Wedding Comfort Food Desserts

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I love all the special touches and personal details that couples are adding to their weddings, especially with desserts. I’m a big believer in expressing yourself and your favorite things at your wedding. And what better way to do that than with the food?

With the right presentation any dessert can be “wedding appropriate” enough for your Aunt Edna. These are some of my favorite ways to dress up the tastiest comfort food desserts. Enjoy!

banana pudding oreo cookie cheesecake for wedding

mini wedding dessert tarts

colorful wedding desserts rainbow pastel

I personally ate a lot of banana pudding as a kid, not a bad childhood at all. As an adult, I’d love this buttered rum version (recipe here) Let’s face it, sometimes the most comforting desserts are the messiest, so if you can make them finger foods or otherwise easy to eat, go for it. And add color for that extra fun factor.

{Photo credits: banana pudding: Rachel’s Recipe Blog; oreo cheesecake: Bakers Royale; mini pies: Melissa Papaj Photography; ice cream cakes: That Inspirational Girl; rainbow jello: Belle the Magazine}

wedding lollipop dessert

wedding cotton candy popsicles

You really can’t go wrong with sticks of sugar. Is it bad to believe that cotton candy is an anytime food? Again, making these easy to eat is the key…and champagne doesn’t hurt either.

{Photo credits: lollipops: Style Me Pretty; cotton candy: Martha Stewart Weddings; popsicles with champagne: Southern Living}

wedding smores dessert bar

wedding smores in jar and candy bar

S’mores are the ultimate comfort food, aren’t they? The drama of a open flame makes this more of an activity than a dessert at weddings, and super fun too. But if the flame seems too risky for you, what about a s’mores candy bar or s’mores in a jar?

{Photo credit: s’mores bar: Assaf Friedman Photography via Elly B Events; s’mores candy bar: Madyson’s Marshmallows; s’mores in a jar: Ploctopia by cploch}


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Mexican and Spanish Tile Wedding Inspiration

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mexican spanish tile colorful bouquet vintage wedding dress

It’s no secret that I love tile inspired design. Our very first design that launched our wedding stationery business was inspired by centuries old Persian tile architecture. And Justin and I continue to reinterpret tile in new invitation designs.

With the popularity of weddings featuring tile work, Mexican weddings, Spanish weddings, Moroccan weddings, I wanted to share some ideas for incorporating it in your wedding.

{Designer Secret}  The joy of tile is that they are different, from other design elements and often from each other. So while it makes sense to coordinate your tile designs, don’t feel compelled to have everything match exactly. One element of the tile design on your stationery can be on the cake or table numbers, for instance. Or you can choose different tile designs with the same color scheme.

real mexican tile wedding place card

mexican spanish tile wedding reception

handpainted wedding table numbers

I love these ways of incorporating real tiles into weddings. And using tile house numbers (3rd photo) as table numbers…genius! You can even paint table numbers yourself for a personalized and cost saving approach.

{Photo credits: Bride on tile steps: The Sweetest Occasion via  Elizabeth Anne Designs; tile place and escort cards: Creative Media Print; tile house numbers: Best Destination Wedding; hand painted tile number: Luckii Arts}

tile purple lavender wedding clutch

romantic pink yellow coral tile wedding

Changing the colors can easily change the tone of tiles at your wedding. Couples often ask me if they can do tiles with their romantic themed Mexican wedding. And I say yes. It’s all in the color scheme: pinks, yellows, oranges, corals, lavender. The key to a romantic look with these colors on tile is low contrast. So pick colors that naturally flow together.

{Photo credits: purple bridal clutch: J. Carter Handmade; pink Moroccan tile invitation: Imbue You Wedding; tile cake: Martha Stewart}

tile wedding shower favor cookies

mexican spanish tile bridal hair pins

tile wedding favor DIY

Surprise details are fun, like these awesome tile cookies (top) and hair pins. So the top tiles are to eat and the bottom ones are to give away. It’s always a great idea to find ways for your guests to take home the fun and theme of your wedding. DIY tutorial to make these favor tiles.

{Photo credits: tile cookies: Whipped Bakeshop; Mexican tile hair pins: Shrunken Cat Heads; favor coasters: The Cottage Home}

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Sneak Peek: Save the Date Bookmarks

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save the date bookmarks

I’m really digging the popularity of book-themed weddings. Maybe it’s just an excuse for me to design more bookmark save the dates. I love the different patterns and color combinations, plus ribbon can be really fun. It’s definitely not your typical save the date, which I think is actually my favorite part.

We’re going to have these save the dates in our wedding stationery shop at Imbue You Wedding soon. But before that, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on.

asian save the date bookmark

I went with simple blocks on this design to (loosely) mimic the inline look of calligraphy with Chinese or Japanese characters.

lattice green and gray bookmark save the date

This is one of our most popular prints…so it had to become a bookmark.

vintage japanese save the date bookmark

This is one of my favorite prints. It’s inspired by centuries old Japanese wallcovering. Yet it feels modern to me, with a slightly vintage bent.

lattice bookmark favor

And I snuck a bookmark favor in there too…because why not!

So, what do you think? Are these just for book-themed weddings, or can you see them for other weddings as well.


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Eclectic Wedding Bouquets with Make Believe’N

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fabric bouquet yellow cream and gray

When your wedding is all about you and your style, even the flowers can be unique. That’s the thought behind the eclectic style of the fabric wedding bouquets made by Krissy of Make Believe’N.

