6 Delicious DIY Favors

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Love and care go into a homemade gift, which is what makes DIY wedding favors so special. Even better when they are delicious! Here are 6 favor tasty treats that you can make yourself.

limoncello DIY wedding favor

Limoncello DIY Favor

This Italian liqueur requires some lead time to make yourself. But it’s a unique favor that your guests will be savoring long after your wedding. Find the tutorial on My DIY Wedding Day. {Photo by Impressions Photography via Style Me Pretty}


homeade nutella diy favor

Homemade Nutella Wedding Favor

This is a totally doable, totally delicious favor idea. You can even use smaller jars to make less work making the favors (and save more nutella for you!) Want to give it a try? Get the how to and recipe at Ruffled.


peach preserves DIY wedding favor

Peach Orange Preserves Favor

I admit it, making preserves seemed like one of those expert favor ideas. But that was until I found a tutorial at Cooking Lessons. Now, it seems really doable. Get a step by step tutorial on making your own preserves at Cooking Lessons. Seriously, you can do this.


Pie Pop DIY Favors

Pie Pop Wedding Favor

I know cake pops are all the rage right now. These pie pops are an adorable alternative. Score the recipe over at Borrowed and Bleu.


chocolate chip cookies DIY favor

Cafe Cookie DIY Favor

I love the simplicity of this favor. One giant, chewy cookie in a CD sleeve. What could be easier? Get the recipe and even a printable for the label at Intimate Weddings. Done and done.


smores DIY favor

S’mores DIY Favor

You don’t have to actually make it for it to be a delicious favor. Here the ingredients for s’mores are artfully presented to create a wonderful wedding favor. For this type of favor, it’s the packaging that makes it. Find the tutorial at Valley & Co.


{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide.}

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10 Awesome DIY Wedding Bunting and Garland Ideas

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Bunting and garland can come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. They truly are a beautiful, fun way to spice up wedding, reception or party decor, and express your style. Here are 10 unique DIY garland ideas to get your creativity going:

DIY pom pom garland

Pom Pom Bunting

I love these. Pom pom bunting just looks like fun on a string to me. These are made out of yarn, using a large serving fork and scissors (seriously!) DIY tutorial can be found at  Momtastic.


DIY tassel garland

Tassel Garland

Playful and different, tassel bunting has a great 3D feel. Pack it densely in a monochromatic palette for a modern look. Or add more space between tassels and more colors for a more casual feel. These are surprisingly easy to make. DIY tutorial can be found at Calico Skies.


DIY crayon garland

Crayon Garland

Coolest use for crayons outside of drawing rainbows. These hearts are crayon shavings melted together between wax paper using an iron. How cool is that?! DIY tutorial at House of Earnest.


DIY color chips garland

Color Chip Bunting

So cute and so simple. This bunting is made from paint chips found at a home improvement store and a craft punch. With so many types of punches available, this garland idea can fit so many wedding themes. DIY tutorial at Chic Cheap Nursery.


DIY coffee filter bunting

Coffee Filter Bunting

Proving you can make beautiful bunting out of almost anything, this garland is coffee filters colored with Easter egg dye. Want to give it a try? DIY tutorial can be found at The Robots Attack.


DIY lighted paper garland

Lighted Paper Lantern Garland

By adding light, garlands can do double duty for evening and outdoor weddings. Find the DIY tutorial and free template for the paper pendant shape at Once Wed.


DIY mirror and light garland

Mirror and Light Garland

Here the garland is more art than lighting. Hung on the wall or over tables like a chandelier, guests won’t easily forget this garland of drama. DIY tutorial at Apartment Therapy.


DIY map bunting

Map Bunting

Classic bunting with a twist. ..using old maps or other vintage paperie. DIY tutorial can be found at Please Note.


DIY paper airplane bunting

Paper Airplane Garland

How cute would this be for a travel theme wedding? This garland is just lots and lots of folded paper airplanes on string. Simple and fun. More photos at It’s Two AM.


DIY burlap bunting

Burlap Circle Bunting

This isn’t the easiest DIY garland to make, but all the handmade touches look so personal that it’s totally worth the extra effort. If you are doing a vintage or rustic theme, this might be the garland for you. DIY tutorial at Post Road Vintage.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide.}



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Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi

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Tsumami Kanzashi

Sugoi! (Japanese for “wow”) These handmade fabric hair pieces truly were a find.

Tsumami Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese method of pinching fabric (tsumami) to make hair pins (kanzashi).  It involves many steps, artistry and precision. I’ve found an instructional video if you want to give it a whirl.

