Edible Elephants for Indian Weddings

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Indian wedding cupcake toppers

Did you ever watch Bob Ross create paintings on the PBS show “Joy of Painting?” I feel like I grew up on that show. One thing Bob Ross loved was “happy little accidents” as he was painting.

Well, this blog feature today is a happy little accident because I was going to feature all sorts of elephant inspiration for Indian weddings …but the elephant desserts looked so good (or maybe I was just hungry) and they stole the spotlight.

Elephants are so iconic in traditional Indian weddings, even providing the groom’s entrance. Desserts can be a way to update, modernize and incorporate elephants in a new way. So enjoy!

detailed Indian wedding elephant cake

Indian wedding elephant groom cake

Yes, that’s a cake…with eyes. Amazing! This is actually a groom’s cake and it’s beautiful.
{Photo credits: Elephant cupcake toppers (above) by K.O. Rasoi; Elephant cake by Heather Barranco}

sculpted elephant Indian wedding cake

With this cake I love how the elephant shape is matched with simpler details that still give it Indian style. It looks like an elephant sari cake and it works.
{Photo credit: The Mad Platters}

elephant pink polka dot wedding shower cookies

mehndi Indian wedding elephant cookies

These cookies would make the most wonderful favors! And like with the cakes, you can go for more or less realism and really express your personal wedding style.
{Photo credits: Pink elephant cookies by Not Betty Cookies; Detailed elephant cookies by Rosey Sugar Palace}

Indian elephant cupcakes

Even if you are doing a dessert table or cupcake tier instead of a wedding cake, you can have fun with elephants. The 3D beading and the jeweled tone colors on these really make them special.
{Photo credit: Elephant cupcake toppers by K.O. Rasoi}

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