Fun with DIY Bunting for Weddings and Parties

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Bunting and garland can come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. They truly are a beautiful, fun way to spice up wedding, reception or party decor, and express your style. Here are 10 unique DIY garland ideas to get your creativity going:

DIY pom pom garland

Pom Pom Bunting

I love these. Pom pom bunting just looks like fun on a string to me. These are made out of yarn, using a large serving fork and scissors (seriously!) DIY tutorial can be found at  Momtastic.


DIY tassel garland

Tassel Garland

Playful and different, tassel bunting has a great 3D feel. Pack it densely in a monochromatic palette for a modern look. Or add more space between tassels and more colors for a more casual feel. These are surprisingly easy to make. DIY tutorial can be found at Calico Skies.


DIY crayon garland

Crayon Garland

Coolest use for crayons outside of drawing rainbows. These hearts are crayon shavings melted together between wax paper using an iron. How cool is that?! DIY tutorial at House of Earnest.


DIY color chips garland

Color Chip Bunting

So cute and so simple. This bunting is made from paint chips found at a home improvement store and a craft punch. With so many types of punches available, this garland idea can fit so many wedding themes. DIY tutorial at Chic Cheap Nursery.


DIY coffee filter bunting

Coffee Filter Bunting

Proving you can make beautiful bunting out of almost anything, this garland is coffee filters colored with Easter egg dye. Want to give it a try? DIY tutorial can be found at The Robots Attack.


DIY lighted paper garland

Lighted Paper Lantern Garland

By adding light, garlands can do double duty for evening and outdoor weddings. Find the DIY tutorial and free template for the paper pendant shape at Once Wed.


DIY mirror and light garland

Mirror and Light Garland

Here the garland is more art than lighting. Hung on the wall or over tables like a chandelier, guests won’t easily forget this garland of drama. DIY tutorial at Apartment Therapy.


DIY map bunting

Map Bunting

Classic bunting with a twist. ..using old maps or other vintage paperie. DIY tutorial can be found at Please Note.


DIY paper airplane bunting

Paper Airplane Garland

How cute would this be for a travel theme wedding? This garland is just lots and lots of folded paper airplanes on string. Simple and fun. More photos at It’s Two AM.


DIY burlap bunting

Burlap Circle Bunting

This isn’t the easiest DIY garland to make, but all the handmade touches look so personal that it’s totally worth the extra effort. If you are doing a vintage or rustic theme, this might be the garland for you. DIY tutorial at Post Road Vintage.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding.}



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How to Create Wedding Invitations That Are Classic But Not Too Formal

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sand dollar beach wedding invitation

If I had a nickel for every time one of our handmade wedding stationery clients told me “I don’t want my invitations to be too formal”, I could close the stationery studio and open a bank.

Ok even though, that’s not technically right (I would need a lot more nickels!), it is true that couples are asking for less formal, more casual and intimate wedding stationery.

But how do you get there?

Keep reading and I’ll show you 3 ways to look at your invitations to reduce the formality. And then I’ll show you how to put it all together for your unique stationery look.

Rustic Leaf Fall Wedding Invitation

Invitation Design

There’s just something uber formal about an engraved all text wedding invitation with gold edging.

Some design elements will be more formal that others. For instance metallic cardstock, especially gold or silver seem more formal than matte. And ivory comes off as more formal (or vintage) than white.

But some formal design elements like swashes can be made less formal by simply adding color or tilting them for a more modern take.

vintage map wedding invitation

Invitation Text

Your wording is a great indication of the formality of your wedding. I wrote about that earlier when explaining formal wedding invitation wording.

So one great way to reduce the formal is to choose alternative wedding invitation wording, add a quote and/or not have your dates spelled out.

Indian lotus floral wedding invitation

Invitations Fonts

Scripts are more formal than all caps serifs which are more formal than regular serifs which are more formal than san serifs. Plus within these categories some fonts will just look more casual than others.

