Multi-Color Purple, Teal and Navy Wedding Reception

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indian lotus place cards teal

Becky chose our Indian lotus design for her wedding table numbers, programs and place cards, knowing only one thing. They were going to be purple and ivory.

“I am a history teacher and for a few years I have been fascinated with and have read a lot about British royal history, especially King Henry VIII and his six wives,” Becky says. “Purple was reserved only for royalty, and so I think it’s a very special color.”

But then what? Becky was concerned that with her purple favor bags and other purple wedding items she was going to have purple overload.

Lotus table number teal purple flowers

{Designer Secret} To make a color palette less monotonous or overwhelming, expand it! Include different variations of the same color and even feel free to introduce different colors. This keeps things interesting, but still tied together. If you are more adventurous with color, try applying a mix and match style across your stationery. This makes everything relate to each other without being too much the same.

“I always knew that I wanted purple, but I wasn’t sure what I should match it with,” Becky says. “At one point I was thinking of yellow and purple, but that didn’t feel right to me. Then, I was thinking about cream and purple, but I wanted some more pizazz and interesting color choices.”

purple lotus flower wedding program cover

purple lotus flower wedding program inside

We expanded Becky’s color palette, adding in lavender and plum shades to the lotus print and teal and dark blue as additional colors. We even did her table number and place card backers in different colors. It worked well for someone who loves color and is from a creative family.

“Doug and I do not come from “matchy matchy” families and in fact, my dad and Doug’s mom are artists, so we love color and are not afraid to mix and match!” says Becky.

“My bouquet of silk flowers is antique pink roses and my bridesmaid’s bouquets are silk purple hydrangeas. Doug and his groomsmen are going to wear cream colored suits and Doug’s button-down shirt will be pastel purple. My bridesmaids are going to wear black and white dresses that they chose themselves and our moms are both wearing multi-colored dresses.”


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{Real Palettes} Moroccan Bridal Shower: Orange and Teal Color Explosion

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Moroccan wedding shower decor

When Jessica was pulling together the look for her Moroccan inspired bridal shower, she came to us initially for her invitations, in a festive orange and teal palette.

I’m so glad she came back for matching buffet signs, gift table sign and favor tags for the shower itself because she added brown, plum, red, fuchsia and chartreuse to really bring her Moroccan shower color palette to life, as you can see here:

Moroccan shower decor detail


Morrocan shower cake and cultural dishes

Moroccan wedding favor tags

“My family is Moroccan and we wanted to incorporate our heritage and my Moroccan grandmother, who passed away four years ago, into the wedding celebrations,” Jessica explains. “We thought bright, vivid colors were Moroccan, fun, festive, ethnic. And with the matching decor, Moroccan food and belly dancers, the mood was very Moroccan.”

“We wanted the shower to really stand out and be different and memorable so the colors enhanced the theme and it definitely all stood out,” she says.

{Designer Secret} In addition to color, what really sells Jessica’s Moroccan shower theme is authenticity. She uses culturally inspired decor pieces and furniture, like the poufs, to give her guests a real Moroccan vibe.

colorful bridal shower flowers

Moroccan gift table sign

“My mom and I own our interior design business so color and congruency is very important to us,” Jessica says. “My aunt and mom went above and beyond to get the best possible decor and it all worked together perfectly.”

Moroccan shower bronze decor detail

Moroccan shower table setting

{Designer Secret} Your wedding doesn’t have to keep the same color palette for every related event or party. While Jessica’s Moroccan bridal shower was an explosion of rich colors and cultural influences, her actual wedding was a clean and modern black and white affair.

“My personal aesthetic is clean, modern, sophisticated and glamorous,” Jessica says. “Nothing speaks glamour like old fashion black and white. My fiancé and I wanted it to be an old-world, fabulous evening and color just didn’t work well with that theme.”

bridal shower Moroccan cake display

When it comes to color for your wedding, Jessica believes you can have it all just by divvying up what you like among your various pre-wedding events. “Have fun!! Go for a bold theme or an interesting color palette,” she says. “Between the shower and the wedding, there are so many events that you can really experiment and enjoy color.”

Thanks Jessica for sharing your wedding and singular style with us!


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{Real Palettes} Margot’s Coral and Navy Vintage Wedding Invitations

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Navy continues to be a popular and interesting choice for wedding invitations, as seen in Natalie’s recent Asian navy and fuchsia wedding invitation. But when Margot came to me with coral and navy, I was intrigued. That was a new one, and I loved it!

Vintage Coral and Navy Wedding Invitation

Apparently, the uniqueness of the color combination was what drew Margot to the choice as well. “Because I hadn’t seen them done together before, and we wanted every detail of the wedding to be as unique as our relationship.” Margot says. “Green and pink were my first choices. I love the bright fun playful ambiance those two colors represent together.”

