Hair Bows Wonderworld: Beautiful Handmade Bridal Bouquets

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fall handmade brooch bouquet

There are so many choices for what to do as your wedding bouquet these days. And I love that they don’t necessarily need to be actual flowers.

Especially when the bouquets are handmade by Lynn at Hair Bows Wonderworld. She uses brooches, feathers, jewelry at other objects to create beautiful and personal wedding bouquets.

vintage glam bridal bouquet

Handmade Bridal Bouquets

“I love anything vintage and feminine,” Lynn says. “However I don’t have a particular style that I stick to. I love spontaneity – that’s what creation is all about. And I love to try new things.”

“Sometimes I saw my projects growing from some colors I sudden found on the way home after taking my kids to schools, other times from different materials I found in my stash,” she says. “And a lot of times the ideas came from my brides. They asked for custom orders and they brought some ideas and we tweaked the ideas together until we met each other for a perfect item. I love custom orders!”

peacock feather bridal bouquet

white and green brooch vintage bouquet

{Designer Secret} Not all color palettes will look great with a handmade bouquet, when compared to your wedding flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Lynn suggests you start with what goes best with your wedding gown and what will stand out.

“Think about what will go nicely with your dress rather than looking for a bouquet with your exact color theme,” she says.

“Many brides have come to me asking for a bouquet of purple, blue and burgundy because their theme has those colors. Such bouquets will look boring and most of the times they will look washed out from all of the floral decorations around, or your bridesmaids dresses. Opt for a color that pops but still complements your dress and is in harmony with your whole theme. Or at least go one shade darker or brighter.”

white cameo handmade bridal bouquet

Purple Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Handmade bouquets are great for weddings with many handmade touches and personal details.

“All my items are handmade, mostly from scratch and they’re made with intense love so they’re absolutely different from those that are mass produced,” Lynn says. “In the handmade wedding world there are so many indie designers like me who love what they do, and we all strive for perfection.”

purple bridal brooch bouquet detail

glamorous blue bridal bouquet

“I’ve been crafty all my life but I started this seriously after giving birth to my second daughter when I totally became a stay at home mum,” Lynn says. “I’ve been shedding happy tears quite a lot of times, learning cute and moving stories from brides and that they loved what I sent, and that it made a tiny, tiny part of their happy wedding days! Those emails make what I do really worth it.”

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photo credits: Monkeygraphy all photos except the purple bouquet below: Claire Penn Photography and Andrea Ellison Photography

purple and blue dupioni silk flowers bridal bouquet

black and white bridal brooch bouquet

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