3 Tips for Low Stress, High Style Bridal and Baby Showers, and Birthday and Anniversary Parties

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We’ve been working with more and more people planning bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary and birthday parties.  It can be really stressful trying to pull together a fun, stylish party for someone you care about.

So I wanted to share 3 quick tips for saving the stress and upping the style the next time you’re hosting a shower or party.

1. Give yourself enough time: Try to start planning at least one month before and give your guests at least 2 weeks notice. More time will keep you from feeling rushed and hurried, and actually allow you to pull together the stylish event you want.

2. Pick a theme: It doesn’t have to be rocket science or even the most original thing in the world. Something as simple as “elegance in gray and yellow” will do. But it should be something that can help you easily find coordinating designs, and cut down on design distractions. Some popular themes we are seeing include: Moroccan, Elephants, Butterfly, Casino, Old Hollywood, Indian and Mexican themes.

3. Ask for help…but not too much help: Finding a co-host or two will definitely cut down on your party planning work load. But more than 3 people planning a party may start to slow you down when making decisions and may add to conflicts over vision and style. Even though it may not be a good idea for all 5 bridesmaids to host the bridal shower, asking everyone to help here and there should work.

And speaking of high style: We’re extending our Signature Invitation Collection, printed and shipped through Zazzle, with more designs for showers and parties. Hosts of showers and parties tend to have a shorter time to plan, and the handy thing about these invitations is that they are printed and shipped next business day.

elegant monogram shower invitation by imbue you

With our elegant lattice print invitation, you can add letters or numbers for a personal monogram, perfect for a birthday or anniversary party.

elephant baby shower invitation by imbue you

We’ve been noticing elephants as a theme for both baby showers and bridal showers. We’ve paired our elephant with our vintage Japanese print for a Moroccan feel. See this Moroccan elephant shower invitation here.

butterfly bridal shower invitation by imbue you

Butterfly designs are also popular for both bridal and baby showers. For this modern butterfly shower invitation we’ve combined our butterfly icon with our interlocking circle print.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide.}


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How to Match Your Wedding and Venue Decor

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amazing wedding venue by lexiphotography.com

I sometimes hear from couples who have picked a fabulous place to get married. They love it, but are unsure how to incorporate the right colors, stationery and style to fit the venue.

So how do you make it work when your venue is your wedding theme?

Appearance and Style

The first clue for design is what does your venue look like? Does it have stunning arches, traditional columns, wooden beams or any other interesting architecture that can be inspiration? Does your venue have an obvious theme like barn or nautical. It may be hard to style your wedding differently from a venue with a very strong look and feel…so in that case just go with it.

Is there art of a certain type? What does the tableware look like? Is it traditional or modern? You’ll want to match the elegance or modernness of your venue in your wedding design if you are tying the two together.


What are the built in colors at the venue that you must work with? Think about wall color or drapery if you are not covering the walls with draping yourself.

You don’t have to use the same exact colors as the room decor, but you’ll want to make sure the colors you choose work in the space. Recently one of the brides I was working with took one of her color cues from the dishes.


Are you in the city or the country, by a lake or atop a mountain? Design inspiration can come from the surrounding area especially if that’s one of the reasons you love the venue. Your location can inspire color choices and design for stationery or your cake.


Is it an intimate space, a romantic space, a casual space? You can capture a romantic mood with muted colors or simple color palettes without a lot of contrast. Alternatively a modern art galley venue might inspire you to try bold, rich colors and grand design statements.

Your Preferences

Why did you pick this venue (other than date availability!)? Does it have an Old World charm that you love? Is the view of the skyline amazing at night? Narrowing in on what makes this a great venue for your wedding will give you design clues to point you in the right style direction.

{Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill; Photo by Lexi Photography}

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide.}

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5 Theme Wedding Planning Tips

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teal Indian wedding dress

Choosing a theme or culture to incorporate in your wedding can make your design and planning decisions easier. But to pull off a celebration that truly embodies what you wanted, it’s important to keep these 5 things in mind:

beach wedding decor

1. Why This Theme?

A wedding theme or culture can mean different things to different people, even within the couple getting married. Knowing what your theme means to you helps you choose the right elements.

Take a beach theme for example. Maybe you love the ocean waves. Or maybe seashells mean beach to you. Don’t get locked into a “greatest hits” of your theme. Choose the design elements that matter the most to you. It will keep your design focused and your wedding day more meaningful.

{photos: first photo via Maharani Weddings; photo directly above by Pink Pelican Designs}

colorful wedding desserts rainbow pastel

2. What Colors Make Sense?

Some themes have logical color palettes. Looking at various hues within those colors can be an easy way to find the right mood for your wedding. But you don’t need to be tied to what’s traditional. There’s always room to be creative!

Take a garden wedding theme for instance. Logic and tradition would recommend greens, peaches, maybe rose pink. But black? Yet we did stationery for a pink and black garden reception. The key was using a floral graphic that pulled it all together.

