Wedding Color Inspiration: Gold

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Mexico Smiling figure

Justin and I recently spent a lovely day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is huge and our feet were tired. But it was so worth it to experience a world of art, including one of our favorites, the above smiling ceramic figure from Mexico.

It was created in the 7th or 8th Century, so any trace of paint is now gone. But considering the neighboring art pieces in the museum, I wouldn’t be surprised if it involved some gold. In fact we saw a lot of gold that day. And one thing became clear: Gold can be a wonderful wedding color.

Here are some less seen wedding color combinations with gold, inspired by the art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Burgundy and Gold

Burgundy and Gold

Looking for a formal wedding palette? Burgundy and Gold has a traditional feel, and is not a color combination you see very often. It would work very well with evening weddings and sit down receptions.


navy and gold

Deep Blue and Gold

We loved these colors when we saw them! So unusual and so captivating. We could see why dying Qur’an pages this deep blue became so popular for a time.


black and gold vase

Black and Gold

Like Burgundy and Gold, a Black and Gold wedding palette has a formal look. Yet, it has a more modern feel that can work with different types of weddings and receptions. For a sleek look use simple fonts and prints. Or add more detail for a traditional look, like with this vase from India.


cobalt and gold

Cobalt and Gold

This is a bright, exciting color palette for a bold, colorful couple. It’s well suited for a spring or summer wedding or a destination wedding at the beach.  Add some white for a fresher take on the palette and to tone it down a bit.


emerald and gold helmet

Emerald and Gold

A classic jeweled tone combo, Deep Green and Gold make a rich, interesting color palette. Paired with intricate prints and patterns it would give a wedding a worldly feel.

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