Vintage Map Destination Wedding Save the Date and Invitation Set

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Imbue You Vintage Map wedding invitation set

In a way, this handmade wedding save the date and invitation stationery set brings me full circle because I first created it for a friend who I met at the wedding of our very first customer.

The vintage map, pulled directly from a 1953 world atlas, is from another indie shop owner. And so with the world at your fingertips, you can choose which slice of the map to feature in your invitation design.

Justin and I created this map stationery design to allow couples to celebrate vintage, travel theme or destination weddings with a design that hearkens back to the past but isn’t stuck in it. The color of the vintage map is customizable and overlaid with a classically vintage border that’s been updated by modern design placement.

We also have vintage maps available for California, Florida and South Carolina to use as well. Visit our stationery site for ordering details on the full stationery set, save the date or invitation set. See the set in detail below:


Imbue You Vintage Map Save the Date Postcard

Save the Date Postcard

The save the date sets the stage for the rest of the stationery design. We packed a lot of design and information in a small size, that mails affordably with a postcard stamp.



Imbue You Vintage Map booklet invitation w cover

Imbue You Vintage Map wedding booklet invitation

Folded Booklet Invitation

Add a personal quote, or leave it out — it’s up to you. Neatly keep your RSVP and inserts together with a clever loop while the focus stays where it belongs…on your invitation.


Imbue You Vintage Map RSVP


Layered reply card with response envelope matches the style and look of the main booklet invitation.


imbue You Vintage Map labels

Return Address Wrap Labels

Stylishly dressed envelopes include your return address with labels that wrap your envelopes in coordinating design. Color envelopes are included, and we can even print your guest names and addresses on your outer envelope label.


Imbue You Vintage Map notecard with label

Personalized Thank You Note Card

And when the last guest has gone home, you can thank them with personalized note cards that bring your wedding style alive again.

Want to learn more? Visit our stationery site for ordering details on the full stationery setsave the date or invitation set.

{All photos by Imbue You}

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Wedding Color Palette: What Goes with Purple

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Purple is like a chameleon as a wedding palette color. Depending what you match it with, it can be formal, fun, elegant, casual, or cultural.

Looking to add purple to your wedding? Here are some colors that look great with it:

Imbue You Palm Tree Wrap Invitation

Purple and Green

This combination is fun and unexpected. I love purple and green together, for a slightly different look try purple and chartreuse.


Imbue You Moroccan wedding invitation

Purple and Turquoise

This unexpected color combo would be interesting for a beach wedding.


Imbue You lattice wedding menu

Purple and Gray

Put almost anything with gray and you get instant elegance, and purple is no exception.


Imbue You Decorated Elephant Save the Date

Purple and Fuchsia

This a lively and rich combo for couples who love color.


Imbue You lattice place card purple

Purple and Red

This palette is also for color lovers. Tone it down and dress it up by adding gray.


Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Purple and Gold

This color combo has a traditional elegance. Add red for a different take on a classic Indian wedding color palette.


Imbue You Vintage Japanese Leaf table number

Purple and Silver

Like with gold, this is an elegant combo, but it has more of a modern flair.

Imbue You Moroccan place card

Purple and Orange

This palette is a bit on the unexpected side, and looks great for Moroccan themed weddings.

{All photos and handmade wedding stationery by Imbue You Wedding}

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Sample Wording: What Goes in a Wedding Program

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Imbue You Lattice Square Program

Wedding programs can be as simple as a panel card, or an elaborate booklet. In either case they are a nice way to commemorate your wedding, acknowledge your wedding party and make it easy for guests to follow along.

To make it easy for your to finalize your own program wording, I’ve pulled together an anatomy of a wedding program with sample wording and things to consider to make it even more personal.



The couple’s names, wedding date and time, plus location are usually found on the cover of a folded program or at the top of a panel style program.

You may also wish to include a quote or poem here.

Some wording options:

The marriage ceremony uniting
The marriage ceremony of
The wedding celebration of

Daniella Rosas
Thomas Richardson

May 4, 2012
La Luna Resort
Los Cabos, Mexico


Imbue You starfish fan wedding program

Order of Service or Wedding Ceremony

As a starting point, these are some common parts of a wedding ceremony. You can leave them outlined like below for casual weddings or when using panel style wedding programs. Or you can go into more detail, by listing music titles, musicians, reading selections, readers or more.

Musical Prelude

Seating of Families

Processional of the Bridal Party

Bride’s Processional

Prayer or Welcome Message

Giving of the Bride

Declaration of Intent


Exchange of Vows

Blessing and Exchange of Rings

Lighting of the Unity Candle


Pronouncement of Marriage

Presentation of the Couple



Imbue You Indian Lotus Wedding Program inside

Wedding Party

There is where you list your wedding party. In addition to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may wish to list your parents and officiant. You can also list ushers, musicians, soloists and readers in this area.


Imbue You Mexican wedding program back

Special Thanks

It’s also nice to thank your guests for attending your wedding and/or acknowledge your parents and family.

Sample thank you:

We would like to thank each of you for celebrating with us here today. It means so much to us that we are able to share this day with our family and closest friends. We truly appreciate all your love and support as we join our lives together.

Our thoughts are with those loved ones that could not be with us today but are here in spirit.