Vintage Wedding Coral and Navy Invitation Set

She admits she had help coming up with the palette.

“I am incredibly fickle minded, so admittedly I prefer loved ones to make these types of decisions for me!” she says. “I asked my maid of honor for her suggestion, and that was coral. And our wedding is taking place at a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Annapolis MD, across from the Naval academy with all navy umbrellas on the decks. So that is how coral and navy was born.”

{Designer Secret} Taking a color cue from your venue can be a great idea. Since you know the colors will look great in the space and you may have less to bring in décor-wise.

Vintage Coral Envelope Wrap Label

For her wedding Margot is sticking with these colors, and adding ivory.

“The bridesmaids are wearing coral, and the men are wearing navy blazers. And our flowers will be a mix of ivory and coral dahlias.”

Margot has some advice for picking your wedding color palette. “Google them, and if the inspiration boards that the professionals have put together for your color combinations make you smile, go with it.”

Coral and Navy Vintage Wedding Invitation


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{Designer Secret} How to Make a Large Wedding Feel More Intimate

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At larger weddings it can be difficult to make the atmosphere as personal and intimate as you may like. But you can pull it off. It’s all in the details.

We recently created the reception stationery for an Indian wedding with more than 240 guests. And not only did Justin and I love the colors, gold, plum and pink, we loved how the bride and groom made their guests part of their wedding story, by sharing their actual stories.

Indian wedding table numbers purple gold

Each table number included a place in the world where the couple had special memories. And they shared those memories on each of the cards.

Indian Wedding Place Cards Purple Gold

So even though it was a large wedding, and they may not have had a lot of time to spend with each guest, these stories helped the guests feel closer to the couple and what they were celebrating on their wedding day.

Indian Wedding Menu Purple Gold

How can you weave personal stories or experiences into your wedding?

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{Real Palettes} Natalie’s Modern and Bold Asian Wedding Invitations

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Natalie is a bride with a clear design vision. And when she came to me for her wedding invitations she knew it had to be bold, it had to be cultural and it had to be navy and fuchsia.

She even blended two of our invitations designs into one…adding a wrap and tag to a layered Asian print invite. And she blended an Asian-inspired print with colors she fell in love with in Guatemala.

But that’s just perfect for the blended wedding style Natalie wants for when she walks down the aisle this fall.

{Designer Tip} Mixing Traditional Culture with Modern Style

The key to pulling off Natalie’s East-meets-West style is taking the traditional print and detailed shapes from Japanese and Chinese design and pairing them with a bold modern color palette.

Color is an great way to liven up more traditional designs!

 In Natalie’s Words:

If you look at traditional weddings around the world, they are extremely colorful! From Asia and India, to South America and Africa, you see lots of colors on our most joyous days. Although I consider myself very “westernized” (U.S. born and raised), my ethnic background is Chinese, and I have always loved the colorful silks and embroidery of traditional Chinese weddings.

Although I will be wearing my white gown all day, there will be nothing pale or pastel about my wedding day! Red and gold, of course are the most traditional, but as a melting pot American, I take inspiration from other cultures as well.

On a recent vacation with my fiancé to Guatemala, a country known for its colorful woven textiles, I bought a traditional belt which is basically a strip of fabric woven with many colors. The primary colors were dark blue and pink. It is one of my favorite accessories and souvenirs!

On a visit to the fabric store there was bolt of hot fuchsia dupioni silk displayed right next to a deep royal blue silk and I fell in love. The colors are so contrasting and bright. I especially love the fuchsia.

(In fact if I could have a second dream dress, it would be made of yards and yards of fuchsia dupioni silk!)

For my wedding and reception dark royal blue will be the base color, which is appropriate for an elegant evening affair. Hot pink will be the accent, like little fireworks of color. My maid of honor will be in a hot pink dress, and my other 2 bridesmaids in royal blue. Flowers will be colorful and bold, bright yellows, pinks, and oranges.


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Imbue You I Do….Coming Soon

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Imbue You I Do Blog Coming Soon

Launching Monday, July 18th!

I love wedding blogs…and what’s not to love with gorgeous photography and sumptuous details.

As a wedding stationery designer, I get a lot of questions from couples about how to best turn the stunning designs they see on wedding blogs and in wedding magazines and turn it into something that meaningful for them.

With this blog, Imbue You I Do, I hope to answer those questions. I’ll be revealing the designer secrets behind memorable invitations, receptions, wedding fashion and more.

It all starts Monday, July 18, 2011.

Until then, feel free to contact me with ideas you’d like to see, questions and to submit shoots, designs and post ideas. In the meantime, I’ve included some older posts from my previous blog with some thoughts and ideas.

Be Stylish,


Photo credits: Imbue You Wedding; Natalie Briggs Luxury Handmade Garters and Koby & Terilyn Brown of; Y&E Bridal


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