And with that you can have all kinds of fun mixing and matching to find the right look for you.

Putting It All Together

So am I saying that you can’t have any of the elements that make an invitation look formal?

Not at all!

In fact mixing and matching formal with casual touches is what will give you a classic look to your invitations. Plus, it will show your own personality.

So if you want gold metallic invitations, you may want to pair it with less formal fonts and alternative wording. If you want a formal script you can pair it with a less formal font on matte cardstock.

On your wedding invitations are you going for casual, classic or formal?

{All photos and text by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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How to Use Your Mood Board to Get the Perfect Invitations for Your Wedding

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vintage map wedding invitation

You’ve spent hours scouring blogs, magazines and websites for inspiration for your wedding day.

And you’ve done it.

You’ve created your personal wedding mood board. But now what? How do you turn these visual ideas into an invitation design you’ll love?


Step 1: Determine your formality

The first step is to see how formal or casual you want your wedding to be.

Think about your venue and your attire. Look at your photos, especially table settings and stemware. Are they lush and luxurious or rustic and intimate?

This will help you determine the overall feeling of your wedding invitation. And more specifically, the invitation wording and fonts to use. Use invitation wording that matches your wedding, from formal to more personal.


Step 2: Find the meaningful details

Are there motifs in your photos that hint at your wedding theme? This can be as simple as sand dollars for a beach wedding. Or some more nonspecific, like maps for a vintage wedding.

You can often use these motifs in your wedding invitations and throughout your wedding stationery to pull your look together.


Step 3: Find the colors of your mood

Often a wedding palette will have 3 to 5 colors or more. But 4 or 5 colors on your wedding invitations may not work. So it’s best to limit your colors to 2 or 3 main ones for your stationery.

To figure out which ones to choose, go back to your board. What is the overall feeling it gives you: serene, bold, sweet? Pick out the 2 to 3 colors of your palette that together match that feeling.

So how are you using your mood board to pick your wedding items? Share any tips and aha’s in comments!

{Wedding invitation design and photo by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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Tips for a Colorful, Not Crazy, Wedding Palette

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colorful ribbon wedding backdrop

This week I’ve been talking to a bride who wants to have a “colorful” wedding, but didn’t know where to start. Many of our wedding invitation designs have a lot of place to put color. But she wasn’t sure where to start defining her own palette.

My advice for her would also help other couples wanting to create a fun wedding that’s still pulled together and elegant. Mexican weddings and Moroccan themes, come to mind, but also subtler palettes, such as a quirky vintage or homespun wedding.

{photo by Love Ala via 100 Layer Cake}


muted rainbow wedding bunting

1. Pick a Mood

Sure a colorful wedding can be a bright, fun fiesta. But it can also be a soft vintage or romantic affair. Knowing how you want the wedding to feel will help you choose the right colors and the right hues (muted  or bright) for your palette.

The bride who contacted me this week wants a bright, happy Mexico wedding. So her colors will be full of saturation.

{photo by Tim Coulson via Green Wedding Shoes}


Moroccan wedding shower decor

2. Have a Core Palette

In order for your colorful wedding to look deliberate, you’ll need colors that look good together and share a similar vibrancy. So, first choose 2 colors that work well together. These will be your core colors that you use in most of your designs and stationery.

For the bride I was talking to, her favorite color is purple and her fiancé’s favorite is green. So for the purpose of the core palette, I suggested purple and chartreuse green.  Each of those colors can work well with a variety of other strong colors that would also complement the other core color.

{photo via our customer Jessica. See original post here.}


color chips

3. Choose 2 to 3 colors that work best with the core

A typical wedding palette will have 2 to 3 strong colors and 2 to 3 neutrals (like gray, ivory, tan, champagne or white).  For a colorful look, more of the palette will be in the strong area. Look for colors that will work well with each core color. That will give you more variety for mixing and matching, and provide the colorful look you are going for.

