How to Use Your Mood Board to Get the Perfect Invitations for Your Wedding

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vintage map wedding invitation

You’ve spent hours scouring blogs, magazines and websites for inspiration for your wedding day.

And you’ve done it.

You’ve created your personal wedding mood board. But now what? How do you turn these visual ideas into an invitation design you’ll love?


Step 1: Determine your formality

The first step is to see how formal or casual you want your wedding to be.

Think about your venue and your attire. Look at your photos, especially table settings and stemware. Are they lush and luxurious or rustic and intimate?

This will help you determine the overall feeling of your wedding invitation. And more specifically, the invitation wording and fonts to use. Use invitation wording that matches your wedding, from formal to more personal.


Step 2: Find the meaningful details

Are there motifs in your photos that hint at your wedding theme? This can be as simple as sand dollars for a beach wedding. Or some more nonspecific, like maps for a vintage wedding.

You can often use these motifs in your wedding invitations and throughout your wedding stationery to pull your look together.


Step 3: Find the colors of your mood

Often a wedding palette will have 3 to 5 colors or more. But 4 or 5 colors on your wedding invitations may not work. So it’s best to limit your colors to 2 or 3 main ones for your stationery.

To figure out which ones to choose, go back to your board. What is the overall feeling it gives you: serene, bold, sweet? Pick out the 2 to 3 colors of your palette that together match that feeling.

So how are you using your mood board to pick your wedding items? Share any tips and aha’s in comments!

{Wedding invitation design and photo by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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Rustic Wedding Invitation: Fall Leaf Invitation Set

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Fall wedding invitation rustic leaf

There’s just something cozy yet elegant about fall weddings and rustic weddings: The lush warm colors, the rustic venues, the wonderful reception details.

When Justin and I designed our rustic fall wedding invitation we wanted to capture that feeling. So we created a design inspired by nature but with vintage detailing: including a die cut leaf monogram, felt-feel band and scallop edging.

Now, we’ve extended our invitation design with a coordinating save the date postcard and thank you card design. That way, you can pull your entire stationery look together with ease.

Visit our stationery site or our Etsy shop for ordering details the full stationery setsave the date postcard or invitation set. See the set in detail below:

Rustic Leaf Save the Date

Save the Date Postcard

The save the date sets the stage for the rest of the stationery design. We packed a lot of design and information in a small size with this  double-sided postcard with rounded corners and scallop detail. Plus, it mails affordably with a postcard stamp.


Rustic Leaf Fall Wedding Invitation

Rustic Leaf Invitation with envelope

Rustic Layered Wedding Invitation with Die Cut Leaf

With 3 layers of paper and a die cut leaf with monogram, this invitation design is all about texture. A subtle graphic print runs under your invitation text, with a textured felt-feel bellyband, satin ribbon and scallop edge detail.

All colors, text, envelope and even paperstock, can be changed to match your wedding style.


Rustic Leaf Wedding RSVP


Like the invitation, the reply card is layered with scalloped edging. Return address label matches the style and look of the wedding invitation.


rustic leaf envelopes with return address labels

Return Address Wrap Labels

Stylishly dressed envelopes include your return address with labels that wrap your envelopes in coordinating design. Color envelopes are included, and we can even print your guest names and addresses on your outer envelope label.


Rustic Leaf thank you card

Personalized Thank You Note Card

And when the last guest has gone home, you can thank them with personalized note cards that bring your wedding style alive again.

Want to learn more? Visit our stationery site or our Etsy shop for ordering details on the full stationery setsave the date postcard or invitation set.

{All designs and photos by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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How to Ask for Cash or Money for a Wedding Gift

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gift envelopes by sally sanders

We all get it. You likely have been living with your sweetie. And you already have many of the household items that couples used to register for. You may even have two!

Another blender is of no use to you. But money you can use for a house down payment or a dream honeymoon is helpful. And that’s fair…so there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

So if what you really want for your wedding is money and not a knife set, here are a couple of wording options for your wedding website or additional enclosure card with your wedding invitation. Like registry info, I don’t suggest this goes on the invitation itself:

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for! However, if you want to give a gift, we would be grateful for a cash donation towards our {insert what you need it for: honeymoon, house, new future together}.

Your company at our wedding is our greatest gift. However, if you would like to give a gift, we are saving up for {a house} and would appreciate a cash donation to help that dream come true.


Other Cash Gift Options

Cash Registries

But if all this is still too much trouble, you can simply signup for a cash registry and treat the wording the same as any other registry. Done and done!

What I like about cash registries is that you often sign up for items, like airplane tickets for your honeymoon or a romantic dinner. And guests can contribute towards that. It makes the idea of cash more tangible and more like a gift.

