Unexpected Indian Mehndi Wedding Inspiration

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teal Indian wedding dress

Beautiful henna designs on your wedding invitations, wedding cake, and bride and bridesmaids can certainly bring a mehndi theme to life. Looking for additional designs to add the intricate beauty of henna to your wedding?

Here are some unexpected ways to incorporate mehndi and henna designs into your wedding.

Mehndi nails for brides and bridesmaids

These mehndi fingernails pack a lot of detail in such a small area. They are hand painted and decorated by an artist on Etsy, Never Too Much Glitter.


Henna Paisley Groomsmen Ties

Get the guys in your wedding party on theme, with henna inspired ties. These are from Cyberoptix.


Henna Ketubah

Mehndi Ketubbah close up

There’s a global quality to mehndi that makes it great when combining cultures at a wedding. Here a traditional Jewish wedding contract, ketubah, is adorned with henna inspired design. Created by Doodlage.


Mehndi Wedding Bridal Shoes

Custom hand painted wedding shoes can also give you mehndi flair. These shoes were decorated by Love Miranda Marie.


Henna Mehndi Accessories

Incorporate table accessories into centerpieces or special items for your sweetheart table. The hand painted glass is from Mehndi Glass, and the candle is from Redwood Henna. I’ve also seen beautiful mehndi inspired plates and spoons.

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