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moroccan tile destination invitation

Working on Jaime and Bijan’s Persian tile wedding invitation was pure joy. It allowed me to revisit the invitation design that launched our stationery business, one we had originally done custom for our friends also having a blended Persian wedding.

As a destination wedding, we put our first pattern on our newest format, the flap fold invitation with enclosures booklet. And even wrote Jaime and Bijan’s names in Persian on the design. It was love all over again!

At first Jaime and Bijan wanted to use a traditional fall palette for their wedding. But they soon realized that it wasn’t for them…and this rich deep blue, turquoise and golden yellow palette was born.

“We considered a fall palette of oranges, golds and browns, but when we really took a look, this palette just didn’t speak to us,” says Jaime. “The palette we chose reflects our sense of the vibrancy and depth of our relationship as expressed by color.”

destination wedding invitation booklet

When they decided to change their colors, they looked to a traditional Persian tile that they loved.

“We were seasonally inspired by the crispness of late summer days… the blues of the sky and the golden color of the sun and of leaves as they begin to turn,” says Jaime. “Because the design of the invitation is an interpretation of ancient Persian tiles, we also took a cue from some tiles we brought back from a 2004 visit to Iran… turquoise, lapis blue, gold and white.”

wedding invitation folded booklet

Jaime definitely believes that changing her wedding color palette was the right thing to do.

“I have always loved the colors (and flavor!) of saffron… the gorgeous golden orange of this delicious spice really appeals to me,” she says. “Reflecting on these colors later, I sensed how they are a beautiful expression of our relationship.”

“The blues symbolize depth and dimension, and the saffron yellow is about warmth and vibrancy… and light and growth too, as in sunlight! The contrast between these colors is also symbolic of the contrasts between the two of us as individuals, while at the same time being harmonious and beautiful.”

wedding invitation events booklet

“Our theme is one of a blending of cultures – traditional Western American and Persian,” Jaime says. “I am originally from Wyoming and we are getting married on my parents’ ranch in Montana, while my fiancé and his family are from Iran. This blend will be represented in clothing style (western), music (a blend of Persian, Western, and contemporary World), and the food. We’ll have a number of Persian dishes, including Bejeweled Rice traditionally served at weddings.”

wedding invitation events card

“The colors are primarily reflected in the linens and flowers that we’ll use to enliven the reception space, and as touches in the garments my fiancé and I will wear. The tables will be covered with saffron dupioni with a sheer orange overlay. Napkins will be in contrasting colors – lapis blue for the reception dinner and turquoise for the post-wedding brunch. Our flowers will be dahlias in oranges and golden yellow, plus sea holly and other things to add the blue note.”

When choosing your own wedding palette, Jaime recommends living with the colors a bit to see if they truly reflect you.

“My advice would be to follow your intuition and to select colors that you both love and that will create the beauty you are looking for,” she says. “I found that the later quiet reflection on the colors and what they mean to me was a great affirmation that we had made the right choices.”

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