Best of 2012: 10 Unique DIY Wedding Bunting and Garland Ideas

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Happy New Year!

It’s a great time to celebrate. And where there is celebration, there’s often bunting. The fourth in my series of the best in 2012 is a feature on 10 unique DIY bunting and garland ideas for weddings.

These are totally fun! I hope you enjoy them.

Bunting and garland can come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. They truly are a beautiful, fun way to spice up wedding, reception or party decor, and express your style. Here are 10 unique DIY garland ideas to get your creativity going:

DIY pom pom garland

Pom Pom Bunting

I love these. Pom pom bunting just looks like fun on a string to me. These are made out of yarn, using a large serving fork and scissors (seriously!) DIY tutorial can be found at  Momtastic.


DIY tassel garland

Tassel Garland

Playful and different, tassel bunting has a great 3D feel. Pack it densely in a monochromatic palette for a modern look. Or add more space between tassels and more colors for a more casual feel. These are surprisingly easy to make. DIY tutorial can be found at Calico Skies.


DIY crayon garland

Crayon Garland

Coolest use for crayons outside of drawing rainbows. These hearts are crayon shavings melted together between wax paper using an iron. How cool is that?! DIY tutorial at House of Earnest.


DIY color chips garland

Color Chip Bunting

So cute and so simple. This bunting is made from paint chips found at a home improvement store and a craft punch. With so many types of punches available, this garland idea can fit so many wedding themes. DIY tutorial at Chic Cheap Nursery.


DIY coffee filter bunting

Coffee Filter Bunting

Proving you can make beautiful bunting out of almost anything, this garland is coffee filters colored with Easter egg dye. Want to give it a try? DIY tutorial can be found at The Robots Attack.


DIY lighted paper garland

Lighted Paper Lantern Garland

By adding light, garlands can do double duty for evening and outdoor weddings. Find the DIY tutorial and free template for the paper pendant shape at Once Wed.


DIY mirror and light garland

Mirror and Light Garland

Here the garland is more art than lighting. Hung on the wall or over tables like a chandelier, guests won’t easily forget this garland of drama. DIY tutorial at Apartment Therapy.


DIY map bunting

Map Bunting

Classic bunting with a twist. ..using old maps or other vintage paperie. DIY tutorial can be found at Please Note.


DIY paper airplane bunting

Paper Airplane Garland

How cute would this be for a travel theme wedding? This garland is just lots and lots of folded paper airplanes on string. Simple and fun. More photos at It’s Two AM.


DIY burlap bunting

Burlap Circle Bunting

This isn’t the easiest DIY garland to make, but all the handmade touches look so personal that it’s totally worth the extra effort. If you are doing a vintage or rustic theme, this might be the garland for you. DIY tutorial at Post Road Vintage.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding.}



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Best of 2012: How to Honor Deceased Relatives in Your Wedding Programs

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Mexican Tile Wedding Program by Imbue You

Whether you celebrate Christmas or just had some time off to spend with family and friends, I hope the last couple of days were delightful and joyful!

I’m spending time in NYC with my mom and having a great time. And today I’m bringing you another best of 2012 feature: How to honor deceased relatives in your wedding programs.

At the holiday and joyous occasions like weddings, our thoughts often turn to those who are no longer with us. This feature offers some ideas on how to bring these special people into your special day, while keeping the mood celebratory.


On one of the happiest days of your life, how do you remember and honor deceased parents or family members? Your wedding ceremony program can be a perfect way to do that. It’s a key memento of your wedding for guests, so it’s a wonderful place to honor those you miss on your wedding day.

A Note of Thanks

One of the most common ways couples honor deceased family and friends, is a note of remembrance in the thank you section of the wedding program. This can be as simple as a sentence like this: “Our thoughts are with those loved ones who could not be with us, but are here in spirit.” Weddings are joyous occasions and for those who want that to be the focus, a short note is respectful and appropriate.

A Ceremony Acknowledgement

You can also incorporate the remembrance of family members in your ceremony or at your reception. Ideas include candles on the alter of a church ceremony or photos of family at a special remembrance table.  In that case, feel free to mention in your wedding program that you have set up something special and where it’s located. “Candles on the the alter have been placed in loving memory of family members who are no longer with us.”

