Rich Mexico Wedding Color Palette: Red, Brown, Gold and Ivory

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mexican tile wedding invitation set

Sometimes the designs and formats we’ve created are just a guide.

That was the case when Heather came to us earlier this winter wanting to create invitations for her destination wedding in Mexico. We ended up taking our tile design, turning it into a booklet, and putting some custom touches on it along the way.

mexico talavera tile invitation red and brown

winter invitation wedding palette red brown

For an even more custom look, we created matching invitation and RSVP stamps.

I love her rich palette of red, brown and marigold on ivory paper. It’s also a great color combination for winter weddings, or to communicate warmth or a lavish wedding.

mexico destination wedding invitation booklet

We’re really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

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{Re-Post} Natalie’s Modern and Bold Asian Wedding Invitations

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{This hybrid design thought up by one of our brides, taking 2 of our wedding invitation styles and blending them into one, is still one of my favorite bride creations. So while Justin and I catch up on rush wedding invitation orders and Christmas card and envelope wrap orders, please enjoy!}

Natalie is a bride with a clear design vision. And when she came to me for her wedding invitations she knew it had to be bold, it had to be cultural and it had to be navy and fuchsia.

She even blended two of our invitations designs into one…adding a wrap and tag to a layered Asian print invite. And she blended an Asian-inspired print with colors she fell in love with in Guatemala.

But that’s just perfect for the blended wedding style Natalie wants for when she walks down the aisle this fall.

{Designer Tip} Mixing Traditional Culture with Modern Style

The key to pulling off Natalie’s East-meets-West style is taking the traditional print and detailed shapes from Japanese and Chinese design and pairing them with a bold modern color palette.

Color is an great way to liven up more traditional designs!

In Natalie’s Words:

If you look at traditional weddings around the world, they are extremely colorful! From Asia and India, to South America and Africa, you see lots of colors on our most joyous days. Although I consider myself very “westernized” (U.S. born and raised), my ethnic background is Chinese, and I have always loved the colorful silks and embroidery of traditional Chinese weddings.

Although I will be wearing my white gown all day, there will be nothing pale or pastel about my wedding day! Red and gold, of course are the most traditional, but as a melting pot American, I take inspiration from other cultures as well.

On a recent vacation with my fiancé to Guatemala, a country known for its colorful woven textiles, I bought a traditional belt which is basically a strip of fabric woven with many colors. The primary colors were dark blue and pink. It is one of my favorite accessories and souvenirs!

On a visit to the fabric store there was bolt of hot fuchsia dupioni silk displayed right next to a deep royal blue silk and I fell in love. The colors are so contrasting and bright. I especially love the fuchsia.

(In fact if I could have a second dream dress, it would be made of yards and yards of fuchsia dupioni silk!)

For my wedding and reception dark royal blue will be the base color, which is appropriate for an elegant evening affair. Hot pink will be the accent, like little fireworks of color. My maid of honor will be in a hot pink dress, and my other 2 bridesmaids in royal blue. Flowers will be colorful and bold, bright yellows, pinks, and oranges.

See more of our designs at Imbue You Wedding.

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{Real Palettes} Red, Purple and Gold Wedding Inspiration

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Purple is a powerful, beautiful color for weddings. Depending what you pair it with it can be great for any season. And that’s what many of the couples we are working with are doing. Purple, lavender and silver; purple, lavender and gray (I hope to have photos of this last one soon!)

We have been seeing lots of red and gold for our Indian wedding stationery…but today I want to show you purple, red and gold. It’s a lush color combo. Thank you to Tanya and Colin for letting us work on their wedding invitation set.

Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Imbue You RSVP purple red gold

There’s so much you can do with a purple, gold and red wedding. Here are just some ideas:

purple red and gold wedding reception

eco friendly stone wedding band

vintage virginia ring pillow

Purple Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Adding gold to any wedding color combo adds instant luxury. So play that up with elegant details: lace, silks, anything luxe. I love the fullness of this reception table design, it reads like old time elegance.

{Photo credits: Wedding reception table via Wedding Wire; Ring by BMJNYC, Ring pillow by Y&E Bridal; Rhinestone bouquet by Hair Bows Wonderworld}

purple and red bridal wedding hair

And for all you rockstar brides (you know who you are!), why stop at the details? Sure purple and red hair isn’t classic. But it looks a whole lot of fun, and paired with the right details can still be elegant.

{Photo credits: Hairstyles via}

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{Real Palettes} Elegant Green and Purple Winery Reception Stationery

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winery wedding dinner menu

For Niamh, who grew up in and around vineyards, her wedding reception would be a celebration of the look and feel of wineries. For her Los Gatos Mountains reception at a winery, we created a stationery suite, including menus, place cards, table numbers and signage, inspired by the elegance of wine labels.

{Designer Secret} A winery look doesn’t necessarily need grapes. Instead think deep rich colors, like burgundy, chocolate brown and eggplant purple. Think traditional shapes and classic Italian or French patterns and prints.

For Niamh’s wine label inspired reception design, we used classic shapes and a monogram.

Winery wedding  place card and dessert card

Even though purple seems like the perfect color for a winery wedding, Niamh’s color palette actually started with green.

“You can ask anyone who knows me what my favorite color is, and it is usually unanimous that “GREEN” is the first thing they say,” Niamh says. “Maybe because of my pride with my Irish heritage, or the fact I think it looks good on me! But the idea of really pale shades of green would have just washed my fair skinned bridesmaids out.”

“So I went to Home Depot and took a look at different shades of green, and what colors went well, and I loved the deepness of the purple, and the fun of the lime green! And it works well with the winery theme because of the purple grapes and green leaves.”

