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hand painted blue floral wedding heels

With so many areas of great personalization possible with your wedding, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nora of norakaren, maker of hand painted wedding shoes.

“My style is glam, very art deco, high fashion,” says Nora. “My technique is probably what it makes it more unique, because it is free hand painting, very hard to copy. I create every piece one by one for each one of my brides, no mass production here.”

painted jeweled chandelier bridal ballet shoes

chinese wedding shoes dragon phoenix

{Designer Secret} High heels aren’t the only option for a high fashion, beautiful bridal look. Nora has great advice on that and on the best colors for outside weddings.

“Many brides look for lower heels, sometimes because the fiancée is shorter or not that tall but they still want to be stunning,” Nora says. “So I suggest a great peep toe with a 1 3/4″ heel or the ballerina flats that come in many shapes and about 64 different shades.”

painted blue rose bridal high heel shoes

“If the dress is short I love to pair it with flats or Mary Janes, maybe a cute peep toe. If she wears a closed toe pump, it will look very 1950’s. Sandals are great for summer and springtime weddings but they can work also on a closed ballroom.”

“For weddings outside I would recommend light colors not only for the climate but because they photograph better,” Nora explains. “Black doesn’t photograph well outside, red is always trying to fade under light too. Blue, what can I say, it is always nice to wear “something blue”.”

hand pained pink peacock bridal open toe shoes

painted peacock bridal shoes

But norakaren wasn’t always all about painted wedding shoes.

“I’ve been a painter/designer since I was a young girl seated on the porch of my house,” Nora remembers. “I started in 2001 seriously working for a fashion designer and my first best seller was a pair of jeans made to commemorate September 11th. I opened my Etsy store based mostly on hand painted designs on fabric and I received a very unusual request on a pair of satin shoes.”

“After that, I loved the technique, the medium and of course the shoes (who doesn’t?) and the orders started pouring like rain. I’ve found that these creations are loved by women who love style, girls for their proms and parties, and brides for their themed weddings.”

To learn more about norakaren and see more shoes, visit:

Shop: www.norakaren.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/norakaren/58934055934
Twitter: twitter.com/norakaren
Blog: www.nora-handpainted.blogspot.com
Tumblr: norakaren.tumblr.com

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