3 Tips for Low Stress, High Style Bridal and Baby Showers, and Birthday and Anniversary Parties

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We’ve been working with more and more people planning bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary and birthday parties.  It can be really stressful trying to pull together a fun, stylish party for someone you care about.

So I wanted to share 3 quick tips for saving the stress and upping the style the next time you’re hosting a shower or party.

1. Give yourself enough time: Try to start planning at least one month before and give your guests at least 2 weeks notice. More time will keep you from feeling rushed and hurried, and actually allow you to pull together the stylish event you want.

2. Pick a theme: It doesn’t have to be rocket science or even the most original thing in the world. Something as simple as “elegance in gray and yellow” will do. But it should be something that can help you easily find coordinating designs, and cut down on design distractions. Some popular themes we are seeing include: Moroccan, Elephants, Butterfly, Casino, Old Hollywood, Indian and Mexican themes.

3. Ask for help…but not too much help: Finding a co-host or two will definitely cut down on your party planning work load. But more than 3 people planning a party may start to slow you down when making decisions and may add to conflicts over vision and style. Even though it may not be a good idea for all 5 bridesmaids to host the bridal shower, asking everyone to help here and there should work.

And speaking of high style: We’re extending our Signature Invitation Collection, printed and shipped through Zazzle, with more designs for showers and parties. Hosts of showers and parties tend to have a shorter time to plan, and the handy thing about these invitations is that they are printed and shipped next business day.

elegant monogram shower invitation by imbue you

With our elegant lattice print invitation, you can add letters or numbers for a personal monogram, perfect for a birthday or anniversary party.

elephant baby shower invitation by imbue you

We’ve been noticing elephants as a theme for both baby showers and bridal showers. We’ve paired our elephant with our vintage Japanese print for a Moroccan feel. See this Moroccan elephant shower invitation here.

butterfly bridal shower invitation by imbue you

Butterfly designs are also popular for both bridal and baby showers. For this modern butterfly shower invitation we’ve combined our butterfly icon with our interlocking circle print.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide.}


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