Our eyes actually see shape before color. So theme appropriate shapes provide visual cues when colors won’t. And vice versa, so theme colors can set the tone when there aren’t specific design elements that point to the theme.

{photos: left photo via That Inspirational Girl; right photo via Belle the Magazine}

sand dollar wrap wedding invitation

3. Invitations Set the Tone.

For theme and cultural weddings, invitation choice is crucial. You’re doing something special, but your guests won’t know that if you send a typical invite. Invitations build expectations of your guests. So make sure they match what you’re planning.

Think design, patterns and motifs that can be repeated. But also think tone, which can include modern, classic or fun.

One bride told us that she selected a more formal table setting over a modern one for her Persian wedding because of the tone set in our invitation design. She even repeated the invitation pattern on the cake.

{photo by Imbue You Wedding}

sheet music petal cones

4. Music Sets the Mood.

What does your theme or culture feel like to you? What songs or musicians go with that?

Recalling quiet nights with your grandmother in India requires different music than evoking the party scene in New Delhi.

Pandora.com can help you expand your selections. Simply, plug in a song or artist that’s on theme and see what happens. You’ll definitely discover songs and artists you hadn’t even considered.

{photo by Vintage Twee}

wedding details

5. Little Touches Make the Difference.

The great thing about theme and cultural weddings is the chance to share something different, new or personal with guests. Keep in mind that guests interact most with table details and favors.

And don’t forget the power of smell. For a Polynesian theme wedding we assembled pina colada aroma beads in real coconut cups as favors.

Sometimes that special touch can be information. The Persian wedding we worked on featured table cards that explained the traditional appetizers that guests were enjoying.

{photo by Tec Petaja Photography}

Do you have more tips for how to plan a cultural or theme wedding? Share them in comments.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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Ethnic and Theme Save the Date Common Questions

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ganesh save the date postcard

In many ways, ethnic fusion or theme weddings can be easier to make design decisions for. But sometimes it just opens up new questions. Save the dates are often the first stationery design couples deal with, and so there are a lot of questions. I hope to answer some of them here.

Should I choose save the dates that match my theme?

If you’ve chosen a theme you love, or know you want to celebrate certain cultures during your wedding, definitely find a way to include that on your save the date. In addition to being a practical piece with the date of your wedding, save the dates can be a signal of what’s to come from your wedding. Plus it’s more fun that way, right?

Indian Block Bookmark

{Indian block print bookmark handmade save the date}

Do my save the dates have to match my invitation design?

No, actually.  So many couples make their own save the dates or go on a long search for just the right invitations. So the save the dates end up being different.

But if you do care about a cohesive look to your wedding stationery, you can tie some things together, such as colors. Also if you have a strong theme or cultural influence for your designs, your later invitation design will end up referencing  what you did in the save the date, without it having to be an exact match. And of course if you really want them to be the same, simply use the same designer for both.

teal indian lotus print save the date photo card {Indian lotus print photo save the date}

I’m doing a more traditional or formal wedding. Do my save the dates have to match that?

This can be a toughie. As I mentioned earlier, save the dates can be a signal of what’s to come. So sending out a hipster cool save the date for a traditional wedding may confuse your guests. That being said, save the dates can be more fun than your invitations or your actual wedding. For traditional or formal weddings, try a personal approach in your save the dates to liven them up, such as photos.

beach save the date folded

{Beach seahorse or starfish folded handmade save the date}

I have travel and event information. Do I put that on the save the date?

There are a few ways to handle additional information for elaborate, destination or Indian weddings. One is to simply include a wedding website and have the additional information there. Another is to do a folded or long-form save the date to include the information early. If you have many older or less tech savvy guests, you may opt for a folded save the date. Or additional cards and inserts sent with your wedding invitation.

When do I send save the dates?

Try to aim for 6 to 8 months before your wedding, especially for destination weddings or when many guests live out of town. That will give them enough time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. Typically save the dates are mailed a few months ahead of the invitation.

Have other save the date questions, not answered here? You can ask them in comments. See more ethnic fusion and theme save the date designs.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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What wedding stationery do I need for my reception ?

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Indian wedding table numbers purple gold

Picking the venue, food, linens, entertainment and flowers often come to mind when planning your wedding reception. It’s so easy to forget about reception stationery, or hard to fully think through what you might need.

Here’s a handy guide to wedding reception stationery. You can use this list as a starting place and let your ideas flow.

Lotus place cards purple and teal Seating Cards. These are more typically escort cards which include the guest or couple name and the table where they are seated. Place cards, on the other hand, simply list the guest name and are placed at the table where the guest sits. The use of place cards is seen more with smaller weddings. But more formal or lavish weddings may use both escort cards and place cards.

