Fun Bachelorette Party Wording

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red Las Vegas wedding invitation

You’ve picked out the perfect bachelorette party invitation, and now what to say on them?

Here’s some fun invitation wording for a Night Out, Bachelorette Weekend, and Lingerie Shower. So you can skip ahead to the fun!

Night Out

A final toast to the single life
before Megan becomes a wife!

It’s a
Bachelorette Party
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st


It’s time for us to mix and mingle
These are Megan’s last days of being single!

Join us for a bachelorette bash
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or


Join us for
One last fling
Before the ring

It’s a bachelorette party
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or


Megan’s found her soulmate
So we’re stepping out to celebrate

Put your heels on and join us for
Megan Richardson’s
Bachelorette Bash!

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or


Before she says “I Do”
Let’s take her out for a drink or two!

You’re cordially invited to
A bachelorette party

In honor of the upcoming wedding of
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 8 PM
Nobo Bar
123 North Street
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or


Bachelorette Weekend

Pack your bags,
grab your heels and head out the door,
for a weekend of sun, sand, relaxation, and more!

You are invited to a bachelorette party
Megan Richardson
Wednesday, July 17th to Sunday, July 21st
Miami, Florida


Megan’s wedding is just around the corner
So grab your beach gear and head on over!
We’ll sit on the beach and drink lots of wine,
With all our friends, it’ll be a great time!

Join us for Megan Richardson’s
Bachelorette Weekend

Wednesday, July 17th to Sunday, July 21st
Miami, Florida


Pack your bags tonight
Megan has found Mr. Right
Miami, Florida is the place to be
For a weekend getaway with the bride-to-be

Please join us for
Megan Richardson’s

Bachelorette Weekend and Lingerie Shower


Megan’s Bachelorette Weekend

Hello Girls, the time is here
Mark you calendars and pack your gear!
Off to Miami, Florida we will go
and borrow Megan from her handsome beau

If you are ready to sun all day
and hit the town at night to play
Call one of the girls right away!

Hosted by the bridesmaids
Ashley, Briana, Carolyn and Sara


Megan and Thomas
will soon be husband and wife
And she’ll bid farewell to the single girl life.
Join us for a bachelorette weekend and party in style
On the Las Vegas Strip before she walks down the aisle!

Labor Day Weekend 2013

RSVP by July 1 to Sara
555-568-9034 or


Lingerie Shower

Something sexy
Something sweet
Something to knock him off his feet

Join us for a lingerie bachelorette party
in honor of
Megan Richardson

July 10th
6 PM – Dinner & Lingerie Gifts
9 PM – Downtown for Cocktails

13 Harbor Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or


Something old, something new
That just won’t do
Something naughty, something nice
Maybe lace will add some spice

Please join us for a lingerie bachelorette party for
Megan Richardson

July 10th at 7 PM
13 Harbor Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland

RSVP to Sara by July 1st
555-568-9034 or

{Invitation design and photo by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

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invitation return address label

Along with your reception seating chart, figuring out your guest list can be one of the most frustrating and confusing parts of wedding planning. But it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to actually addressing your envelopes, here are some things to consider:


1- How formal do you want to be?

Rules and etiquette aside, the addressing of your wedding invitations should fit the tone and formality of your wedding. If your wedding is casual, addressing your invitation to Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard just doesn’t fit.

And the opposite is also true. Formal weddings should not have nicknames on the envelope.

These are some options ranging from formal to more casual:

Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard
Mr. Thomas Jones and Mr. Richard Johnson (for same sex couples)

Ms. Leslie Jones and Mr. Richard Johnson (wife uses maiden name)

Leslie Jones and Richard Johnson (wife uses maiden name)
Leslie and John Hubbard

Aunt Leslie and Uncle John Hubbard

*note on the formal “Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard”. Some women may not want to be addressed as “Mrs. John Hubbard”, and some women use their maiden names (me included).

So an understanding of your wedding vision and also your guests is important. Many people now split up their addressing generationally, with older guests getting the more formal “Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard” and younger guests getting “Leslie and John Hubbard” even for formal weddings.

More help from Emily Post.


2- Who is invited?

This used to be a bit simpler with inner and outer envelopes. You would address the outer envelope and list the individual names of the people invited on the inner envelope. Most couples nowadays are skipping the inner envelope, or use it to keep the invitation fresh, and so don’t address it.

That’s ok. It just means your addressing also has to communicate who’s invited to the wedding. For a family with kids and the kids can come, include the parents names and the children’s first names. Or simply add “and Family”. You can also address the envelope to “The Hubbard Family”.

If children aren’t invited, leave them off the envelope. You may also have to let them know, informally and/or in your invitation stationery that children aren’t invited, though adding it to your stationery is more of a personal choice.

With single guests who are engaged, living with a partner, or in a long-term relationship, put both people by name on the envelope. And it’s perfectly fine to put the name of the person you know the best first. When couples are living together, both people should be invited.

When you don’t know who your guest may bring, you can add “and Guest” to the envelope.


