{Guest Post} How To Mix & Match Wedding Themes For A Cohesive Vision

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{I’m happy to share with you a guest post from Jessica of  Two Wedding Belles who intrigued me with this fascinating wedding: Colonial meets Safari meets Stars Wars. Jessica has some great advice for how to pull off your own wedding mix of themes:}

We had a recent bride and groom, Aileen and Tim, who came to us with a very unique plan for their wedding styling. They wanted to bring together a “Colonial Safari meets Star Wars” theme for their guests. If you’re thinking that these three elements – 1. colonial 2. safari 3. Star Wars – don’t go together, that’s exactly what we were thinking, too.

At least at first.

But once we took the couple’s ideas and executed them on the wedding day, we became believers. Yes, you can have a little bit of Colonial era Philadelphia with funky safari details and a dose of Star Wars nostalgia and still have it all tied together into one sophisticated wedding day affair.

Here are some of the images of Aileen and Tim’s wedding, as documented flawlessly by Nicole Peterson of Girl Photography, that best demonstrate how you can take seemingly unrelated themes, no matter what they may be, and fuse them into a cohesive vision for your own wedding.

1. Your location or venue is an undeniable theme clue for your guests. Your guests will get an idea of at least part of your theme the minute they see your venue. Thinking rustic? Maybe a barn makes sense. Wishing for modern? Then scope out an open loft space. In this couple’s case, they booked a colonial style house tucked away on a quiet street in downtown Philadelphia, complete with a quaint backyard garden. Oh, and booking a Ben Franklin impersonator didn’t hurt in bringing the colonial vibe home.

colonial safari star wars wedding theme

2. Little touches go a long way…also known as “know when to say when.” Your ceremony and reception don’t need to be overwhelmed by your details. A sprinkling here and there will allow for your guests to see your style without feeling suffocated. Aileen and Tim had safari-inspired animal prints in the flower girls’ outfits, on only selected tables with linens, on the cupcake wrappers, and on the favor/kids’ table. They also chose a safari motif for their ceremony programs.

Not only were the assorted cupcake flavors Star Wars themed, but the tower was also topped with tiny Star Wars figurines. (The Star Wars lunchbox you see in the ceremony photos above was used to hold the rings before the exchange). The stacks of old books and lanterns fit in so well with the colonial style venue and were used both as centerpieces and to fill out the cocktail space where needed. They really used the themes as inspiration for their decor choices, but did so with a scaled back approach.

flowers girls in safari print safari wedding theme table details

star wars wedding theme cupcake flavors

safari theme wedding details

safari theme wedding programs

star wars theme wedding colonial style books for reception decor

3. Elements outside of the theme are still okay to use. It’s your wedding, and even if you’ve come up with the best mix of themes you could’ve ever imagined, no one is going to hold you to them from start to finish. Choose to include the things that are most important to you, no matter what. This couple chose to wear traditional wedding attire and make the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere, all of which was done outside the confines of their theme but had personal meaning to them.

wedding dress in colonial venue

groom in kilt DIY wedding boutonniere

DIY wedding bouquet

Have you seen any weddings recently that have successfully tied different themes together? Let us know in the comments. And, thank you Kemba for having me on the blog today! — Jessica, Two Wedding Belles

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