When to Choose Non White Paper for Your Wedding Invitation

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Imbue You Sand Dollar Wedding Invitation

When I was decorating my office, I wanted it to be all about creativity. I researched furniture, rugs and storage. I had all my colors chosen.

But when I got everything in the room, it wasn’t quite right somehow.

Then, I realized what was missing. And after a fresh coat of green paint, the room was everything I wanted. And I loved it.

Why am I bringing up my decorating woes?

Because your wedding invitation paper is a lot like the wall color of a room. It can play up your colors, blend them beautifully or make your invitation pop.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the look of a white background on wedding invitations. It’s crisp, and the colors are the most true on white.

But sometimes the mood of your wedding day or the look you want for your wedding invitations may demand more color.

In our handmade invitation shop we offer ivory, gold metallic and silver metallic as additional paper color options. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing color paper for your wedding invitations.

Imbue you vintage map postcard on ivory with purple

Ivory Wedding Invitations

There’s an elegance and timelessness to ivory. That’s one reason it’s a great choice for vintage or rustic weddings.

It does mute you colors, so bright colors won’t be so bright. But that also means it blends colors well. So colors that may look high contrast on white will complement each other more on ivory

Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Gold Wedding Invitations

Brash and bold, gold still looks traditional and elegant. It’s most popular for the Indian weddings that we do.

The key with gold is to use deep colors with it, and of course colors that work with gold. Navy, red, brown and purple look great with gold.

Imbue You Indian Arch save the date silver

Silver Wedding Invitations

Like gold, silver is a bold statement for a wedding invitation. But silver has more of a modern look. And it’s more unexpected.

Again deep colors are your best bet on silver, such as dark gray, teal, purple, navy, black and fuchsia.

What color background would work best for your wedding invitations? Let me know in the comments.


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