Cute Cards for the Holidays

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Imbue You stripe holiday card orange and teal

Most of the time we are designing new theme and culturally inspired designs for weddings. But this year I wanted to spend some time doing holiday cards, tis the season after all.

We’re offering these handmade holiday cards in our wedding Etsy shop, so you can change the message inside and on the cover if you like. I had a lot of fun making these. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite designs with you.

See more cute holiday card designs on our main Imbue You blog.

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Sneak Peek: Save the Date Bookmarks

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save the date bookmarks

I’m really digging the popularity of book-themed weddings. Maybe it’s just an excuse for me to design more bookmark save the dates. I love the different patterns and color combinations, plus ribbon can be really fun. It’s definitely not your typical save the date, which I think is actually my favorite part.

We’re going to have these save the dates in our wedding stationery shop at Imbue You Wedding soon. But before that, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on.

asian save the date bookmark

I went with simple blocks on this design to (loosely) mimic the inline look of calligraphy with Chinese or Japanese characters.

lattice green and gray bookmark save the date

This is one of our most popular prints…so it had to become a bookmark.

vintage japanese save the date bookmark

This is one of my favorite prints. It’s inspired by centuries old Japanese wallcovering. Yet it feels modern to me, with a slightly vintage bent.

lattice bookmark favor

And I snuck a bookmark favor in there too…because why not!

So, what do you think? Are these just for book-themed weddings, or can you see them for other weddings as well.


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Eclectic Wedding Bouquets with Make Believe’N

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fabric bouquet yellow cream and gray

When your wedding is all about you and your style, even the flowers can be unique. That’s the thought behind the eclectic style of the fabric wedding bouquets made by Krissy of Make Believe’N.

Each individual flower is handmade with a combinations of  satin, organza, chiffon, tulle, crepe or veiling. The flowers are then centered with photographs, pearls, beads, buttons, vintage buttons, charms, or rhinestones. The results are definitely personal and very unique.

“My style is bold,” says Krissy. “I don’t do very much that is sweet and small. I wouldn’t know how to. I’m a bold gal with a strong personality.”

{Designer Secret} Bouquets like these can easily become a centerpiece at your wedding. How much of a centerpiece depends on your vision of your wedding day and your style. Consider continuing the theme with coordinating hair fascinators, corsages or boutonnieres for your wedding party. For a less matchy-matchy look, try applying your colors slightly differently on the other wedding flowers.

satin bouquet with feathers

fabric bouquet flowers with buttons pink black

“Make Believe’N is for an authentic bride or groom looking to represent themselves with products they don’t see at every wedding they go to,” Krissy says.

“I think I’m very lucky that my style is different from traditional wedding products. I find that I dominate my niche because you can’t find statement belts like mine anywhere else. The fabric wedding flowers I also make with love are equally unique. I am just not a fan of following the fads of other designers.”

satin bridal bouquet black and white

“I’ve been in the business for almost two years. I started out making hair bows for a friend and realized quickly that wasn’t for me. I loved making ‘unique’ things and there is only so much you can do with ribbon. The wedding industry snapped me up quickly and I’ve been a convert ever since.”

vintage bouquet burlap and lace

“My favorite part of this business is being a designer and being in charge of my marketing. Designing is outrageously fun.”

“I’ve had some epic fails that will never see the light of day, but my successes happily surprise me. I also find social media very stimulating. Blogging and making connections with fellow wedding industry peers is a blast. I can’t tell you how many ‘online’ friends I have now. Every day I am excited to hop out of bed and check my computer.”

white fabric bouquet with black buttons


{Photo credits Darling Studios: multicolored bouquet, pink and black bouquet vintage burlap bouquet; Chey Studios: black and white bouquet}

white and champagne satin bridal bouquet

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Sneak Peek: Elegant Save the Date Postcards

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Many couples are choosing save the date postcards because they are quick to send, have less environmental impact without the envelopes and save on postage costs.

