How to Show Your Personality With Your Wedding Invitations

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Mexican Tile Wedding Invitation

When your wedding is full of carefully selected lovely details, your wedding invitations should also be a reflection of you. I want to show you how to create wedding invitations that showcase the personalities of you and your future spouse…and the wedding you are having.

This is the second in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
3. How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations
4. How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations
5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

These design tips work best when your wedding is also a reflection of your personalities, since your invitations should also match your wedding!

Colors and Use of Color on Invitations

stripe wedding invitation You can’t always use your entire wedding palette on your invitations, especially when your palette includes more than three or four colors.

Typically a reception space can hold more colors than an invitation. So unless your invitation features a print or pattern that can handle many colors, you’ll want to select only two or three.

Think about the mood of your wedding when you make this selection. Invitations with soft colors, or a color combination with low contrast will have a romantic, classic or elegant feeling. On the other hand, intense or highly contrasting colors will look bold, high energy and dramatic. It’s all in your color personality.

Also think about use of color on your invitations. For instance, a formal or classic wedding, may feature just one pop of color. But a whimsical wedding theme and couple may want lots of color, and contrasting colors.


Invitation Motifs and Prints

vintage asian print wedding invitation Did you know that people actually see shape before color?

So design elements, such as flowers, prints and monograms, are one of the best ways to show your personality or your wedding theme on your invitations.

Look for prints that speak to you. In general more intricate or detailed designs will read more vintage or romantic. And more graphic or minimalist designs will look more modern. Swooshes, feminine embellishments, or frames around your text will read more formal.


Wedding Invitation Format

rustic leaf wedding invitation The format of your invitations can also say a lot about you and your wedding. And luckily there are so many options to express yourself.

Do you have an ultra modern style? Then you might prefer just a flat invitation card or simple details, such as rounded corners? Or do you want to show the handmade touches that layers, tags and embellishments can provide?

Using the invitation paper you can show your concern for the environment with recycled or wood-free papers. Or showcase your glamorous side with metallics, gems and brooches.


Wedding Invitation Fonts

Maple leaf typographic wedding invitation Fonts are great for expressing the level formality of your wedding.

All caps or all scripts look super formal. So many couples go for a mix of script with regular fonts. For a formal yet modern look, try “small caps,” which are easier on the eyes because the first letters are taller. Or try serif fonts, like Garamond, which have little caps on the bottom of the letters.

Modern style couples or ones having casual weddings, may want to skip the script all together, or use sans serif fonts.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

Next I’m going to show you how to blend different cultures or styles on your wedding invitations.

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