How to Match Your Wedding and Venue Decor

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I sometimes hear from couples who have picked a fabulous place to get married. They love it, but are unsure how to incorporate the right colors, stationery and style to fit the venue.

So how do you make it work when your venue is your wedding theme?

Appearance and Style

The first clue for design is what does your venue look like? Does it have stunning arches, traditional columns, wooden beams or any other interesting architecture that can be inspiration? Does your venue have an obvious theme like barn or nautical. It may be hard to style your wedding differently from a venue with a very strong look and feel…so in that case just go with it.

Is there art of a certain type? What does the tableware look like? Is it traditional or modern? You’ll want to match the elegance or modernness of your venue in your wedding design if you are tying the two together.


What are the built in colors at the venue that you must work with? Think about wall color or drapery if you are not covering the walls with draping yourself.

You don’t have to use the same exact colors as the room decor, but you’ll want to make sure the colors you choose work in the space. Recently one of the brides I was working with took one of her color cues from the dishes.


Are you in the city or the country, by a lake or atop a mountain? Design inspiration can come from the surrounding area especially if that’s one of the reasons you love the venue. Your location can inspire color choices and design for stationery or your cake.


Is it an intimate space, a romantic space, a casual space? You can capture a romantic mood with muted colors or simple color palettes without a lot of contrast. Alternatively a modern art galley venue might inspire you to try bold, rich colors and grand design statements.

Your Preferences

Why did you pick this venue (other than date availability!)? Does it have an Old World charm that you love? Is the view of the skyline amazing at night? Narrowing in on what makes this a great venue for your wedding will give you design clues to point you in the right style direction.

{Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill; Photo by Lexi Photography}

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How to Pick Meaningful Colors for Your Wedding Stationery

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elegant indian save the date postcard fuchsia navy silver

When it comes to deciding on colors for your save the dates or wedding invitations you may be just in the beginning stages of thinking about color for your wedding. Maybe you haven’t really completed your wedding palette, but it’s getting time to order your stationery so your guests can mark the date.

With so many lovely wedding palette inspiration boards floating around, it’s really easy to get sucked into pretty colors that might not actually be right for your wedding.

Well then, how do you choose colors that you will be happy with later on and will make sense for the rest of your wedding?

The key is to pick meaningful colors.

Choosing Colors based on Wedding Location

We create stationery for many destination weddings. And there are many ways to translate your wedding location into colors for your stationery.

You can be inspired by the traditional colors found around, like mountain colors, or sea colors, or by cultural colors if you are getting married in another country.

A bride recently asked us for suggestions on her wedding in Bali. She sent us pictures of fashion models dressed in what she felt were traditional Balinese colors: pink, orange, purple and fuchsia.

Taking these colors I suggested 2 palettes options: pink, orange and purple; and pink, orange and fuchsia. In both cases pink is the lighter balance for 2 bold, strong colors.

Choosing Colors based on Flowers

Even though you’re in the save the date or wedding invitation phase of your wedding, maybe you’ve begun picking out your flowers. This is a great way to pull out 2 or 3 colors that you can use on your stationery.

We recently talked to a bride who’s interested in our save the date bookmarks. At first she asked for a deep red and orange, and some suggestions. When I asked about her flowers, she had chosen pale yellow, peach with hints of orange. What a difference!

She picked those flowers for a reason, so it only makes sense to incorporate that lighter feeling into her save the dates.

Choosing Colors based on Your Favorite Things

But honestly color inspiration can come from anywhere. We are currently working with a couple who built their entire wedding palette from a bird figurine left by the bride’s grandmother.

It’s a muted teal and brown palette which also reflects the vintage style of the wedding. But most importantly, it injects so much meaning into every design for their wedding.

Find more ideas about color use on your invitations in our handmade invitation gallery on Imbue You Wedding.

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How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations

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red teal yellow Mexican wedding invitation

It’s not uncommon for weddings to feature 4 to 6 colors in a wedding palette. So I often get the question: “How do I take all of these colors and use them on my wedding invitation.”

And more often than not, my answer is you don’t.

Having a rich color palette is perfect for your wedding day. You have a ceremony site, reception venue, dresses, suits, shoes, flowers, stationery …so many items to take the various parts of your color palette and bring it life.

But invitations are one item (or a small collection of items). And using all of your colors in a small space may not set the mood you want.

This is the fourth in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
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5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

Fall Persian wedding invitation

Find Your Wedding Mood, Find Your Invitation Colors

Instead I recommend choosing 2 to 3 colors from your palette and concentrating on using those. Often palettes have core colors that you can choose.

Another idea is to think about the mood you want to create for your wedding day. Is it bold, is it romantic, is it fun, is it elegant? Thinking about that mood, what colors from your palette communicate it?

For example “romantic” can be shown by soft colors that don’t contrast each other much. On the other hand, a “bold” and “exciting” mood is set by highly contrasting or vibrant colors. “Elegant” can be richer colors or metallics.

And never say never. There are also times when you can include your entire palette for a beautiful explosion of color. If you can find a pattern or print that can handle a lot of color, that would be perfect. Often interior designers get room palette inspiration from a fabric or wallpaper print, so this is the opposite idea.

Also if your wedding theme, mood or personality calls for lots of colors on your invitation, I say go for it. Whimsical wedding themes are great examples of this, and the use of color becomes part of the theme.

Imbue You Asian Wedding Invitation

Places for Color on Your Wedding Invitation

Once you know what colors you want to use, there are a number of ways to apply those colors to your wedding invitation stationery.

Ink: This is what most people think about for invitation colors.

Invitation paper: Your invitation paper or cardstock adds another dimension to your ink colors. Ivory and off white can communicate the mood of your wedding. They also tend to make the ink colors printed on them darker and more muted. In general, the brighter the white the more vibrant your ink colors will be.

Layers: Backers, pocketfolders, wraps and ribbon can be a great way to introduce additional color to your wedding invitation set. They also can add unexpected texture to your suite.

Envelopes: A color envelope introduces your guests to your color palette instantly. You can have fun with 2 different color envelopes if you are doing an RSVP card with your invitation, and if your wedding mood and personality go along.

Next you’ll learn how to match your invitation wording to the type of wedding you’re having.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

{Written by, the blog of Imbue You. Photos by Imbue You Wedding. Thanks for reading!}


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