I wanted to show that postcards can also be elegant, fun and unique. So here’s a sneak peek of our new line of handmade save the date postcards. These will be printed on metallic cardstock standard (white, gold or silver), or you can opt for white or ivory matte. My favorite detail is the rounded corners.

elegant indian save the date postcard fuchsia navy silver

{Designer Secret} Yes, a postcard can work for a formal wedding. Just make sure to up the “wow” factor with premium paper and appropriate fonts. This design uses our Indian Arch print and an Indian inspired arch shield for added elegance.

ganesh indian save the date postcard red and gold

puffball zodiac save the date post card

I’ve been wanting to use our “pull ball” zodiac shapes on a save the date forever! And now’s my chance. We have adorable pull ball versions of the 12 zodiac symbols.

These designs will be available from Imbue You Wedding starting next week!

So, what do you think?

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Dreamy Bouquets and Boutonnieres with Kate Said Yes

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White Rose Bouquet with Red and Cream Accents

Today I want to share with you dreamy and lovely handmade bouquets and boutonnieres by Kate at Kate Said Yes Wedding Accessories. Kate has graciously offered our readers a 10% discount on her designs. More details on that below.

“My style is soft and romantic – I love fluffy silks and sparkly accents,” Kate says. “I think each of my items has a little something special that makes it a bit different than a traditional bouquet. Whether it’s a little feather accent, a bright ribbon, or a rhinestone brooch, I want each of my products to have a little something that makes the buyer feel good.”

Ivory Rose Peony and Ranunculus Silk Bridal Bouquet

{Designer Secret} Since flowers are one of the most important design choices for your wedding, Kate recommends that you really set the tone of the wedding through your flowers. Even if that means reducing the emphasis on your flowers.

“Soft and romantic morning garden wedding? Keep the flowers light and simple,” she says. “Poufy dress and lots of sparkle? Don’t let your flowers upstage your dress. As I get to know my brides, I find that their choice of flower and style really tend to match their personality, whether it be big and bold, or traditional and soft-spoken.”

Fuchsia Pink Ranunculus and Navy Blue Silk Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Large Cream Calla Lily Real Touch Wedding Bridal Bouquet

“One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is, ‘Is it okay for a bride to carry a small bouquet? Does this make me look like less of a bride?’ I have a lot of brides who are ditching the overgrown bouquet and adopting more petite styles, whether it be to save money, or to de-emphasize the flowers and shift the focus on another style aspect of the wedding.”

“My answer to this question is, of course! On your wedding day, you can do anything you want, and all that really matters in the end is that you are happy with your style decisions.”

Plum Purple Hydrangea Silk Boutonniere and Bouquet

Yellow Ranunculus Silk Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Kate started her business actually designing boutonnieres a little over a year after her own wedding.

“I often hear that grooms don’t want their boutonnieres to match their bride’s bouquet too closely, because they want to stay away from anything too feminine,” Kate says. “And that’s okay! You can do a lot using masculine colors, earthy flowers, and more organic looking designs. I’ve had other grooms, however, who are totally fine wearing bouts with feathers and glitter, if that’s what their lady wants!”

Beach Wedding Silk Boutonniere

Silk Peony Wedding Bouquet

Kate uses silk and real-touch flowers for her bouquets and boutonnieres. So they last beyond the wedding day, and may help brides planning destination weddings get that off the to-do list early.

“Throwing out my bouquet after my wedding was traumatic,” Kate admits. “And I don’t want any other bride to experience that! I love that you know exactly what you are getting before the morning of your wedding. My brides can hold their bouquets in their hands, know exactly what it looks and feels like, and then after the wedding, have it as a keepsake.”

Wedding Groom Silk Boutonniere

Rust Orange and Moss Green Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

“I value the freedom my business gives me to express my creativity and be involved in a bride’s special day,” Kate says. “It makes me feel so happy to know that I can play a part in making a bride happy. Weddings are such personal events, and I feel blessed with every wedding my products are featured in.”

For a 10% discount on Kate Said Yes designs, use the coupon code BLOGLOVE in her Etsy bouquets and boutonnieres shop.