A List of Names

You may also wish to list dear family members by name and their relationship to you under a heading in your wedding program, such as “In Loving Memory” or “We Remember”. If appropriate, list members from both sides of the family. But take care not to list too many names, in order to keep the focus on this happy occasion.

A Dedicated Message

The absence of parents can be especially hard on your wedding day. A poem or quote can be a poignant way to express your feelings in a wedding program for key people you have lost. One bride we are working with is using this poem and dedicating it in memory of her father:

If flowers grow in Heaven
God, please pick a bunch for me,
place them in my Father’s arms
and tell him they’re from me.
Tell him I love him and miss him
and when he turns and smiles,
place a kiss upon his cheek
and hold him for a while.
Because remembering him is easy,
I do it everyday,
but there’s an ache within my heart
because I’m missing him today.
When everything is said and done
I will cherish this day and smile,
because I know my Daddy is here with me
as I am walking down the aisle.

As you begin to think about how you want to remember deceased family on your wedding day, you’ll want to figure out how much will be personal and how much will be more visible to guests. And it’s those things that are visible to guests that are appropriate for your wedding program.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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Best of 2012: Meaningful DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

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DIY bridesmaid gift locket with note

Continuing my best of 2012 series is this feature on personal and meaningful DIY bridesmaids gifts.

When you want to make gifts for your bridesmaid because it’s more special, because of budget or both, it can be hard to think of something that would be a “good enough” gift. So I pulled together these ideas for you.

I hope they inspire you!

Bridesmaids gifts are not only a thank you for helping you with and through your wedding. They are also a token of friendship. Making your bridesmaids gifts yourself can be a great way to create something personal and meaning that can be cherished by your bridesmaids after your wedding day.

Here are some ideas for DIY bridesmaids gifts:

DIY pearl ribbon necklace

DIY Pearl and Ribbon Necklace (or Bracelet)

Jewelry is a great gift for bridesmaids as they can wear it on your wedding day and afterward as a remembrance. With a handmade ribbon and pearl necklace or bracelet you can choose your bridesmaid’s favorite color for the ribbon. Find the tutorial for this ruffled necklace on YouTube by Made by Marzipan and a simpler version on Flax and Twine. {Photo by Fabricate by Anna}


DIY gift locket with note

Vintage Locket with Personal Note

What’s more personal than telling someone what they mean to you? We recently created a set of bridesmaid gift bookmarks with a personal note from the bride. And in that same vein, I love this locket idea with a personal note inside. Choose a locket style for each of your bridesmaids, and add your own special note, quote or inside joke. Find the secret note tutorial at 100 Layer Cake.


DIY handmade journals

Handmade Journals or Albums

For bridesmaids who love to write, journal or scrapbook, a handmade journal can be really special. Create meaningful covers from decorative papers, photo collages of past experiences or favorite quotes. I found the above journal kit from Erin Zam on Etsy or you can learn how to make your own simple journal from Samantha Hahn’s Maquette blog.


DIY vintage tin candle gift

Handmade Vintage Tin Candle

Create personal candles for each of your bridesmaids from vintage tins. Depending on their personality, tins you choose can range from classically beautiful to gloriously kitschy. Find the step-by-step tutorial at Design Sponge.


DIY bath salts gift

DIY bath fizzers gift

DIY Bath Pampering Set

Give your bridesmaids the gift of relaxation with a personalized bath pampering set. Choose her favorite scents, oils and colors to make a truly tailored gift. Find the bath salts tutorial at The Craftinomicon and the bath fizzing bomb tutorial at Garden Therapy.


DIY apothecary bottle

DIY Apothecary Bottle

For your bridesmaids who love glamour, hand decorated apothecary or perfume bottles could be a special gift. There are many shapes and sizes available. Provide them empty for her to fill, or fill them yourself with favorite bath oils or scents. Find the tutorial including label printable at Bridal Guide.


handmade business card wallet

Handmade Business Card Holder or ID Wallet

From sweet to sassy create business card or ID wallets that fit your bridesmaids’ personalities. These holders above feature beautiful Japanese papers.  But you can make holders from a variety of things, including fabric, a favorite cartoon or vintage book pages. Find the tutorial at Ume Origami.

