{Real Palettes} Rustic Glam Invitation: Metallic Copper, Yellow and Burgundy

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Rustic doesn’t have to only be simple and earthy. We recently finished working on invitations for Jessica’s October wedding, which blend earthy colors with a bit of sparkle.

The sparkle comes from copper metallic paper, which we used as a backer for the invitations and the envelopes.

rustic chic metallic wedding invitation

{Designer Secret} Metallic adds glitz, glamour and a bit more formality. But you can use it on your own terms. Here copper metallic paper still works with a country, rustic look, as would metallic brown. But so many colors come in metallic these days that you can add a little sparkle to your own wedding palette. Metallic teal would be amazing!

country rustic invitation fall leaf monogram

I’ve fallen in love with copper metallic since working on these invitations. If you have too, here are some other ways to incorporate the color in your rustic, country or barn wedding.

copper wedding ring pillow

Pair metallic copper with other earthy colors, to make your rustic wedding touches pop.
{handmade ring pillow by StudioWedbyMirela}

copper bridal shoe and charm

rustic copper wedding ring bands

Or wear your copper proudly.
{Shoes by Christian Louboutin; charm by a.little.bit Tattered; wedding bands by tinahdee}

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{Re Post} Y&E Bridal: Ring Pillows with Fashion Sense

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For personal, meaningful weddings, details are everything. Today’s Artist Profile and Style Secrets come from Yasuko and Erina, the mother and daughter team behind Y&E Bridal. The beauty of their ring pillows are all in the details.

Yasuko was previously a fashion designer in Japan and wedding seamstress at a high-end bridal shop before forming Y&E Bridal. So it’s no surprise that she makes every item by hand and uses high-quality lace, satin and silk.

{Designer Secret} Choosing Your Ring Pillow Style

When it comes to adding your style to your ring pillow, Erina says you can look beyond your gown or even the color scheme of the wedding. If there is another important element of your wedding that you love, like the design of the cake, the pattern on the china, or the motif on the place cards, then go for it!

“I see a lot of brides either match their pillows to their wedding colors or to their dress. We sell a lot of lace pillows because it is the same kind of lace that is used on their dresses. But I really like it when brides match something small,” Erina says.

“I had a bride who had kind of a woven look to her wedding cake and bought a pillow that looked the same as her cake. I thought that was cute. It doesn’t really matter if it matches anything really as long as it is something the bride loves and it makes her happy looking at it!”

Erina describes the Y&E Bridal style as elegant and girly. But staying “elegant” is sometimes all about keeping the “girly” in check. Many brides ask her if they should add more lace on their designs, to which she answers “There is such a thing astoo much lace.”

“I think a wedding is the most successful and beautiful when it is all your own,” Erina says, “and it really shows what you, the couple, is all about.”

For more beautiful ring pillow designs, as well as flower girl baskets, hair accessories and garters, visit the Y&E Bridal shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YANDEBRIDAL

Or learn more here:


Do you have a favorite design? Let me know in comments!


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{Real Palettes} Lapis Blue, Turquoise and Yellow Persian Tile Invitations

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moroccan tile destination invitation

Working on Jaime and Bijan’s Persian tile wedding invitation was pure joy. It allowed me to revisit the invitation design that launched our stationery business, one we had originally done custom for our friends also having a blended Persian wedding.

As a destination wedding, we put our first pattern on our newest format, the flap fold invitation with enclosures booklet. And even wrote Jaime and Bijan’s names in Persian on the design. It was love all over again!

At first Jaime and Bijan wanted to use a traditional fall palette for their wedding. But they soon realized that it wasn’t for them…and this rich deep blue, turquoise and golden yellow palette was born.

“We considered a fall palette of oranges, golds and browns, but when we really took a look, this palette just didn’t speak to us,” says Jaime. “The palette we chose reflects our sense of the vibrancy and depth of our relationship as expressed by color.”

destination wedding invitation booklet

When they decided to change their colors, they looked to a traditional Persian tile that they loved.

“We were seasonally inspired by the crispness of late summer days… the blues of the sky and the golden color of the sun and of leaves as they begin to turn,” says Jaime. “Because the design of the invitation is an interpretation of ancient Persian tiles, we also took a cue from some tiles we brought back from a 2004 visit to Iran… turquoise, lapis blue, gold and white.”

wedding invitation folded booklet

Jaime definitely believes that changing her wedding color palette was the right thing to do.

“I have always loved the colors (and flavor!) of saffron… the gorgeous golden orange of this delicious spice really appeals to me,” she says. “Reflecting on these colors later, I sensed how they are a beautiful expression of our relationship.”

“The blues symbolize depth and dimension, and the saffron yellow is about warmth and vibrancy… and light and growth too, as in sunlight! The contrast between these colors is also symbolic of the contrasts between the two of us as individuals, while at the same time being harmonious and beautiful.”

wedding invitation events booklet

“Our theme is one of a blending of cultures – traditional Western American and Persian,” Jaime says. “I am originally from Wyoming and we are getting married on my parents’ ranch in Montana, while my fiancé and his family are from Iran. This blend will be represented in clothing style (western), music (a blend of Persian, Western, and contemporary World), and the food. We’ll have a number of Persian dishes, including Bejeweled Rice traditionally served at weddings.”

wedding invitation events card

“The colors are primarily reflected in the linens and flowers that we’ll use to enliven the reception space, and as touches in the garments my fiancé and I will wear. The tables will be covered with saffron dupioni with a sheer orange overlay. Napkins will be in contrasting colors – lapis blue for the reception dinner and turquoise for the post-wedding brunch. Our flowers will be dahlias in oranges and golden yellow, plus sea holly and other things to add the blue note.”