There are many artisans on Etsy who create tsumami kanzashi in different styles and from many materials.  This top design is by Hanami Gallery. These would make for special bridesmaids gifts, a bridal hair design at weddings or just something to make you feel special everyday. They are truly wearable art and here are some of my favorites:

AtelierKanawa dangling kanzashi

AtelierKanawa bridal hair piece

With many flowers and pieces together, you can really make a visual statement. Perfect for bridal wear and special occasions. These wonderfully intricate designs are from AtelierKanawa.

mizusugi bridal hair piece

PetalMix tsumami kanzashi

I love the ability to mix colors for beautiful results. Match your wedding colors or your power colors.  Top design by Mizu’s Garden, design directly above by Petal Mix.

HanamiGallery tsumami kanzashi

RandomCatGirl bridal hair piece

I love the different types of flower shapes that are possible, including the more traditional pointed tip, bell shapes and more. Top design by Hanami Gallery, design directly above by Random CatGirl.

PetalMix headband

RandomCatGirl butterfly tsumami kanzashi

As beautiful as these designs are, a formal occasion isn’t necessary to wear them. Here a headband and a lovely butterfly design can spice up your everyday style.  Headband by Petal Mix, butterfly by Random CatGirl.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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Wedding Color Inspiration: Gold

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Mexico Smiling figure

Justin and I recently spent a lovely day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is huge and our feet were tired. But it was so worth it to experience a world of art, including one of our favorites, the above smiling ceramic figure from Mexico.

It was created in the 7th or 8th Century, so any trace of paint is now gone. But considering the neighboring art pieces in the museum, I wouldn’t be surprised if it involved some gold. In fact we saw a lot of gold that day. And one thing became clear: Gold can be a wonderful wedding color.

Here are some less seen wedding color combinations with gold, inspired by the art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Burgundy and Gold

Burgundy and Gold

Looking for a formal wedding palette? Burgundy and Gold has a traditional feel, and is not a color combination you see very often. It would work very well with evening weddings and sit down receptions.


navy and gold

Deep Blue and Gold

We loved these colors when we saw them! So unusual and so captivating. We could see why dying Qur’an pages this deep blue became so popular for a time.


black and gold vase

Black and Gold

Like Burgundy and Gold, a Black and Gold wedding palette has a formal look. Yet, it has a more modern feel that can work with different types of weddings and receptions. For a sleek look use simple fonts and prints. Or add more detail for a traditional look, like with this vase from India.


cobalt and gold

Cobalt and Gold

This is a bright, exciting color palette for a bold, colorful couple. It’s well suited for a spring or summer wedding or a destination wedding at the beach.  Add some white for a fresher take on the palette and to tone it down a bit.


emerald and gold helmet

Emerald and Gold

A classic jeweled tone combo, Deep Green and Gold make a rich, interesting color palette. Paired with intricate prints and patterns it would give a wedding a worldly feel.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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5 DIY Ideas for a Wedding Sweetheart Table

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During your reception, the sweetheart table is like your little oasis. It’s a place to relax and enjoy your wedding with your new partner in life. So I think it’s nice to make that table really special. One way to do that is to decorate it with handmade or meaningful items.

These are 5 do-it-yourself projects that you can use to make a sweetheart table truly unique.

vintage book table runner wedding DIY

DIY Vintage Book Table Runner

Give new life to worn book pages with a table runner made using a decorative edging punch. This would also be a wonderful idea for old maps for a travel theme, or classic posters for a movie or rock and roll theme. Actually, the possibilities are endless.

Get the DIY tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens

lace wrapping paper candlestick wedding decor

DIY Lace Stenciled Wrapping Paper Candles

What’s more romantic than candlelight? These candles are wrapped with a DIY paper made by using lace as stencil, for a very modern and graphic look.

Get the DIY tutorial at Eddie Ross

table diy plate

DIY dinner plate

DIY Dinner Plate Chargers

There are so many possibilities for what you can write on these dinner chargers to personalize them for you and your honey. A favorite love poem, or even your vows would make these special. But I think what I love most about the idea is that you can reuse them on your anniversary and relive your wedding day.

Get the DIY tutorial at Everything Fabulous via Enchanted Dream Weddings

fabric poppy wedding table tutorial

DIY Fabric Poppy Flowers

There’s just something really sweet about handmade flowers. I’m a big fan of anything that you can incorporate into your home from your wedding day. And I can see these flowers having a special place in a kitchen or livingroom as a beautiful reminder.

Get the DIY tutorial at JAQS Studio

bleach pen table runner wedding DIY

Hand-drawn Table Runner

Like the hand painted dinner chargers above, there are lots of possibilities for these table runners made with bleach pens. You can do simple patterns that relate to your wedding theme or meaningful words or phrases. While the book table runner has a vintage feeling, this table runner idea has more of a bohemian style.

Get the DIY tutorial at Show, Tell, Share

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