How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You

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The right wedding invitations build anticipation with your guests for your wedding day. They begin your wedding experience and hopefully communicate the meaningful day you and your future spouse have planned.

Meaningful wedding invitations start with meaningful wedding themes. And the best wedding themes are built on a few powerful ideas. So it’s really important as you are thinking through your wedding ideas that you focus on 2 to 3 central ideas to build your wedding around.

Get this right, and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to make design decisions, communicate what you want with your wedding vendors and ultimately have the experience you want on your wedding day.

This is the first in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
3. How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations
4. How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations
5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

So, where to start? Let’s begin by collecting and organizing your wedding ideas, so we have a good list to pull your most meaningful ideas from.


Why a Wedding Color Palette Isn’t a Wedding Theme

colorful wedding theme table setting Yes, a wedding palette is very important for pulling together a polished wedding design. But when it comes to conveying the meaning of your wedding day, there’s only so much colors can do.

Only when paired with motifs, textures, fonts and other design elements, and held together by a strong idea, can colors express something specific to your guests.

And that’s when they are part of a larger theme. Your theme is where you add the meaning to your wedding design.

Can you build a wedding look solely around a color palette? Yes. But where’s the fun in that? And more importantly, where’s the “you” in that.


Your Wedding Day Vision

romantic theme wedding day When creating your wedding theme, the best place to start is actually the end. What do you envision for your wedding day?

What are your guests wearing? Are they in tuxes and eveningwear or cowboy hats and boots? Are they partying all night long? Or lounging comfortably by candlelight?

Keeping this vision in mind will help you focus on the mood and maybe even the style of your wedding day: Casual, Formal, Romantic, Rustic, Fun


Your Personal Style As Your Wedding Style

personal style as wedding theme If you can’t be yourself on your wedding day, when can you be? So, I think it’s important to incorporate your personal style in your wedding design.

What do you wear? Vintage dresses, sweats, or the latest fashion? What kind of furniture do you love? Do you have favorite artists? Are you Modern, Preppy, Traditional, Classic, Eclectic, Funky or Whimsical?


Cultural Wedding Themes

Asian Wedding Theme Invitation Do you want to incorporate your family’s culture, that of your future spouse, or one that you are drawn too?

Family heirlooms and traditions can also be a wonderful jumping off point for wedding themes. I recently heard a moving story about a wedding dress that was worn by four generations of women in the same family. Wearing the family dress had to impact the design choices for the wedding overall, and could be pulled into a theme.


What You Love

vintage wedding theme typewritter guestbook Meaningful wedding themes often include things that the couple loves, such as hobbies and interests. Do you love sailing, or anime? Do you have something you love to do as a couple that you want to share with guests?

You can also look to your wedding venue, especially if there’s a personal reason why you chose it other than it was available on the day you wanted. For instance, are you having a loft wedding, or getting married in a museum? Are you getting married near the water?


Pulling It Together Into a Wedding Theme

Moroccan wedding theme reception table Now you’ll need to focus these ideas into a theme. Go through your ideas and pull out the 2 or 3 that mean the most to you and your future spouse.

Let’s say, for instance, you are getting married in Mexico, you love old movies and 40s style, and you want your wedding day to be a true celebration of love.

In that case your wedding theme could be: a Vintage Romantic Mexico wedding.

For more information and step by step advice on choosing your wedding theme, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

Next you will learn how to communicate your wedding theme through your wedding invitations.

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