Find more DIY inspiration and tips here, or follow our DIY wedding board on Pinterest.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}


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Best of 2012: Mexico Hacienda Wedding Inspiration

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hacienda wedding venue

With 2013 on the horizon, I’m looking back on some of the most popular blog posts from this year. And I’ll be revisiting these topics over the next 5 weeks.

First up is a collection of beautiful Mexico hacienda wedding inspiration. I created this inspiration because so many couples were telling me that they wanted a romantic Mexico beach wedding. And the hacienda’s mix of old world charm and vibrant Mexican culture seem to fit the bill perfectly.


I love Mexican beach theme weddings. There are so many design ideas and options. If you are looking for more Mexican than beach in your wedding theme and want a romantic feeling, consider a Mexican or Spanish Hacienda wedding theme.

For a hacienda theme think Old World meets rustic with a splash of Mexican and Spanish culture. Colors are more muted, like terra cotta, creamy yellows, natural greens, soft blues and wood tones.

hacienda venue details

Venue: Architecture and Old World details establish a hacienda feeling. If you are getting married on the beach, or your venue doesn’t have archways and wood beams, consider creating a canopy for your ceremony or reception. {Venue: Valentin Imperial Maya in Mexico}

mexican spanish tile invitation hacienda

mexican talavera tile hacineda booklet

Invitations and Wedding Stationery: Your stationery is a great place to add the cultural component of your wedding. Think classic cultural arts and details, such as talavera tile and lace. And don’t forget to give your guests plenty of planning information. {Invitations by Imbue You}

old world wedding dresses

spanish mexican peasant wedding dress

lace peasant wedding dress

Wedding Dress: There are a few ways to give a nod to your hacienda wedding theme with your wedding gown. One way is to go very Old World, with beading and exquisite details. Another is to go simpler with a more New World Mexican peasant dress vibe. And yet another is to split the difference, for instance a peasant dress shape with Old World details like lace. {Dress by J’Aton Couture via Bride to Be; Photo via Live Breathe Fashion; Photo via Green Wedding Shoes; Photo via Fashion Served}

succulents mexican hacienda wedding

hacienda wedding reception table

The Details: For a hacienda theme ceremony and reception think intimate, rustic and drought resistant. Hacienda locations in the New World can be harsh after all. Succulents and wildflowers make great bouquets and table centerpieces. And nothing says family and friends like a long wooden farm table. {Bouquet via Belle the Magazine; Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop; Rustic farm table via Oh Lovely Day}

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding.}


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New Wedding Stationery Design: Decorated Indian Elephant

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Imbue You Decorated Elephant invitation set

It’s a great thing when a client gives you a shove in the right direction.

Justin and I have been talking about creating an Indian-inspired decorated elephant wedding stationery set for months. Luckily one of our customers wanted to use a decorated elephant on her lotus booklet invitations.

So after Justin drew the elephant, we created a set for it on its own, inspired by Indian block prints.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Booklet Inside

Justin’s babchi (grandmother in Polish) had this thing about elephants. A trunk that pointed up was good luck and one that pointed down was bad luck. So when Justin drew this elephant he made it a good luck elephant for his babchi and for you.

This booklet invitation design has a handy loop to keep the RSVP and any inserts neatly tucked away, while giving the invitation the main focus.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Invitation w Envelopes

Color envelopes and a wrap label with return address are included.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant RSVP

The RSVP is layered like the invitation, and has a coordinating envelope label.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Save the Date

The coordinating save the date postcard has rounded edges and modern typographic design on the reverse side.

Imbue You Decorated Elephant Notecard

Coordinating note card can have your names or a simple note of thanks. Addressed label makes sending your post-wedding thank you notes so much faster.

This design will soon be available in our handmade wedding stationery shop. Or by contacting us.

{photos by Imbue You Wedding}

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