Multi-Color Purple, Teal and Navy Wedding Reception

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indian lotus place cards teal

Becky chose our Indian lotus design for her wedding table numbers, programs and place cards, knowing only one thing. They were going to be purple and ivory.

“I am a history teacher and for a few years I have been fascinated with and have read a lot about British royal history, especially King Henry VIII and his six wives,” Becky says. “Purple was reserved only for royalty, and so I think it’s a very special color.”

But then what? Becky was concerned that with her purple favor bags and other purple wedding items she was going to have purple overload.

Lotus table number teal purple flowers

{Designer Secret} To make a color palette less monotonous or overwhelming, expand it! Include different variations of the same color and even feel free to introduce different colors. This keeps things interesting, but still tied together. If you are more adventurous with color, try applying a mix and match style across your stationery. This makes everything relate to each other without being too much the same.

“I always knew that I wanted purple, but I wasn’t sure what I should match it with,” Becky says. “At one point I was thinking of yellow and purple, but that didn’t feel right to me. Then, I was thinking about cream and purple, but I wanted some more pizazz and interesting color choices.”

purple lotus flower wedding program cover

purple lotus flower wedding program inside

We expanded Becky’s color palette, adding in lavender and plum shades to the lotus print and teal and dark blue as additional colors. We even did her table number and place card backers in different colors. It worked well for someone who loves color and is from a creative family.

“Doug and I do not come from “matchy matchy” families and in fact, my dad and Doug’s mom are artists, so we love color and are not afraid to mix and match!” says Becky.

“My bouquet of silk flowers is antique pink roses and my bridesmaid’s bouquets are silk purple hydrangeas. Doug and his groomsmen are going to wear cream colored suits and Doug’s button-down shirt will be pastel purple. My bridesmaids are going to wear black and white dresses that they chose themselves and our moms are both wearing multi-colored dresses.”


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{Create the Look} 40s Vintage Sophisticate

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vintage wedding bridal hair

What do you do when you love vintage style but not necessarily the muted colors and lace details that often define a vintage wedding? May I present: 40s Vintage Sophisticate or Vintage Chic.

Think bold rich colors, simple use of color and exquisite detailing from fine tailored clothing. Influenced by one of my favorite eras for style, this look works great for city weddings and couples with a clean and modern taste.
{photo: Hair Bows Wonderworld}

purple vintage bouquet white black wedding cake

With this look a little goes a long way. Square buttons and simple ribbon add vintage style with a clean modern look.
{photos: bouquet Square Root Floral Design via In the Now Weddings; cake:  The Cloudberry Bakery}

pinstripes suite groom

vintage wedding pinstripe shoe suitcase

Pinstripes don’t have to be confined to the groom and groomsmen. They can add classic details to your fashion and wedding decor. {photo credit top: Weddings by Two}

black vintage bridesmaid dress

40s vintage bride fedora wedding dress

Sure, part of this look is all about attitude…but the clothes help too!
{photos: bridesmaid dress by Suzy Berry; fedora via Modern Bride Guide; wedding dress by Dolly Couture}

vintage wedding guestbook alternative typewriter

vintage wedding photography

Even your wedding memories can be classic vintage, like using a vintage typewriter as a guestbook alternative or vintage photography. {typewriter photo via Ruffled; wedding photos: Weddings by Two}



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Hair Bows Wonderworld: Beautiful Handmade Bridal Bouquets

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fall handmade brooch bouquet

There are so many choices for what to do as your wedding bouquet these days. And I love that they don’t necessarily need to be actual flowers.

Especially when the bouquets are handmade by Lynn at Hair Bows Wonderworld. She uses brooches, feathers, jewelry at other objects to create beautiful and personal wedding bouquets.

vintage glam bridal bouquet

Handmade Bridal Bouquets

“I love anything vintage and feminine,” Lynn says. “However I don’t have a particular style that I stick to. I love spontaneity – that’s what creation is all about. And I love to try new things.”

“Sometimes I saw my projects growing from some colors I sudden found on the way home after taking my kids to schools, other times from different materials I found in my stash,” she says. “And a lot of times the ideas came from my brides. They asked for custom orders and they brought some ideas and we tweaked the ideas together until we met each other for a perfect item. I love custom orders!”

peacock feather bridal bouquet

white and green brooch vintage bouquet

{Designer Secret} Not all color palettes will look great with a handmade bouquet, when compared to your wedding flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Lynn suggests you start with what goes best with your wedding gown and what will stand out.

“Think about what will go nicely with your dress rather than looking for a bouquet with your exact color theme,” she says.

“Many brides have come to me asking for a bouquet of purple, blue and burgundy because their theme has those colors. Such bouquets will look boring and most of the times they will look washed out from all of the floral decorations around, or your bridesmaids dresses. Opt for a color that pops but still complements your dress and is in harmony with your whole theme. Or at least go one shade darker or brighter.”

white cameo handmade bridal bouquet

Purple Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Handmade bouquets are great for weddings with many handmade touches and personal details.

