BMJNYC: Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings with Organic Style

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What I’ve always loved about the jewelry designs from Barbara Polinsky of BMJNYC is that she creates wearable art. I’m so pleased to share her work with you.

“I make jewelry from recycled gold and silver for an eco conscious customer who appreciates handmade,” Barbara says. “I strive for a natural effortless look – as if I am gently engineering nature taking the gentle curves of our bodies into consideration.”

eco friendly 3 stone wedding ring set

The results are designs that resemble twigs, flowers or simply naturally askew rings.

“My design style is organic and natural,” Barbara says. “I’m fascinated by natural “imperfections” and how they blend into the whole. Sometimes we focus on small details and loose sight of the big picture in life and in design too. I hope my work conveys overall harmony.”

eco friendly stone wedding band

{Designer Secret} Barbara suggests that when choosing your wedding rings think about day-to-day style rather than bling.

“Find something that you think is beautiful and will be comfortable and happy wearing every day for the rest of your life,” Barbara says. “You can always buy something fancy to wear with it later on.”

eco friendly engagement ring

And you don’t have to buy a set for your rings to match.

“One of the questions I’m asked most often is if things “go together”,” she says. “The jewelry I make mixes and matches with many different styles. I’m constantly amazed at how customers mix and match the twig bands to make a style their own.”

eco friendly flower cocktail ring

Customer ideas have been a guiding hand in Barbara’s designs. “My celebration collection has evolved from requests from my customers,” she says. “I guess you could say that customers’ suggestions have been golden.”

garland band eco friendly wedding ring

“I’ve been making jewelry on and off for over 30 years. When I was about 10 I was bitten by the handmade bug when one of my babysitters showed me how to solder and make a copper bracelet,” Barbara remembers. “It wasn’t until many years later that it actually became my business. I started by selling jewelry to friends and then expanded by opening a shop on Etsy.”

To learn more , and see additional designs, please visit:

Photo credits: Don Kozusko , Yosra El-Essawy

eco modern wedding band

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