Each individual flower is handmade with a combinations of  satin, organza, chiffon, tulle, crepe or veiling. The flowers are then centered with photographs, pearls, beads, buttons, vintage buttons, charms, or rhinestones. The results are definitely personal and very unique.

“My style is bold,” says Krissy. “I don’t do very much that is sweet and small. I wouldn’t know how to. I’m a bold gal with a strong personality.”

{Designer Secret} Bouquets like these can easily become a centerpiece at your wedding. How much of a centerpiece depends on your vision of your wedding day and your style. Consider continuing the theme with coordinating hair fascinators, corsages or boutonnieres for your wedding party. For a less matchy-matchy look, try applying your colors slightly differently on the other wedding flowers.

satin bouquet with feathers

fabric bouquet flowers with buttons pink black

“Make Believe’N is for an authentic bride or groom looking to represent themselves with products they don’t see at every wedding they go to,” Krissy says.

“I think I’m very lucky that my style is different from traditional wedding products. I find that I dominate my niche because you can’t find statement belts like mine anywhere else. The fabric wedding flowers I also make with love are equally unique. I am just not a fan of following the fads of other designers.”

satin bridal bouquet black and white

“I’ve been in the business for almost two years. I started out making hair bows for a friend and realized quickly that wasn’t for me. I loved making ‘unique’ things and there is only so much you can do with ribbon. The wedding industry snapped me up quickly and I’ve been a convert ever since.”

vintage bouquet burlap and lace

“My favorite part of this business is being a designer and being in charge of my marketing. Designing is outrageously fun.”

“I’ve had some epic fails that will never see the light of day, but my successes happily surprise me. I also find social media very stimulating. Blogging and making connections with fellow wedding industry peers is a blast. I can’t tell you how many ‘online’ friends I have now. Every day I am excited to hop out of bed and check my computer.”

white fabric bouquet with black buttons


{Photo credits Darling Studios: multicolored bouquet, pink and black bouquet vintage burlap bouquet; Chey Studios: black and white bouquet}

white and champagne satin bridal bouquet

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How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations

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blend cultures fusion wedding

Figuring out how to celebrate your heritage on your wedding invitations or stationery can be a challenge. Add another culture and it can seem even more puzzling.

But it’s so worth it! And you’ll have a truly meaningful wedding that you and your family and friends will treasure. All you need are some tips for pulling it off.

This is the third in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
3. How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations
4. How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations
5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding


What Your Cultures Mean to You

indian mendhi wedding hands Before you can share your cultures you’ll have to choose the most meaningful elements for you.

Everyone sees culture a little differently, even people of the same heritage. What do the cultures you are blending mean to you? What do they mean to your future spouse…and maybe even to your parents and future in-laws if they have a say? What are the sights, sounds, tastes and colors that go with that?

Go looking for other cultural style inspiration. Comb through travel books, native language style magazines, or cultural blogs. You might discover some design or detail that brings your wedding fusion style together.

The best designs focus on just a few strong ideas. So start editing them down or saving them for other elements of your wedding, such as the dessert bar or the music selection. Creating a name for your blended theme will help you focus even more when you have to choose among several design choices.


Mix Traditional Colors of One Culture with Motifs of Another

African Cultural Art Here is where your cultural inspiration search can really help you.

If one of the cultures you want to blend has strong colors associated with it, you can take those colors to use on designs that are strongly associated with the other culture. Like a red and gold plaid or tartan print on an invitation for a Chinese Scottish wedding.

This also works when blending a culture and another theme. For instance, if you were having a rustic Indian wedding, you could use a traditional Indian motif, such as paisley, and blend it with browns, deep reds or mustard yellows from a rustic palette.


Blend Design Style of One Culture with Symbols of Another

korean wedding dolls There are many cultures whose art and design have very distinctive styles. And there are other cultures that have motifs and symbols that are easily recognizable.

Can you take that strong culturally identifiable style and apply it to the traditional symbols of another? A wedding invitation motif of a Celtic symbol done in a Chinese calligraphy style would tie together an Irish Chinese wedding nicely.

This idea can also work well to blend a culture with another wedding theme. An Indian beach invitation could feature a starfish done in a mehndi style. How cool would that be!


Find Cultural Common Ground for Your Wedding Invitations

mexican italian tile wedding save the date As I was studying art from different cultures across different time periods, I realized that some design elements popped up a lot.

So, in looking for cultural inspiration you might actually find more commonalities than you’d expect.

One of our popular designs for Mexican invitations, our tile design, was first inspired by traditional Persian architecture.  But it could easily be used for Moroccan or Italian theme weddings. That’s because tile design appears in many cultures.

Similarly, the paisley, known as a traditional Indian motif, is also very prominent in traditional Scottish design.


Go For It and Use Both Cultures

indian mexican multicultural wedding If you have a bold, adventurous or whimsical style, you might not have to blend at all!

In that case you can take elements from each culture and incorporate them on your wedding invitations and stationery.

You can use two motifs on the same invitation, connected by color or style. Or incorporate one culture as a monogram design and the other as a print. Another idea is to use layers of paper with one cultural design layered on another.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

Next I’ll walk you through tips for choosing your wedding color palette.

{Photo credits: Micheal Kent Photography, Truly Engaging, BoldMail,  Saplanet Originals, Imbue You WeddingWedding Nouveu}

Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. Thanks for reading!

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