New Designs: Messenger Bags

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Last weekend we started expanding what types of designs our prints and patterns are available on. So beyond wedding invitations and stationery, we now offer messenger bags, iPad and laptop sleeves, travel mugs and a growing collection of water bottles.

I really enjoyed creating these new designs, especially the messenger bags. I love how you can mix and match the colors of the prints and the colors of the binding and bag itself to create something truly unique. These are Rickshaw Bagworks messenger bags, so they are super functional and sturdy…fun design that lasts!

It was difficult to choose, but these are some of my favorites. I can see them as wedding party gifts, new mommy gifts or a fun Mother’s Day gift for a mom on the go.

red and black Rickshaw messenger bag This won the “Today’s Best Award” on Zazzle, where we designed these.

teal and navy Rickshaw messenger bag

This is a new print we just developed for our Plumeria tropical wedding invitation, coming out soon.

orange and teal Rickshaw messenger bag

Justin has become obsessed with the color orange, and I’m currently obsessed with the teal and orange color combination, so we love this bag.

brown and yellow Rickshaw messenger bag

This is one of our most popular prints, reused here for a very classic bag. I’m loving this mustard yellow. It gives a classic look a little pop.

teal and black Rickshaw messenger bag

Teal and black is also fun. This is our Indian inspired lotus floral print.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }


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Sneak Peek: Indian Lotus Wedding Invitation Booklet in Purple and Teal

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Indian lotus booklet wedding invitation and cover

We are working with a couple who were having a destination wedding in the mountains. They really loved our Mexican Tile Folder Booklet and our Lotus Floral Print. So we combined the two for a new design.

We loved it so much that we’ve decided to add the design in our collection. I’m really enjoying this color palette too: teal, purple and gold. It’s bold yet elegant … perfect for a modern Indian wedding or a mountain wedding in Big Sky country.

teal and purple Lotus invite booklet with loop

Our coordinating loop keeps your RSVP, RSVP envelope and any enclosure cards in place.

wedding invitation booklet with envelope wrap label

Indian lotus floral booklet RSVP with envelope

This is just the beginning of new designs from Imbue You. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of new prints and designs for invitations, save the dates and thank you cards.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }




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10 Handmade Styles for Beach Weddings

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starfish or seahorse beach fan wedding program

With spring finally here, we’ve been seeing a lot of interest in our beach wedding invitations, programs and place cards.

Starfish folded wedding invitation

{beach program fan and folded wedding invitation handmade  by Imbue You Wedding,}

So beach wedding planning season must be on. And so to help narrow down the many choices out there, here are 10 of my favorite handmade designs for beach weddings found on Etsy.

conch shell save the date bookmark

Save the Date.

Not only does this save the date announce your theme early on, it’s a bookmark your guests can use again and again…maybe while relaxing on the beach with a good book. {handmade by}

beach wedding dress shrug

Dress Up the Dress.

Beach wedding gowns are often light and airy. But if you want to add a little more va-voom…and still be able to walk easily on sand, this glamorous shrug could be your answer. {handmade by}

beach wedding sign

The Signage.

Handmade custom signs point your guests in the right direction, in a fun personal way. {handmade by}

seashell beach wedding pomander ball

The Aisle Decor.

These shell balls are a beachy alternative to floral balls for the back of chairs lining the aisle. {handmade by}

nautical chart wedding guest book

The Guest Book.

This map covered handmade guest book is a real heirloom piece, not just because of the guests’ words within. But also because of the hand bookbinding work, including coptic stitching. {handmade by}

seahorse wedding place card

The Placecards.

Seahorses are a wonderful alternative to shells and starfish for beach weddings. And these are very unique, very fun placecards. {handmade by}

beach wedding sand votives

The Decor.

Real makes an impact. So as much as you can include real shells, starfish, anchors, etc. to your wedding decor. The more authentic items you include the more you immerse your guests in your theme. These votive holders are made with real sand. {handmade by}

shell wedding cake server set

The Cake Cutting.

The cake cutting is often the signature event of the wedding (after the “I dos” of course!). Beach it up with elegant shell covered cake servers that become a memento of your special day. {handmade by}

glass fish beach wedding centerpiece

The Centerpiece.

Wow. Ice-sculpture is beautiful, but this glass fish inspired centerpiece is eye-candy you can keep. Placed prominently in your reception space, it will add an elegant artistic flair. {handmade by}

beach wedding starfish tags

The Takeaway.

