{Real Palettes} Moroccan Bridal Shower: Orange and Teal Color Explosion

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Moroccan wedding shower decor

When Jessica was pulling together the look for her Moroccan inspired bridal shower, she came to us initially for her invitations, in a festive orange and teal palette.

I’m so glad she came back for matching buffet signs, gift table sign and favor tags for the shower itself because she added brown, plum, red, fuchsia and chartreuse to really bring her Moroccan shower color palette to life, as you can see here:

Moroccan shower decor detail


Morrocan shower cake and cultural dishes

Moroccan wedding favor tags

“My family is Moroccan and we wanted to incorporate our heritage and my Moroccan grandmother, who passed away four years ago, into the wedding celebrations,” Jessica explains. “We thought bright, vivid colors were Moroccan, fun, festive, ethnic. And with the matching decor, Moroccan food and belly dancers, the mood was very Moroccan.”

“We wanted the shower to really stand out and be different and memorable so the colors enhanced the theme and it definitely all stood out,” she says.

{Designer Secret} In addition to color, what really sells Jessica’s Moroccan shower theme is authenticity. She uses culturally inspired decor pieces and furniture, like the poufs, to give her guests a real Moroccan vibe.

colorful bridal shower flowers

Moroccan gift table sign

“My mom and I own our interior design business so color and congruency is very important to us,” Jessica says. “My aunt and mom went above and beyond to get the best possible decor and it all worked together perfectly.”

Moroccan shower bronze decor detail

Moroccan shower table setting

{Designer Secret} Your wedding doesn’t have to keep the same color palette for every related event or party. While Jessica’s Moroccan bridal shower was an explosion of rich colors and cultural influences, her actual wedding was a clean and modern black and white affair.

“My personal aesthetic is clean, modern, sophisticated and glamorous,” Jessica says. “Nothing speaks glamour like old fashion black and white. My fiancé and I wanted it to be an old-world, fabulous evening and color just didn’t work well with that theme.”

bridal shower Moroccan cake display

When it comes to color for your wedding, Jessica believes you can have it all just by divvying up what you like among your various pre-wedding events. “Have fun!! Go for a bold theme or an interesting color palette,” she says. “Between the shower and the wedding, there are so many events that you can really experiment and enjoy color.”

Thanks Jessica for sharing your wedding and singular style with us!


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