In the example above, of the purple and chartreuse, orange, red, teal and even yellow would fill out the palette nicely. White or ivory can be added to allow the colors to breathe on stationery. With stationery white will allow more of the vibrancy to show, while ivory will mute the colors a bit, and possibly provide more blend.

{photo via Chic Cheap Nursery}

colorful wedding desserts rainbow pastel

4. Have Fun

With a color palette full of strong colors, there’s a lot you can do to add variety to your wedding designs. Different colors can take the lead on different items for a rich, colorful look. Just make sure at least one of the core is present and your wedding will still look polished.

{photos: left photo via That Inspirational Girl; right photo via Belle the Magazine}

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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4 Great Blogs for Design Inspiration

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black and white table setting

When you are coming up with new ideas, it’s great to be inspired. This is true for wedding design, interior design and just about anything else creative. Looking at wedding blogs for wedding inspiration makes sense. But I also find that looking slightly inside what I want to create can really super charge my creativity.

These are 4 cool places for new design ideas, cool artists and general creativity. I hope they help get your creativity flowing:

scissors paper rock paper inspiration

scissors + paper rock!

For some of the coolest things you can do with paper, scissors + paper rock! is the place. This blog features really talented indie designers. And it showcases everything from paper installation art to intricate papercuts done by hand. As a fan of dimension in paper design, this is a favorite place for me.


DIY ornament wreath

Eddie Ross

Proof that great design doesn’t have to be stuffy or out of reach. Eddie Ross’ blog is full of tips for great style on a normal person’s budget, including entertaining, design, and yes, DIY. One of my favorite posts is just Eddie in a Dollar Store picking out beautiful and affordable table decor…great for a wedding. He features amazing inspiration for table setting design, including the first picture on this post.


mod podge rocks

Mod Podge Rocks!

First off, yes it does! For those of you who have yet to discover this miracle in a bottle, Mod Podge is a non-toxic water based glue and sealer that lets you do creative decoupage with paper and fabric. And for great ideas on what you can decoupage, this site is inspiration heaven.


the red thread

The Red Thread

A talented children’s art designer, Lisa has a knack for finding other talented, cool and unique artists. A great place to discover new independent designers, and to let your inner child play.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding and party stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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Wedding Color Inspiration: Gold

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Mexico Smiling figure

Justin and I recently spent a lovely day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is huge and our feet were tired. But it was so worth it to experience a world of art, including one of our favorites, the above smiling ceramic figure from Mexico.

It was created in the 7th or 8th Century, so any trace of paint is now gone. But considering the neighboring art pieces in the museum, I wouldn’t be surprised if it involved some gold. In fact we saw a lot of gold that day. And one thing became clear: Gold can be a wonderful wedding color.

Here are some less seen wedding color combinations with gold, inspired by the art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Burgundy and Gold

Burgundy and Gold

Looking for a formal wedding palette? Burgundy and Gold has a traditional feel, and is not a color combination you see very often. It would work very well with evening weddings and sit down receptions.


navy and gold

Deep Blue and Gold

We loved these colors when we saw them! So unusual and so captivating. We could see why dying Qur’an pages this deep blue became so popular for a time.


black and gold vase

Black and Gold

Like Burgundy and Gold, a Black and Gold wedding palette has a formal look. Yet, it has a more modern feel that can work with different types of weddings and receptions. For a sleek look use simple fonts and prints. Or add more detail for a traditional look, like with this vase from India.


cobalt and gold

Cobalt and Gold

This is a bright, exciting color palette for a bold, colorful couple. It’s well suited for a spring or summer wedding or a destination wedding at the beach.  Add some white for a fresher take on the palette and to tone it down a bit.


emerald and gold helmet

Emerald and Gold

A classic jeweled tone combo, Deep Green and Gold make a rich, interesting color palette. Paired with intricate prints and patterns it would give a wedding a worldly feel.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. For more wedding stationery advice, get our free Wedding Style Guide. }

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