Clean, friendly design makes these favor tags appropriate for a variety of beach weddings, from casual to elegant. {handmade by}

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }


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Fun with Gregg Shorthand

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girl writing

{By Justin}

Fontography isn’t just a big part of this business. It’s a big part of our lives. There’s so many things letters can express, not just the words they spell, but moods or feelings. Are they formal? Are they whimsical? And this alphabet is just one of the ways that words can be written. We have done designs with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Ethiopian, Russian, Greek, and more.

Recently I’ve become interested in a method of writing that’s just about died out, pen stenography. Keep in mind I had no idea what pen stenography was when I decided to learn about it. “It’s written in some sort of shorthand.” was, to me, a phrase that sometimes came up in old mystery novels that meant that this clue would be undecipherable without more clues, later on. But shorthand is actually an entirely different method of writing, as different from this alphabet as Arabic is different from Chinese.

shorthand sentence

There are also, in fact, more than one type of shorthand. The two that seemed easiest to find on the internet were Pitman Shorthand and Gregg Shorthand. Pitman shorthand must be written on lined paper with a special pen that people don’t generally own today but must have been the standard 150 years ago. I briefly considered learning this anyway because of the historical significance of Pitman shorthand in inspiring Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, but Gregg Shorthand can be written on the sketchpad that Blick gave me as a lagniappe last time I was there buying supplies, and can be written in pencil. So Gregg shorthand was the kind I decided to learn.

I’m actually kind of sad I haven’t done this sooner. I learned cursive writing in grade school. Of what use is cursive writing? It isn’t any faster than block letters. If it’s just supposed to look nice then calligraphy should be a grade school topic. But shorthand looks nice, and it’s faster, and it groups the sounds into very similar shapes. The intention, I’m assuming, is that if a word is written sloppily it can still be read because it will signify, if not the proper sound, at least a very similar one. The upshot would be that a child who learned shorthand would know that a T is an unvoiced D, something that is very important to know in some foreign languages, like Russian.

I’ve even read that cursive writing, all those joined up letters, were invented in Europe after exposure to Arabic writing. That is Europeans, impressed with the beauty and elegance of Arabic, wanted their own version of joined up writing, so they began inventing cursive scripts. If that’s the case, I consider all cursive scripts to be failed experiments. None of them come close to the beauty and elegance of Arabic.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I can’t really defend that point of view.

But elegance can be defended objectively, if we use the word the way engineers do. Does Gregg Shorthand allow one to express the same words as this alphabet or Arabic, but use fewer strokes?

The word is “Beautiful”:

beautiful in shorthand and arabic

Gregg Wins!

Now I’m not learning shorthand in order to be able to take dictation or to be able to write even my own notes faster or with less wear on my pencils.

I’m not even learning it to become the protagonist in a mystery novel. Although that does sound like an awesome Roman Polanski movie, right? Someone learns shorthand in order to get a job transcribing old court records, and uncovers a conspiracy that is still going on 80 years later. He’s been doing those kinds of bookish paranoid films since Ninth Gate.

No, I’m learning it because it looks so pretty. I think it’s time for a resurgence of shorthand, not for any practical reason, but for artistic reasons. All those swoops and loops have a very mod aesthetic. And with the right art brush a phrase written in Gregg Shorthand could look very tribal.

I like sweets in shorthand

The only difficulty I’ve faced in learning shorthand is that in some ways it’s like learning Chinese. Each word has a glyph that you have to learn. Like Chinese, each glyph usually has a phonetic hint. (Chinese characters usually contain ideographic, phonetic, and grammatical hints.) So learning to read this stuff is a lot easier than learning to write it. In Gregg Shorthand, the glyphs are composed of strokes that have phonetic meanings and complicated abbreviation rules, but I’ve found that you can start learning and practicing shorthand with little or no grasp of the abbreviation rules, and then pick those up as you go along.

Whether or not anyone out there digs this, I think that Gregg Shorthand is going to be a source of beauty and inspiration for me as I work on many of my designs in the future.

