Mexican and Spanish Tile Wedding Inspiration

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mexican spanish tile colorful bouquet vintage wedding dress

It’s no secret that I love tile inspired design. Our very first design that launched our wedding stationery business was inspired by centuries old Persian tile architecture. And Justin and I continue to reinterpret tile in new invitation designs.

With the popularity of weddings featuring tile work, Mexican weddings, Spanish weddings, Moroccan weddings, I wanted to share some ideas for incorporating it in your wedding.

{Designer Secret}  The joy of tile is that they are different, from other design elements and often from each other. So while it makes sense to coordinate your tile designs, don’t feel compelled to have everything match exactly. One element of the tile design on your stationery can be on the cake or table numbers, for instance. Or you can choose different tile designs with the same color scheme.

real mexican tile wedding place card

mexican spanish tile wedding reception

handpainted wedding table numbers

I love these ways of incorporating real tiles into weddings. And using tile house numbers (3rd photo) as table numbers…genius! You can even paint table numbers yourself for a personalized and cost saving approach.

{Photo credits: Bride on tile steps: The Sweetest Occasion via  Elizabeth Anne Designs; tile place and escort cards: Creative Media Print; tile house numbers: Best Destination Wedding; hand painted tile number: Luckii Arts}

tile purple lavender wedding clutch

romantic pink yellow coral tile wedding

Changing the colors can easily change the tone of tiles at your wedding. Couples often ask me if they can do tiles with their romantic themed Mexican wedding. And I say yes. It’s all in the color scheme: pinks, yellows, oranges, corals, lavender. The key to a romantic look with these colors on tile is low contrast. So pick colors that naturally flow together.

{Photo credits: purple bridal clutch: J. Carter Handmade; pink Moroccan tile invitation: Imbue You Wedding; tile cake: Martha Stewart}

tile wedding shower favor cookies

mexican spanish tile bridal hair pins

tile wedding favor DIY

Surprise details are fun, like these awesome tile cookies (top) and hair pins. So the top tiles are to eat and the bottom ones are to give away. It’s always a great idea to find ways for your guests to take home the fun and theme of your wedding. DIY tutorial to make these favor tiles.

{Photo credits: tile cookies: Whipped Bakeshop; Mexican tile hair pins: Shrunken Cat Heads; favor coasters: The Cottage Home}

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