wedding dress

Choosing a theme or culture to incorporate in your wedding can make your design and planning decisions easier. But to pull off a celebration that truly embodies what you wanted, it’s important to keep these 5 things in mind:

beach wedding decor

1. Why This Theme?

A wedding theme or culture can mean different things to different people, even within the couple getting married. Knowing what your theme means to you helps you choose the right elements.

Take a beach theme for example. Maybe you love the ocean waves. Or maybe seashells mean beach to you. Don’t get locked into a “greatest hits” of your theme. Choose the design elements that matter the most to you. It will keep your design focused and your wedding day more meaningful.

{photos: first photo via Maharani Weddings; photo directly above by Pink Pelican Designs}

colorful wedding desserts rainbow pastel

2. What Colors Make Sense?

Some themes have logical color palettes. Looking at various hues within those colors can be an easy way to find the right mood for your wedding. But you don’t need to be tied to what’s traditional. There’s always room to be creative!

Take a garden wedding theme for instance. Logic and tradition would recommend greens, peaches, maybe rose pink. But black? Yet we did stationery for a pink and black garden reception. The key was using a floral graphic that pulled it all together.

Our eyes actually see shape before color. So theme appropriate shapes provide visual cues when colors won’t. And vice versa, so theme colors can set the tone when there aren’t specific design elements that point to the theme.

{photos: left photo via That Inspirational Girl; right photo via Belle the Magazine}

sand dollar wrap wedding invitation

3. Invitations Set the Tone.

For theme and cultural weddings, invitation choice is crucial. You’re doing something special, but your guests won’t know that if you send a typical invite. Invitations build expectations of your guests. So make sure they match what you’re planning.

Think design, patterns and motifs that can be repeated. But also think tone, which can include modern, classic or fun.

One bride told us that she selected a more formal table setting over a modern one for her Persian wedding because of the tone set in our invitation design. She even repeated the invitation pattern on the cake.

{photo by Imbue You Wedding}

sheet music petal cones

4. Music Sets the Mood.

What does your theme or culture feel like to you? What songs or musicians go with that?

Recalling quiet nights with your grandmother in India requires different music than evoking the party scene in New Delhi. can help you expand your selections. Simply, plug in a song or artist that’s on theme and see what happens. You’ll definitely discover songs and artists you hadn’t even considered.

{photo by Vintage Twee}

wedding details

5. Little Touches Make the Difference.

The great thing about theme and cultural weddings is the chance to share something different, new or personal with guests. Keep in mind that guests interact most with table details and favors.

And don’t forget the power of smell. For a Polynesian theme wedding we assembled pina colada aroma beads in real coconut cups as favors.

Sometimes that special touch can be information. The Persian wedding we worked on featured table cards that explained the traditional appetizers that guests were enjoying.

{photo by Tec Petaja Photography}

Do you have more tips for how to plan a cultural or theme wedding? Share them in comments.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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Sneak Peek: Indian Lotus Wedding Invitation Booklet in Purple and Teal

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Indian lotus booklet wedding invitation and cover

We are working with a couple who were having a destination wedding in the mountains. They really loved our Mexican Tile Folder Booklet and our Lotus Floral Print. So we combined the two for a new design.

We loved it so much that we’ve decided to add the design in our collection. I’m really enjoying this color palette too: teal, purple and gold. It’s bold yet elegant … perfect for a modern Indian wedding or a mountain wedding in Big Sky country.

teal and purple Lotus invite booklet with loop

Our coordinating loop keeps your RSVP, RSVP envelope and any enclosure cards in place.

wedding invitation booklet with envelope wrap label

Indian lotus floral booklet RSVP with envelope

This is just the beginning of new designs from Imbue You. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of new prints and designs for invitations, save the dates and thank you cards.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }




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