How to Create Wedding Invitations That Are Classic But Not Too Formal

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sand dollar beach wedding invitation

If I had a nickel for every time one of our handmade wedding stationery clients told me “I don’t want my invitations to be too formal”, I could close the stationery studio and open a bank.

Ok even though, that’s not technically right (I would need a lot more nickels!), it is true that couples are asking for less formal, more casual and intimate wedding stationery.

But how do you get there?

Keep reading and I’ll show you 3 ways to look at your invitations to reduce the formality. And then I’ll show you how to put it all together for your unique stationery look.

Rustic Leaf Fall Wedding Invitation

Invitation Design

There’s just something uber formal about an engraved all text wedding invitation with gold edging.

Some design elements will be more formal that others. For instance metallic cardstock, especially gold or silver seem more formal than matte. And ivory comes off as more formal (or vintage) than white.

But some formal design elements like swashes can be made less formal by simply adding color or tilting them for a more modern take.

vintage map wedding invitation

Invitation Text

Your wording is a great indication of the formality of your wedding. I wrote about that earlier when explaining formal wedding invitation wording.

So one great way to reduce the formal is to choose alternative wedding invitation wording, add a quote and/or not have your dates spelled out.

Indian lotus floral wedding invitation

Invitations Fonts

Scripts are more formal than all caps serifs which are more formal than regular serifs which are more formal than san serifs. Plus within these categories some fonts will just look more casual than others.

And with that you can have all kinds of fun mixing and matching to find the right look for you.

Putting It All Together

So am I saying that you can’t have any of the elements that make an invitation look formal?

Not at all!

In fact mixing and matching formal with casual touches is what will give you a classic look to your invitations. Plus, it will show your own personality.

So if you want gold metallic invitations, you may want to pair it with less formal fonts and alternative wording. If you want a formal script you can pair it with a less formal font on matte cardstock.

On your wedding invitations are you going for casual, classic or formal?

{All photos and text by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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