When choosing your own wedding palette, Jaime recommends living with the colors a bit to see if they truly reflect you.

“My advice would be to follow your intuition and to select colors that you both love and that will create the beauty you are looking for,” she says. “I found that the later quiet reflection on the colors and what they mean to me was a great affirmation that we had made the right choices.”

wedding invitation envelope addressed




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{Create the Look} Love is Sweet: Pink and Blue Candy Wedding Theme

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wedding dessert table cute sign

After the quiet sophistication of last week’s 40s vintage chic inspiration, I wanted bright, vivid and bold. The result is a candy inspired wedding theme: Love is Sweet.

{Designer Secret} Beyond a gorgeous dessert bar, what makes this theme work is a combination of candy colors, shiny texture, slightly vintage mood and lots of fun.

Above: What’s a cute wedding theme without cute messages. Be personal, cute and fun with your signs, favor tags and even invitations if you like. It’s candy! Shauna Younge Dessert Tables via Austin Wedding Blog.


pink aqua wedding accessories

statement bridal wedding necklace pink

pink fuchsia aqua wedding bouquet

Yes, you can wear your sweet candy theme, with colors, textures and attitude. To keep it chic limit yourself to two candy-inspired elements for your accessories or just one if it’s a bold choice like your dress or a statement  necklace.
{Dress: Kuraudia via Wedding Inspirasi; bridal sash: Sew Lovely; jewelry: www.etsy.com/shop/Gingeroni1 ; statement necklace: Hand Head Heart; bridal bouquet: Showcase Bridal.}

candy lollipop table number

candy wedding dessert table food

cotton candy fudge wedding dessert bar

pink aqua wedding cake pops

As with any theme wedding, the theme is all in the details. For a candy theme wedding, it’s in the details and the dessert…and even better when the details are the dessert, like the lollipop table numbers above from Vintage Confections.
{Ice cream cones and kettle:  Tiny Water Blog; cotton candy fudge (oh, yes it is!) by Jewel of the Lion; cake pops by Ploctopia}

pink and blue wedding dessert table

A wedding’s mood can be in shown your colors. For a more chic look at a candy theme, or for a more formal evening affair go darker or grayer with your colors.  {photo: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables}

sweet wedding favor tags pink brown

Love is Sweet wedding favor bags

And of course send your guests home with the sweet memory of your wedding day.
{favor tags by Amaretto; favor bags by JennifersCookies}


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Hand Painted Bridal Shoes by norakaren

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hand painted blue floral wedding heels

With so many areas of great personalization possible with your wedding, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nora of norakaren, maker of hand painted wedding shoes.

“My style is glam, very art deco, high fashion,” says Nora. “My technique is probably what it makes it more unique, because it is free hand painting, very hard to copy. I create every piece one by one for each one of my brides, no mass production here.”

painted jeweled chandelier bridal ballet shoes

chinese wedding shoes dragon phoenix

{Designer Secret} High heels aren’t the only option for a high fashion, beautiful bridal look. Nora has great advice on that and on the best colors for outside weddings.

“Many brides look for lower heels, sometimes because the fiancée is shorter or not that tall but they still want to be stunning,” Nora says. “So I suggest a great peep toe with a 1 3/4″ heel or the ballerina flats that come in many shapes and about 64 different shades.”

painted blue rose bridal high heel shoes

“If the dress is short I love to pair it with flats or Mary Janes, maybe a cute peep toe. If she wears a closed toe pump, it will look very 1950’s. Sandals are great for summer and springtime weddings but they can work also on a closed ballroom.”

“For weddings outside I would recommend light colors not only for the climate but because they photograph better,” Nora explains. “Black doesn’t photograph well outside, red is always trying to fade under light too. Blue, what can I say, it is always nice to wear “something blue”.”

hand pained pink peacock bridal open toe shoes

painted peacock bridal shoes

But norakaren wasn’t always all about painted wedding shoes.

“I’ve been a painter/designer since I was a young girl seated on the porch of my house,” Nora remembers. “I started in 2001 seriously working for a fashion designer and my first best seller was a pair of jeans made to commemorate September 11th. I opened my Etsy store based mostly on hand painted designs on fabric and I received a very unusual request on a pair of satin shoes.”

“After that, I loved the technique, the medium and of course the shoes (who doesn’t?) and the orders started pouring like rain. I’ve found that these creations are loved by women who love style, girls for their proms and parties, and brides for their themed weddings.”

To learn more about norakaren and see more shoes, visit:

Shop: www.norakaren.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/norakaren/58934055934
Twitter: twitter.com/norakaren
Blog: www.nora-handpainted.blogspot.com
Tumblr: norakaren.tumblr.com

painted heal wedding shoe





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