Seating Chart. A seating chart may take the place of seating cards or be used with place cards. A chart can be a poster-sized design with the name and table of each guest, or a series of smaller cards. Charts can be listed by name, usually the last name, or by table. Listing by name is easier on your guests, especially for weddings with more than 6 tables.

Menus. These may be provided by the catering company or your venue. But you can also supply your own if you want to match other wedding stationery or your venue decor. Menus typically list the couple’s name, wedding date and dinner or buffet menu items. They can be provided at each place setting or displayed 1 or 2 for the table.

Moroccan table numbers Table Numbers. You can really have fun with these. Table numbers can be numbers, words, favorite book titles, etc. The possibilities are endless. And since they are on every table, you can use them to tell a story, or start dinner conversation. One of our couples included names of cities they had been to together with a personal travel story on each table number.

Alternative Guest Book. If you are looking to go beyond the traditional guest book, you may decide to use stationery that guests can sign during your reception. These can include wish tags or postcards. One of our couples had guests write notes on postcards that matched their invitations, and the maid of honor mailed them to the couple throughout their first year of marriage.

wedding favor tag with ribbon Favor or Gift Tags. These can be as simple as labels or tags attached to your favors. Couples often include their names and the wedding at least. However a personal note of thanks can make your favor even more special.

Directional Signs. Where is this reception exactly? If your reception isn’t right next to the wedding revenue, consider using larger signs to send guests in the right direction. This may also be a good idea for slightly out of the way wedding venues or parking.

Banners. These signs of love are great for the reception, and look wonderful in pictures. Like table numbers, banners can also be different. Feel free to be fun, cheeky or sweet. In addition to “Just Married”, you can do your names or romantic phrases, like “Love is in the Air”.

buffet or dessert table cards Buffet Cards. Let your guests easily see the name and what’s in a buffet dish. Larger buffet cards may include detailed ingredients, especially important for potential allergens or for people who have dietary restrictions. Coordinating cards are also perfect for a dessert table.

Bar Signs. Bar signs are great if you have a specific bar menu or signature drink to highlight. These can be tent cards that match the rest of your reception stationery, panel cards in a frame, or even mini chalkboard signs.

Instructional Signs. These can be framed or tented 5×7, 8×10 or larger signs for guest book instructions, welcome, gift table, photo booth or other activities you may have during your reception. For example, coordinating signs at a beach wedding may direct guests to flip flops, water bottles or hand held fans.

just married chair sign Chair Signs. Some couples use chair signs to say, Mr. and Mrs., or to include their new last names. But they can also say “just married”, “sweethearts”, nicknames or anything else you can think of that matches the theme of your wedding or something meaningful to you.

Reserved Cards. These signs can be as small as seating cards or larger like table numbers to let guests know that a certain table or place setting is reserved.

Are there other stationery or design pieces you are including in your wedding reception?


{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You. Photos by Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }


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How to Pick Meaningful Colors for Your Wedding Stationery

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elegant indian save the date postcard fuchsia navy silver

When it comes to deciding on colors for your save the dates or wedding invitations you may be just in the beginning stages of thinking about color for your wedding. Maybe you haven’t really completed your wedding palette, but it’s getting time to order your stationery so your guests can mark the date.

With so many lovely wedding palette inspiration boards floating around, it’s really easy to get sucked into pretty colors that might not actually be right for your wedding.

Well then, how do you choose colors that you will be happy with later on and will make sense for the rest of your wedding?

The key is to pick meaningful colors.

Choosing Colors based on Wedding Location

We create stationery for many destination weddings. And there are many ways to translate your wedding location into colors for your stationery.

You can be inspired by the traditional colors found around, like mountain colors, or sea colors, or by cultural colors if you are getting married in another country.

A bride recently asked us for suggestions on her wedding in Bali. She sent us pictures of fashion models dressed in what she felt were traditional Balinese colors: pink, orange, purple and fuchsia.

Taking these colors I suggested 2 palettes options: pink, orange and purple; and pink, orange and fuchsia. In both cases pink is the lighter balance for 2 bold, strong colors.

Choosing Colors based on Flowers

Even though you’re in the save the date or wedding invitation phase of your wedding, maybe you’ve begun picking out your flowers. This is a great way to pull out 2 or 3 colors that you can use on your stationery.

We recently talked to a bride who’s interested in our save the date bookmarks. At first she asked for a deep red and orange, and some suggestions. When I asked about her flowers, she had chosen pale yellow, peach with hints of orange. What a difference!

She picked those flowers for a reason, so it only makes sense to incorporate that lighter feeling into her save the dates.

Choosing Colors based on Your Favorite Things

But honestly color inspiration can come from anywhere. We are currently working with a couple who built their entire wedding palette from a bird figurine left by the bride’s grandmother.

It’s a muted teal and brown palette which also reflects the vintage style of the wedding. But most importantly, it injects so much meaning into every design for their wedding.

Find more ideas about color use on your invitations in our handmade invitation gallery on Imbue You Wedding.

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