Cleaning House

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Sometimes to make everything make sense, you have to move it all around.

In the early days of our design studio, Justin came to me and said he wanted to move our bedroom into the other bedroom where our office was because it was quieter. Made sense,  but it didn’t quite address the best use of space in our home. So the next weekend, we moved our bedroom into the old office, the office into the livingroom and the livingroom into our old bedroom…much better.

Our purple sofa (I loved color even back then) didn’t quite fit through the doorway and so became a casualty to the new scheme. Insert a sleeker blue couch, and we were done!

I share this story because we just updated our Imbue You Wedding and Imbue You websites. Things are moved around quite a bit, but the hope is that it will make more sense to you and be a better reflection of what we do.

Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

The Imbue You Wedding site is now the home of our custom handmade wedding invitations and coordinating stationery. So our handmade invitations, save the dates, ceremony and reception stationery, and thank you cards can be found there.


Imbue You Indian Lotus Invitation Collection Set

Imbue You is now home to our entire Signature Collection of designs, which are printed, shipped and supported by Zazzle. This includes our wedding invitation and save the date collection, and also our party and shower invitations, accessories and gifts, holiday cards and invitations, and stationery and stamps.

It’s still a work in progress. But visit us in our new spaces and let us know what you think!


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