Other Roles for Children in Your Wedding

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incorporate kids in wedding

Yes, there is a growing trend of not allowing children at weddings. But what if you not only want kids at your wedding, you want them to be in the wedding?

If that’s you, there are lots of ways to incorporate children on your special day. Here are some roles beyond flower girl or ring bearer for the younger ones at your wedding.



Children can help guests to their seats, hand out programs and direct guests to the cocktail or reception area.

children in wedding


More outgoing kids may be good readers during the ceremony.


Wedding Day Helpers

There are so many last minute things that need to get done on your wedding day. You can enlist kids to run food to the wedding party before the ceremony, decorate the getaway car, help direct an orderly flow for the buffet, and/or hand out favors,  birdseed or streamers to guests for the exit.


including children in wedding

Junior Groomsmen or Junior Bridesmaid

Older kids, around ages 8 to 14, can more formally participate in your ceremony.


Give Away the Bride

What a special way for children to welcome a new spouse into the family? Children of the bride or groom can walk the down the aisle with their parents, a nice beginning for a new family.

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