Winery Wedding Dessert Cards

“And I really didn’t want a formal wedding, I wanted a wedding that reflect the fun couple Mike and I are,” Niamh says. “And I think these colors really helped convey how much fun our wedding day will be!”

“My bridesmaid dresses are from BHDLN, and we found the only purple dress at the time, and my bridesmaids loved it, couldn’t argue with that! My favors are in little lime green boxes, tied with a deep purple ribbon, and I really brought the colors through the linens and napkins, helping the flowers to pop! “

winery wedding progam cover

winery wedding program inside

“For my flowers I really wanted a clean modern feel, no roses, nothing traditional, and I think my florist and I really wanted to focus on deep plum purples in orchids, hydrangeas, and in greens, succulents, kale, and even some fruit and vegetables.”

When you are planning your wedding colors, Niamh suggests remembering who you are and exploring.

“My advice would be figure out what type of event you are doing, see what would look nice at the venue, and find fun colors,” Niamh suggests. “Look in magazines, go to your local paint store and look at paint chips, they really do have every color, make them contrast. And most importantly, pick something that represents how you are as a couple.”

Planning your own winery wedding? See the matching handmade wedding invitation design or the handmade reception stationery at Imbue You Wedding.

Winery Wedding Table Name Number

{Niamh used table names of different wine regions, instead of table numbers}

What would your perfect winery wedding look like?


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{Real Palettes} Rustic Glam Invitation: Metallic Copper, Yellow and Burgundy

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Rustic doesn’t have to only be simple and earthy. We recently finished working on invitations for Jessica’s October wedding, which blend earthy colors with a bit of sparkle.

The sparkle comes from copper metallic paper, which we used as a backer for the invitations and the envelopes.

rustic chic metallic wedding invitation

{Designer Secret} Metallic adds glitz, glamour and a bit more formality. But you can use it on your own terms. Here copper metallic paper still works with a country, rustic look, as would metallic brown. But so many colors come in metallic these days that you can add a little sparkle to your own wedding palette. Metallic teal would be amazing!

country rustic invitation fall leaf monogram

I’ve fallen in love with copper metallic since working on these invitations. If you have too, here are some other ways to incorporate the color in your rustic, country or barn wedding.

copper wedding ring pillow

Pair metallic copper with other earthy colors, to make your rustic wedding touches pop.
{handmade ring pillow by StudioWedbyMirela}

copper bridal shoe and charm

rustic copper wedding ring bands

Or wear your copper proudly.
{Shoes by Christian Louboutin; charm by a.little.bit Tattered; wedding bands by tinahdee}

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{Real Palettes} Lapis Blue, Turquoise and Yellow Persian Tile Invitations

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moroccan tile destination invitation

Working on Jaime and Bijan’s Persian tile wedding invitation was pure joy. It allowed me to revisit the invitation design that launched our stationery business, one we had originally done custom for our friends also having a blended Persian wedding.

As a destination wedding, we put our first pattern on our newest format, the flap fold invitation with enclosures booklet. And even wrote Jaime and Bijan’s names in Persian on the design. It was love all over again!

At first Jaime and Bijan wanted to use a traditional fall palette for their wedding. But they soon realized that it wasn’t for them…and this rich deep blue, turquoise and golden yellow palette was born.

“We considered a fall palette of oranges, golds and browns, but when we really took a look, this palette just didn’t speak to us,” says Jaime. “The palette we chose reflects our sense of the vibrancy and depth of our relationship as expressed by color.”

destination wedding invitation booklet

When they decided to change their colors, they looked to a traditional Persian tile that they loved.

“We were seasonally inspired by the crispness of late summer days… the blues of the sky and the golden color of the sun and of leaves as they begin to turn,” says Jaime. “Because the design of the invitation is an interpretation of ancient Persian tiles, we also took a cue from some tiles we brought back from a 2004 visit to Iran… turquoise, lapis blue, gold and white.”

wedding invitation folded booklet

Jaime definitely believes that changing her wedding color palette was the right thing to do.

“I have always loved the colors (and flavor!) of saffron… the gorgeous golden orange of this delicious spice really appeals to me,” she says. “Reflecting on these colors later, I sensed how they are a beautiful expression of our relationship.”

“The blues symbolize depth and dimension, and the saffron yellow is about warmth and vibrancy… and light and growth too, as in sunlight! The contrast between these colors is also symbolic of the contrasts between the two of us as individuals, while at the same time being harmonious and beautiful.”

wedding invitation events booklet

“Our theme is one of a blending of cultures – traditional Western American and Persian,” Jaime says. “I am originally from Wyoming and we are getting married on my parents’ ranch in Montana, while my fiancé and his family are from Iran. This blend will be represented in clothing style (western), music (a blend of Persian, Western, and contemporary World), and the food. We’ll have a number of Persian dishes, including Bejeweled Rice traditionally served at weddings.”

wedding invitation events card

“The colors are primarily reflected in the linens and flowers that we’ll use to enliven the reception space, and as touches in the garments my fiancé and I will wear. The tables will be covered with saffron dupioni with a sheer orange overlay. Napkins will be in contrasting colors – lapis blue for the reception dinner and turquoise for the post-wedding brunch. Our flowers will be dahlias in oranges and golden yellow, plus sea holly and other things to add the blue note.”

When choosing your own wedding palette, Jaime recommends living with the colors a bit to see if they truly reflect you.

“My advice would be to follow your intuition and to select colors that you both love and that will create the beauty you are looking for,” she says. “I found that the later quiet reflection on the colors and what they mean to me was a great affirmation that we had made the right choices.”

wedding invitation envelope addressed




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