3- Who gets their own invitations?

Guests over 18 should get their own invitations, even if they are living with other guests. This goes for living with parents or a roommate.


4- What to do with titles?

Titles such as Rev. and Dr. should be abbreviated. The person with the title is listed first. So when the wife is a doctor and the husband is not, she goes first.

Some remaining tips:

  • Check the addresses on your list, then check them again. You’ll almost always find something you missed.
  • When organizing your list in Excel, check for missing zeros at the front of zipcodes when they are in their own cell.
  • If a parent or someone else needs to have input on who’s invited and how the addresses look on the envelope, get them involved early in the list making. That way you’re on the same page, and only have to make your list once.

Find the answers to other wording and etiquette questions.

Are there other questions and issues you face with addressing your invitations? Let us know in comments.

{Photo by Imbue You Wedding}

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Wedding Reception Thank You Card Wording

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reception thank you cards

Whether your guests have traveled near or far, it’s nice to thank them for coming to your wedding.

Often the couples we work with will include a thank you message in their wedding program.

More and more couples are now turning to dedicated thank you cards to include in welcome bags for out of town guests, or on the tables during the reception dinner.

But what to say?

I’ve put together some thank you card wording to inspire you. These designs are also now available from our Etsy wedding stationery shop.

Imbue You Mexican Tile thank you

Imbue You Lattice thank you

Imbue You Starfish thank you

Imbue You Rustic Leaf thank you

beach wedding thank you card

Are you doing thank you cards for your wedding? Want any of these designs for your wedding? See them here.

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RePost: How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes Fast and Easy

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Wedding Thank You Card

Writing 75 to 150 or more personal thank you notes after your wedding sounds daunting, right? But it actually can be easy and stress free with a few tips … and some cheat sheets.

So here it is, your wedding thank you note survival guide:


Top 5 Thank You Note Writing Tips

Keep that List

Dust off your wedding invitation address list, you know the one that took forever to pull together. And simply add a column for gift and a place for a check mark. Here you’ll write down details of the gift next to the addresses.


Make a Space

Ok, the best way for this to be fast and easy is to make it fast and easy. So do yourself a favor and keep a dedicated space for this task. A desk or corner of the kitchen table will do.

The important thing is to keep everything within arms reach.

For you right-handed folks, I suggest keeping:

  1. the list on the left
  2. thank you cards in the middle where you sit with envelopes next to them on the right
  3. pens where your right hand is
  4. stamps on the top left or right depending on how it’s easiest for you to grab them to place on your envelope
  5. a clear place next to you to put your completed stamped notes

Yes it’s an assembly line…and it will make your note writing lightning fast.


Give It a Rest

Seriously, don’t try to do it all in one go, or in one wild thank you writing weekend. Aim to do 4 to 6 notes at a time. And then walk away.

Not only will you feel better, your guests won’t see your hurried penmanship as you start to get tired. Plus you’ll make fewer mistakes…and who wants to do these twice?


Divide and Conquer

Don’t draw straws for this one, you both should work on thank you notes. You’re aiming to get all of your notes out within 6 weeks of your wedding, and not go crazy. So you are going to need two people.

One simple way to do this is for you to take your family and friends, and for your spouse to do the same. Agree ahead of time, and split the list so there’s no confusion, or double notes.


Write and Repeat

Yes, thank you notes should be personal and heartfelt. But that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel each time you write one.

So come up with a few thank you note templates ahead of time. Proof and spell check these thoroughly. Feel free to add a more personal sentence or two for dear friends and close family.

No one compares thank you notes, so your guests will never know. And you’ll be done faster.

Imbue You Mexican Tile Note Card

Anatomy of a Thank You Note

Dear Who?

Write based on what you call the person, whether it be Uncle Kevin, Bob, or — in the case your childhood neighbor — Mrs. Hansen.


The note

The key is to show your appreciation for the gift. That may mean telling the person how you will use the gift or how you will cherish it for years to come. The most important thing is to mention the gift by name, unless it’s money (see below for how to handle that)


The sign-off

There’s one person writing the note, so one person should sign it. You can mention your spouse in the note to let the recipient know that the appreciation is from both of you.

And how to sign it? Love, With love, Thanks again, Fondly, With best wishes sound more heartfelt than Regards or Sincerely. For close family, friends and co-workers, sign using just your first name. For people who know you less well, sign your full name. Go with what feels right.


Imbue You Butterfly Note Card

Sample Thank You Notes – aka Your Cheat Sheet

For close friends and family

Dear Aunt Linda,

Thank you so much for the ballroom dancing lessons. Ted and I absolutely love them! Every time we cha-cha we’ll think of you. I’ll definitely send pictures. I hope you had a wonderful time at our wedding. It meant so much to us that you came all the way from Florida. We loved having you there.

With love,


For a charity donation

Dear Mrs. Murphy,

Thank you for your wedding gift to the North Shore Animal League in our names. Both Michelle and I love animals, and your thoughtful gift will help dogs and cats find loving homes. We truly hope you enjoyed our wedding. We loved having you there.