{Photo Source}

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. Thanks for reading!}

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Southern California Wedding Style with Just Wenderful

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white streamers wedding altar

Today I want to introduce you to Wendy Ramos of Just Wenderful Event Planning & Design. She’s a Southern California wedding planner, and I love her style. Many of the couples we work with are also from Southern California, so maybe I was just a Southern California girl in another life…

“My style is fun and personal with a love for homespun details!” Wendy says. ”What makes me different is that I’m not your usual cookie cutter, sugar coating kind of planner. There are all sorts of ideas, dreams, compromises, and budgets that make a wedding day come true.”

“Also, I love blending and celebrating different traditions and cultures together. We have a lot of multi-cultural clients here in Southern California and we love it!”

wedding details just wenderful

mason jar wedding escort cards

When you work with a planner you have access to someone with lots of wedding experience and who can answer those tough questions. Like, “Is it OK to not invite children to my wedding?” and “How do I show I’m thankful to those that aren’t part of my bridal party?”

“It is definitely OK to not invite children,” Wendy says.” “Before sending out the invites with a side “Adult Reception” note, try to spread the news to your invitees by word of mouth but remember there will always be the few that will voice out their disagreement with this choice.”

“You can show your gratitude to grandparents or sponsors by giving them a boutonniere or by giving them a quick thanks during your speech” explains Wendy. “You can also purchase them a small thank you gift.”

bridesmaids dress and bouquets

ivory fuchsia and navy wedding reception

just wenderful wedding couple

Wendy has been planning events ever since she was an undergraduate at UCLA. But it wasn’t until three years ago that she officially opened Just Wenderful.

“I’m still as passionate for it as I was since day one,” says Wendy. “What I love most is the day-of. Although it’s stressful at times, seeing our clients’ face light up from seeing their inspirations come together on such an important day is pretty much the most amazing feeling.”

“The ceremony and hiding while my couples’ exchange their vows is also a favorite. Can’t tell you I’ve never gotten teary eyed…it always happens!”

To learn more about Wendy and see more beautiful images of her work, please visit:


just wenderful

{Photo credits: Image provided by Just Wenderful, Shannon Lee Images, Beaux Arts Photographie, Dacia Lamb Photography, Sweet Monday Photography, Sweet Monday Photography, Beaux Arts Photographie}


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Bridal Accessories with Belles & Crystals

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something blue I Do shoe sticker

Today I want to introduce you to the breezy yet elegant bridal accessories of Ambre, designer at Belles & Crystals.

Ambre describes her style as timeless, feminine and modern. “In today’s world of “throw away” clothing, the wedding attire trousseau is really the last remaining instance of true cherished special occasion clothing that can be passed from generation to generation,” she says. “I love being a part of that tradition.”

All of Ambre’s designs are handmade, which allows her to give personal attention to each piece. “From my feather flowers to handcut silk blossoms, each piece is made from scratch in my studio.”

pearl crystal bridal tiara handmade

“I find that my job is more about taking a bride’s vision and the details she wants and making them work together, also giving a designer’s touch at the same time,” says Ambre. “Weddings are about creating a mood….so I work with the bride to create that mood so everything flows together.”

fuchsia ruffled bridal clutch

white ruffled bridal clutch

Designer Secret: Ambre suggests keeping your wedding day look more scaled back to allow you to shine through.

“When it comes to wedding day looks, I always err on the ‘less is more’ approach and the old adage of ‘take one thing off before you leave the house,’” she says. “It is quite easy to get carried away these days. Pick and choose your favorites and where you want to make a statement. The ultimate statement should be you, the bride.”

“Pick and choose trends. Don’t try to do them all or wear them all at once. I always caution on being overly trend-heavy both in attire and wedding theme décor. You want to look back on these pictures with cherished thoughts, not “What was I thinking?”

white bridal hair facinators crystal

Ambre came to creating bridal accessories from her own wedding and her fashion training.

“I actually worked as a fashion designer in NYC’s garment district for several fashion houses for over 10 years,” she says. “After planning my own wedding from top to bottom I fell in love with everything wedding and decided to venture out on my own. Things started happening very quickly. And soon after I started up, Drew Barrymore was wearing me on the red carpet and I was receiving editorial press in bridal magazines…totally beyond my wildest dreams!”

Ambre offers this advice for your wedding: “Enjoy every minute of your big day. It goes by so quickly, so remember to just breathe and cherish every single millisecond!”

To learn more about Ambre and Belles & Crystals, please visit:

Shops: and

something blue bridal hair pins

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