Sample Wording: What Goes in a Wedding Program

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Imbue You Lattice Square Program

Wedding programs can be as simple as a panel card, or an elaborate booklet. In either case they are a nice way to commemorate your wedding, acknowledge your wedding party and make it easy for guests to follow along.

To make it easy for your to finalize your own program wording, I’ve pulled together an anatomy of a wedding program with sample wording and things to consider to make it even more personal.



The couple’s names, wedding date and time, plus location are usually found on the cover of a folded program or at the top of a panel style program.

You may also wish to include a quote or poem here.

Some wording options:

The marriage ceremony uniting
The marriage ceremony of
The wedding celebration of

Daniella Rosas
Thomas Richardson

May 4, 2012
La Luna Resort
Los Cabos, Mexico


Imbue You starfish fan wedding program

Order of Service or Wedding Ceremony

As a starting point, these are some common parts of a wedding ceremony. You can leave them outlined like below for casual weddings or when using panel style wedding programs. Or you can go into more detail, by listing music titles, musicians, reading selections, readers or more.

Musical Prelude

Seating of Families

Processional of the Bridal Party

Bride’s Processional

Prayer or Welcome Message

Giving of the Bride

Declaration of Intent


Exchange of Vows

Blessing and Exchange of Rings

Lighting of the Unity Candle


Pronouncement of Marriage

Presentation of the Couple



Imbue You Indian Lotus Wedding Program inside

Wedding Party

There is where you list your wedding party. In addition to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may wish to list your parents and officiant. You can also list ushers, musicians, soloists and readers in this area.


Imbue You Mexican wedding program back

Special Thanks

It’s also nice to thank your guests for attending your wedding and/or acknowledge your parents and family.

Sample thank you:

We would like to thank each of you for celebrating with us here today. It means so much to us that we are able to share this day with our family and closest friends. We truly appreciate all your love and support as we join our lives together.

Our thoughts are with those loved ones that could not be with us today but are here in spirit.


Other Things to Consider

  • Poems and quotes: Add a favorite quote or romantic poem that matches your personality as a couple.
  • Note of remembrance: You can acknowledge loved ones who have passed away and are missed on your wedding day. Here are more ideas on how to honor deceased loved ones in your wedding program.
  • Explanation of cultural traditions, such as with Indian weddings, help your guests follow along.
  • Prayers: If you are including prayers that guests will also be saying, such as call and response prayers, you may want to include them in the program.

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