“All my items are handmade, mostly from scratch and they’re made with intense love so they’re absolutely different from those that are mass produced,” Lynn says. “In the handmade wedding world there are so many indie designers like me who love what they do, and we all strive for perfection.”

purple bridal brooch bouquet detail

glamorous blue bridal bouquet

“I’ve been crafty all my life but I started this seriously after giving birth to my second daughter when I totally became a stay at home mum,” Lynn says. “I’ve been shedding happy tears quite a lot of times, learning cute and moving stories from brides and that they loved what I sent, and that it made a tiny, tiny part of their happy wedding days! Those emails make what I do really worth it.”

To see more beautiful bouquets or to learn more, please visit:


photo credits: Monkeygraphy all photos except the purple bouquet below: Claire Penn Photography and Andrea Ellison Photography

purple and blue dupioni silk flowers bridal bouquet

black and white bridal brooch bouquet

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{Real Palettes} Moroccan Bridal Shower: Orange and Teal Color Explosion

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Moroccan wedding shower decor

When Jessica was pulling together the look for her Moroccan inspired bridal shower, she came to us initially for her invitations, in a festive orange and teal palette.

I’m so glad she came back for matching buffet signs, gift table sign and favor tags for the shower itself because she added brown, plum, red, fuchsia and chartreuse to really bring her Moroccan shower color palette to life, as you can see here:

Moroccan shower decor detail


Morrocan shower cake and cultural dishes

Moroccan wedding favor tags

“My family is Moroccan and we wanted to incorporate our heritage and my Moroccan grandmother, who passed away four years ago, into the wedding celebrations,” Jessica explains. “We thought bright, vivid colors were Moroccan, fun, festive, ethnic. And with the matching decor, Moroccan food and belly dancers, the mood was very Moroccan.”

“We wanted the shower to really stand out and be different and memorable so the colors enhanced the theme and it definitely all stood out,” she says.

{Designer Secret} In addition to color, what really sells Jessica’s Moroccan shower theme is authenticity. She uses culturally inspired decor pieces and furniture, like the poufs, to give her guests a real Moroccan vibe.

colorful bridal shower flowers

Moroccan gift table sign

“My mom and I own our interior design business so color and congruency is very important to us,” Jessica says. “My aunt and mom went above and beyond to get the best possible decor and it all worked together perfectly.”

Moroccan shower bronze decor detail

Moroccan shower table setting

{Designer Secret} Your wedding doesn’t have to keep the same color palette for every related event or party. While Jessica’s Moroccan bridal shower was an explosion of rich colors and cultural influences, her actual wedding was a clean and modern black and white affair.

“My personal aesthetic is clean, modern, sophisticated and glamorous,” Jessica says. “Nothing speaks glamour like old fashion black and white. My fiancé and I wanted it to be an old-world, fabulous evening and color just didn’t work well with that theme.”

bridal shower Moroccan cake display

When it comes to color for your wedding, Jessica believes you can have it all just by divvying up what you like among your various pre-wedding events. “Have fun!! Go for a bold theme or an interesting color palette,” she says. “Between the shower and the wedding, there are so many events that you can really experiment and enjoy color.”

Thanks Jessica for sharing your wedding and singular style with us!


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{Ask Imbue You} When is the right RSVP Date Deadline ?

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As an invitation designer I see a lot of “two weeks before the wedding” RSVP by dates. This usually works great for the caterer, who only needs that long to prepare meals for your final headcount.

But catering isn’t the only consideration for your RSVP date. That’s why I recommend setting you RSVP by date to four weeks before your wedding, three weeks at the shortest. And here’s why:

bride on phone

1. Tracking Down Non-responders

Never a fun thing to do, especially not fun {and more stressful} on a tight time limit.
{photo from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings}


Persian bohemian ethnic place cards

2. Your Seating Plan

Developing a seating plan for your guests almost always takes more time than you think it will.
{photo from Imbue You Wedding}


Lotus wedding stationery program table number

3. Your Ceremony and Reception Stationery

You’ll need a completed seating plan to finish your place cards. Purchasing or creating your menu cards, ceremony programs and other day of stationery also depends on accurate numbers.
{photo from Imbue You Wedding}


elegant bridal clutch purse

4. Your Budget

Without proper numbers you can overestimate your quantities. Plus last minute decisions and work can lead to rush fees, which can eat into your budget or make you spend more than you have to.
{photo by Belles & Crystals}


whimsical wedding cake sculpture

5. Your Sanity

Ultimately, the final days before your wedding should be as low-stress as possible. You’ll have enough final preparations in the days before your wedding without adding on extra to-dos.
{photo by Will Cotton}

So set your RSVP date a little earlier. You’ll be glad you did!

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