Eclectic Wedding Bouquets with Make Believe’N

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fabric bouquet yellow cream and gray

When your wedding is all about you and your style, even the flowers can be unique. That’s the thought behind the eclectic style of the fabric wedding bouquets made by Krissy of Make Believe’N.

Each individual flower is handmade with a combinations of  satin, organza, chiffon, tulle, crepe or veiling. The flowers are then centered with photographs, pearls, beads, buttons, vintage buttons, charms, or rhinestones. The results are definitely personal and very unique.

“My style is bold,” says Krissy. “I don’t do very much that is sweet and small. I wouldn’t know how to. I’m a bold gal with a strong personality.”

{Designer Secret} Bouquets like these can easily become a centerpiece at your wedding. How much of a centerpiece depends on your vision of your wedding day and your style. Consider continuing the theme with coordinating hair fascinators, corsages or boutonnieres for your wedding party. For a less matchy-matchy look, try applying your colors slightly differently on the other wedding flowers.

satin bouquet with feathers

fabric bouquet flowers with buttons pink black

“Make Believe’N is for an authentic bride or groom looking to represent themselves with products they don’t see at every wedding they go to,” Krissy says.

“I think I’m very lucky that my style is different from traditional wedding products. I find that I dominate my niche because you can’t find statement belts like mine anywhere else. The fabric wedding flowers I also make with love are equally unique. I am just not a fan of following the fads of other designers.”

satin bridal bouquet black and white

“I’ve been in the business for almost two years. I started out making hair bows for a friend and realized quickly that wasn’t for me. I loved making ‘unique’ things and there is only so much you can do with ribbon. The wedding industry snapped me up quickly and I’ve been a convert ever since.”

vintage bouquet burlap and lace

“My favorite part of this business is being a designer and being in charge of my marketing. Designing is outrageously fun.”

“I’ve had some epic fails that will never see the light of day, but my successes happily surprise me. I also find social media very stimulating. Blogging and making connections with fellow wedding industry peers is a blast. I can’t tell you how many ‘online’ friends I have now. Every day I am excited to hop out of bed and check my computer.”

white fabric bouquet with black buttons


{Photo credits Darling Studios: multicolored bouquet, pink and black bouquet vintage burlap bouquet; Chey Studios: black and white bouquet}

white and champagne satin bridal bouquet

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