To learn more and see more beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres, please visit:

Etsy shop:

Ivory Rose Silk Bridal Bouquet with Green Hops and Berry

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Birdcage Veils and Advice with one little dove

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white bridal bridesmaid birdcage veil

It’s amazing how many shapes you can create with a simple birdcage veil. But that’s the artistry of Melanie at one little dove.

“My style is modern with a touch of vintage influence,” Melanie says. “I use a lot of vintage and vintage-inspired materials, but I try to create my pieces with a fresh, streamlined approach. I don’t like too much fuss in my design.”

{Designer Secrets} Melanie tells us how to pair birdcage veils with wedding gowns, and the ins and outs of what veil styles complement what hair styles.

Can I wear a birdcage veil with my hair down?

“Yes,” says Melanie. “More brides are trying this these days, since it’s a more modern way to wear a vintage-inspired look. if you plan on wearing your hair down, consider an airier style if you’ve got your hair loose and free, or try a half-up hairstyle if you’d like a cage veil fit that’s a little closer to the face.”

white headband birdcage bridal veil

Can I wear a birdcage veil if I have short or fine hair?

Melanie suggests trying a birdcage headband style like this one. {shown above} “Or request that I use toupee clips in place of combs. They’re itty-bitty combs with really fine teeth that actually clip into the hair, and they’re suitable for the finest and shortest of hair. All of my comb-based styles are available with toupee clips at no extra charge: Brides can simply arrange this substitution with me before placing their veil orders.”

white bandeau birdcage wedding veil

How can I wear a birdcage veil if I have curly hair or a lot of volume?

“Just look for a style that gives you a lot of breathing room around the face, or inserts with a comb at the top of the head,” says Melanie. “Wraparound styles will not be your best choice, so try a bandeau veil {shown above}, an airy style like this fly-away dotted veil or this buttercup birdcage veil, or a longer veil style {shown below}.

long double layer birdcage veil

white birdcage veil with feather fascinator

On birdcage veils and wedding dresses:

“When it comes to pairing a birdcage veil with a gown style, I love to go with the theory of opposites attract,” Melanie says. “A simple design is the perfect opportunity to go wild with a bold veil shape and even a dramatic fascinator, while a more ornate or embellished dress may call for a simple veil and no fascinator.”

“Birdcage veils tend to draw more attention to the face than a traditional veil, so making sure that you keep a balance between focal points in your ensemble is really key.”

purple birdcage bridal veil with satin bow

On birdcage veils and color:

“Many brides are concerned about veil color when their gowns are a less standard shade like candlelight or diamond white,” Melanie explains. “But I find that with cage veils, coordinating with dress color is far easier than with a traditional veil. Traditional wedding veils most often fall right against the gown, so variations in color are readily apparent.”

“However, birdcage veils reach only the face or shoulders at the longest, and do not overlap the gown’s fabric. Because of this, slight variations in color are almost always imperceptible, so I most often recommend that my brides not worry about minor color variations. “

“For those who have gowns closer to ecru or beige, I do offer custom organic dyeing, but the majority of brides can get away with either white or ivory.”

wide diamond birdcage veil

“Birdcage veils are my favorite thing to design, and I create some new shapes with traditional cage veil materials that you might not see elsewhere,” Melanie says. “But even with some nontraditional shapes, I like to keep things clean and simple.”

“I want my brides to feel current on the day of, but also be happy when they look at their wedding photos 20 years from now, not say “what was I thinking?”

white tulle birdcage wedding veil

“I’ve been designing veils and accessories since 2008,” Melanie remembers. “My first piece was made as a joke for a friend’s bachelorette party, but when she got a ton of compliments on it that evening, I explored creating other styles and opened the one little dove shop on Etsy in 2009.”

“I love that designing allows me to add joy to so many brides’ days! Reading feedback and seeing brides’ wedding day photos is just the best thing.”

Learn more about one little dove and see more veil and fascinator styles:


{Photo credit} All images except the first and last one by Kellan Studios. First and last images {below} are by Ashleigh Jayne Photography.

40s style vintage birdcage veil

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