No Boxed Gifts

For many of our couples having Indian and Pakistani weddings, there’s the tradition of saying “no boxed gifts” when asking for money instead of gifts.

And there is a heart-felt honest explanation of this tradition over at The Bridal Diaries:

If you are looking to do this, I suggest wording like “We kindly request no boxed gifts”.

If you have many non Indian or Pakistani guests, expect many of them to be confused by this. So you may also want to use some of the above wording on a website to clear up the confusion.

Wishing Well

Many of our Australian couples use the concept of the “wishing well” to ask for cash gifts. Poems are popular and this one is my favorite… mostly because it’s short, to the point and still gracious.

If you were thinking of giving a gift
to help us on our way,
a gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
feel free to surprise us in your own way.

So how about it? Are you asking for money instead of gifts, or in addition to gifts? How are you doing it? And were you embarrassed to do it?

{Photo credit: Sally Sanders Calligraphy & Design}

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The Non Tacky Guide to Sharing Wedding Registry Information

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wedding gift photo by Julian Wylegly

Conventional etiquette severely frowns on putting registration information anywhere near your invitation. Let alone on your invitations! The suggested answer is to have your parents or bridal party spread the word.

But let’s face it. The reality isn’t that simple.

Who wants to be responsible for secretly telling your guests where you’re registered?

So here’s my “of this century” advice for how to share your registry information. And next week, I’ll share how to ask for money (scandal!) with dignity and grace.

Bridal or Couple’s Shower Invitation – This is often your first chance to let guests know where you are registered. But everyone isn’t usually invited to a shower, so your best place would be a…


Wedding Website – This is a great place for registry information. You can put your website address on your invitation, an additional card or an RSVP.

Add a simple phrase before it like:

“For additional information, please visit”


“Please visit our wedding website for more information”


Enclosure Card – Places where you’ve registered may give you a card to include with your invitations. Or you can order a designed card that coordinates with your invitation. Or you may separately order a business card sized card.

Here are some wording ideas:

Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. But if you would like to bring a gift, Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Traveling with us for our destination wedding is the best gift we could ever ask for. Some of our friends are unable to go and have asked how they could help. So we’ve registered at .…


RSVP – This is probably the least ideal place to put your registry information since your guests return it to you. So it puts the burden on your guests to note the information before sending the RSVP.

So are you adding registry information to your invitations? And how are you doing it?

Photo source: Julian Wylegly

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Fun Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

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Imbue You Lattice Bookmark Shower Invitation

For bridal shower wording you can use something classic and simple like:

  • You are cordially invited to a Bridal Shower honoring
  •  Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of

Or you can add a little more flair.

If you want to spice it up, I’ve got some options for you below

You also might want to consider adding to your shower invites:

  • RSVP by date
  • Where the bride or couple is registered
  • The bride’s sizes if it is a lingerie shower


Let’s wrap up our best wishes
and shower the bride with love!

Please join us
for a Bridal Shower
Katie Johnston
on September 1
at 2:00 p.m.
Maggie’s House
85 Argyle Circle
Tampa, FL

Hosted by
Maggie, Ashley and Karen

Please RSVP by August 15th
to 555-569-0987 or

Katie is registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target



Katie’s wedding is on the way
Let’s get her prepared for the big day



Before the Miss
Becomes a Mrs.
Let’s shower her
With love and good wishes



Before Katie heads down the aisle
Let’s set her up in style



Please join us in showering
Katie Johnston
with love and best wishes
at a party in her honor



Maggie, Ashley and Karen
cordially invite you to attend a
“Blissful Day at the Spa” Bridal Shower
in honor of



It started with a kiss,
and now it’s come to this…
Please join us for a Bridal Shower
in honor of



Something satin, something lace
To put a smile on the groom’s face
Please join us for a
Lingerie Shower
in honor of



Katie’s knot will soon be tied,
So we’d like to honor the blushing bride
Lingerie is the theme for the afternoon,
It’s time to outfit her for the honeymoon!

Please join us for a
Lingerie Shower



Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
We’re throwing a shower
and inviting you!
in honor of
The table is set
for a
Bridal Luncheon
in honor of
A shower we’re giving
for the new husband and wife
for the things they may need
as they begin their new life.

You’re invited to a Couple’s Shower
in honor of



The big day is almost here
Let’s shower
The happy couple
With gifts and good cheer

Please join us for a Couple’s Shower
Katie and Tom


What’s your favorite bridal shower verse? Or do you prefer the classic versions? Do you have other ideas to share? Please let me know in comments.

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