Other Things to Consider

  • Poems and quotes: Add a favorite quote or romantic poem that matches your personality as a couple.
  • Note of remembrance: You can acknowledge loved ones who have passed away and are missed on your wedding day. Here are more ideas on how to honor deceased loved ones in your wedding program.
  • Explanation of cultural traditions, such as with Indian weddings, help your guests follow along.
  • Prayers: If you are including prayers that guests will also be saying, such as call and response prayers, you may want to include them in the program.

{All photos and handmade wedding stationery designs by Imbue You Wedding}

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The 8 most important things your destination wedding guests need to know

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Imbue You Palm Tree Save the Date Postcard

When I go anywhere I like to be super prepared. And I’ve usually researched the heck out of it beforehand to know where to go, what to do and if I need an umbrella or mosquito spray.

Likewise, if you’re planning a destination wedding your guests will want to know these too…and more.

The best thing you can do for your guests is to make them feel comfortable. In many cases they haven’t been to your lovely wedding spot and may not know what to expect. They don’t know what to budget or pack.

And that’s where your information packet or wedding website comes in. After where you’re getting married and when, here are the most important things to tell your guests when planning a destination wedding:


Any Discounts

You’ve likely blocked off hotel rooms at a discounted rate, or negotiated a lower group fare with an airline. Letting guests know what discounts are available will help them as they budget and plan to attend. Also let them know exactly what they need to do to get these discounted rates.


Important Deadlines

Do they need to book by a certain time? This doesn’t just apply to hotel rates or airfare. If a favorite activity in your locale has a deadline, such as a play or golf venue, let them know that as well.


What to Pack

Do they need to bring formal wear, casual or something special. For instance, one of our couples was getting married on a ranch and wanted people to have cowboy attire. Also what’s the weather like during the time of year you’re getting married? Will they need a light jacket in the evenings?


Imbue You Vintage Map Save the Date Postcard

What to See and Do

What are the special activities and sights they shouldn’t miss. Or are you organizing activities, such as a welcome party, post wedding brunch, or walking tour.


How to Get Around

Are there shuttle buses at the airport? How do they get to the venue from the hotel? Is there local public transportation to local sights, or are cabs and car rental places easily available?


What to Expect

Include information about where you are getting married, and any local customs or traditions that they should know about.


Imbue You Mexican Tile Bookmark save the date

Important Contacts

Be sure to include contact information for the hotel, your travel agent and any special services, tours or activities that must be booked in advance.


About Childcare

Are you providing childcare, or are there childcare options for people bringing children?

{photos and handmade designs by Imbue You Wedding}

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Best of 2012: Unique Invitation Wording for Destination Weddings

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Imbue You Palm Tree Wrap Invitation

Today we reach the last in our series of popular features from 2012. And I’ve saved the best for last.

It’s a collection of interesting, more personal ways to word your wedding invitations. These work great for the informality of many destination weddings, but also for local weddings with punch.


Destination weddings are so often about sharing your special day with your closest family and friends. So why not have wedding invitation wording that reflects that? Destination invitation wording can be less formal and more personal.

So some of the more formal rules about writing out the day, time and year, and the “honor of your presence” don’t have to apply! Feel free to add quotes, sayings and personal messages to make your wedding invitation a more meaningful, heartfelt invitation to those you love.

Here are some invitation wording examples, many which were used by couples we’ve worked with over the years.

The pleasure of your company is requested
for a week in the sun
and the marriage of
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
on Wednesday, the twelfth of December
two thousand twelve
at six o’clock in the evening
Ko Samui, Thailand


Under the desert sky,
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
wish for the honor of your company
at their wedding ceremony
and celebration of Love
on Saturday, the 21st day of July
Boulder Mountain Ranch
Boulder, Utah


Because you have believed in us,
Celebrated with us, Loved and encouraged us,
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
ask you to join us
in celebrating our marriage
as we begin of our adventures together
on Saturday, July 21, 2012
at 4 pm
Valley Mountain Resort
Portland, Oregon


Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards

Love is in the air …
we make a great pair!
You’re invited to attend
our wedding affair.
on Saturday, October 20th
at 4 o’clock in the afternoon
Cedar Park Rainforest
Kuranda, Queensland


Your love and friendship have
helped us become who we are.
Together with our parents,
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
invite you to share our joy
and support our love,
as we exchange vows and
celebrate our marriage.
on Saturday, August 25th
at 5 o’clock in the evening
Ka’anapali Coffee House
Maui, Hawaii

Dinner and merriment to follow


Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
along with their families,
invite you to their barefoot celebration of love
as they are married on the beach
Saturday, June 23, 2012
5 pm
Santa Rosa Boulevard Park
Okaloosa, Florida
food, drink, and merriment to follow


With joyous hearts,
we invite you to share in our weekend of celebration
as best friends become husband and wife
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
on Saturday, the ninth of June
Two thousand twelve
at five o’clock in the evening
The Inn By the Sea
444 Main Road
Baltimore, Maryland


Together we laugh, we dream, we love,
and on this day, we marry

Please share in our joy as
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
exchange wedding vows
on Thursday, February 14
at 6 pm
Crescent Ranch
Mt. Vernon, Washington
Dinner and dancing immediately following


Come Fly With Us!

Please join
Terri Jacobs
Jaime Richards
as we begin the trip of a lifetime
by uniting in marriage
Saturday, July 21, 2012
6 pm
Grand Sun Resort
Cancun, Mexico

Dinner, dancing and merriment to follow

Want more? Click here for handmade invitations with layers, enclosure booklets and folds perfect for destination weddings.

{Photo by Imbue You Wedding}


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