Wish best wishes,
Thomas Anderson


For a cash gift

Dear Uncle Geoff and Aunt Missy,

Thank you so much for your generous wedding gift. Leslie and I are saving for a new home, and with your gift we are well on our way! Thank you for sharing our wedding day with us. It was truly a pleasure having you there.

Much love,


Group Gift

If under 10, each person gets their own note. Larger groups, like co-workers, can get a group note on a bulletin board, with an in-person thank you the next time you see or speak with them.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for the lovely china set. Thanks to you all, Mark and I now have a complete service for eight. We will be using these on our most special occasions, and we know we will cherish them for years to come. Thank you again for making our home beautiful.

Wish best wishes,


When they didn’t come the wedding

Dear Uncle Lou,

Thank you so much for the Panini press. Terry and I love it. We’re finding lots of good recipes and will be putting it to use soon. We missed seeing you at the wedding but promise to send you lots of pictures.

Thank you again,


When you don’t like it

Dear Harrison,

Thank you for the velvet Elvis painting. You are so thoughtful. Sarah and I enjoyed dancing the night away with you at our wedding. It meant so much to us having you there to share our special day.

With best wishes,


Now you are ready to get writing!

For more tips, visit our section on wedding wording or etiquette

Photos by Imbue You: All the note cards featured above can be found in our handmade wedding stationery shop.

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How to Ask for Cash or Money for a Wedding Gift

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gift envelopes by sally sanders

We all get it. You likely have been living with your sweetie. And you already have many of the household items that couples used to register for. You may even have two!

Another blender is of no use to you. But money you can use for a house down payment or a dream honeymoon is helpful. And that’s fair…so there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

So if what you really want for your wedding is money and not a knife set, here are a couple of wording options for your wedding website or additional enclosure card with your wedding invitation. Like registry info, I don’t suggest this goes on the invitation itself:

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for! However, if you want to give a gift, we would be grateful for a cash donation towards our {insert what you need it for: honeymoon, house, new future together}.

Your company at our wedding is our greatest gift. However, if you would like to give a gift, we are saving up for {a house} and would appreciate a cash donation to help that dream come true.


Other Cash Gift Options

Cash Registries

But if all this is still too much trouble, you can simply signup for a cash registry and treat the wording the same as any other registry. Done and done!

What I like about cash registries is that you often sign up for items, like airplane tickets for your honeymoon or a romantic dinner. And guests can contribute towards that. It makes the idea of cash more tangible and more like a gift.

No Boxed Gifts

For many of our couples having Indian and Pakistani weddings, there’s the tradition of saying “no boxed gifts” when asking for money instead of gifts.

And there is a heart-felt honest explanation of this tradition over at The Bridal Diaries:

If you are looking to do this, I suggest wording like “We kindly request no boxed gifts”.

If you have many non Indian or Pakistani guests, expect many of them to be confused by this. So you may also want to use some of the above wording on a website to clear up the confusion.

Wishing Well

Many of our Australian couples use the concept of the “wishing well” to ask for cash gifts. Poems are popular and this one is my favorite… mostly because it’s short, to the point and still gracious.

If you were thinking of giving a gift
to help us on our way,
a gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
feel free to surprise us in your own way.

So how about it? Are you asking for money instead of gifts, or in addition to gifts? How are you doing it? And were you embarrassed to do it?

{Photo credit: Sally Sanders Calligraphy & Design}

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The Non Tacky Guide to Sharing Wedding Registry Information

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wedding gift photo by Julian Wylegly

Conventional etiquette severely frowns on putting registration information anywhere near your invitation. Let alone on your invitations! The suggested answer is to have your parents or bridal party spread the word.

But let’s face it. The reality isn’t that simple.

Who wants to be responsible for secretly telling your guests where you’re registered?

So here’s my “of this century” advice for how to share your registry information. And next week, I’ll share how to ask for money (scandal!) with dignity and grace.

Bridal or Couple’s Shower Invitation – This is often your first chance to let guests know where you are registered. But everyone isn’t usually invited to a shower, so your best place would be a…


Wedding Website – This is a great place for registry information. You can put your website address on your invitation, an additional card or an RSVP.

Add a simple phrase before it like:

“For additional information, please visit”


“Please visit our wedding website for more information”


Enclosure Card – Places where you’ve registered may give you a card to include with your invitations. Or you can order a designed card that coordinates with your invitation. Or you may separately order a business card sized card.

Here are some wording ideas:

Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. But if you would like to bring a gift, Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Traveling with us for our destination wedding is the best gift we could ever ask for. Some of our friends are unable to go and have asked how they could help. So we’ve registered at .…


RSVP – This is probably the least ideal place to put your registry information since your guests return it to you. So it puts the burden on your guests to note the information before sending the RSVP.

So are you adding registry information to your invitations? And how are you doing it?

Photo source: Julian Wylegly

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