Going Beyond Red and Black for a Las Vegas Wedding

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orange and gray bridesmaid dresses

I’ve got a confession.

I love boas and feathers. So if I were to have a Las Vegas wedding today, it would probably look like this.

bridal mini top hat by orphelia

{photo and awesome top hat by Orphelia}

But that classic Vegas look isn’t for everyone. It’s cool if it’s not right for the wedding you want to have. And if you don’t want to use red and black for your colors, you really don’t have to.

So, how do you go about choosing colors for a Vegas wedding? Start with:

1. Your Wedding Mood

What kind of experience do you want to create for your wedding day? Is it fun, intimate, elegant, whimsical? Your wedding colors play a huge part in setting the mood.


2. Favorite Colors

Your wedding should be an extension of the personalities of you and your sweetie. So why not include favorite colors if they go with your wedding mood?


3. Venue Inspiration

You’ll want to make sure your colors will work in your venue space. And if your venue is particularly colorful, you may even start by picking colors from the venue décor.

Recently we worked on a Las Vegas wedding with an elegant burnt orange, gray and ivory palette. The dark tones were perfect for an intimate gathering of family and friends for a fall wedding.

Imbue You Panel Las Vegas Wedding Programs

Imbue You Las Vegas Wedding Menu

{photos by Imbue You Wedding}

But with just a few tweaks in the colors, by making them lighter and brighter, for instance, you can change the mood to a fun summer wedding look. Like this:

orange and gray wedding

{photos by Gideon Photography}

Whichever colors you choose, you can still incorporate a Vegas feel with classic Las Vegas icons and shapes, updated or designed to fit your style.

{top photo by Ardent Photography via The Knot}

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Tips for a Colorful, Not Crazy, Wedding Palette

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colorful ribbon wedding backdrop

This week I’ve been talking to a bride who wants to have a “colorful” wedding, but didn’t know where to start. Many of our wedding invitation designs have a lot of place to put color. But she wasn’t sure where to start defining her own palette.

My advice for her would also help other couples wanting to create a fun wedding that’s still pulled together and elegant. Mexican weddings and Moroccan themes, come to mind, but also subtler palettes, such as a quirky vintage or homespun wedding.

{photo by Love Ala via 100 Layer Cake}


muted rainbow wedding bunting

1. Pick a Mood

Sure a colorful wedding can be a bright, fun fiesta. But it can also be a soft vintage or romantic affair. Knowing how you want the wedding to feel will help you choose the right colors and the right hues (muted  or bright) for your palette.

The bride who contacted me this week wants a bright, happy Mexico wedding. So her colors will be full of saturation.

{photo by Tim Coulson via Green Wedding Shoes}


Moroccan wedding shower decor

2. Have a Core Palette

In order for your colorful wedding to look deliberate, you’ll need colors that look good together and share a similar vibrancy. So, first choose 2 colors that work well together. These will be your core colors that you use in most of your designs and stationery.

For the bride I was talking to, her favorite color is purple and her fiancé’s favorite is green. So for the purpose of the core palette, I suggested purple and chartreuse green.  Each of those colors can work well with a variety of other strong colors that would also complement the other core color.

{photo via our customer Jessica. See original post here.}


color chips

3. Choose 2 to 3 colors that work best with the core

A typical wedding palette will have 2 to 3 strong colors and 2 to 3 neutrals (like gray, ivory, tan, champagne or white).  For a colorful look, more of the palette will be in the strong area. Look for colors that will work well with each core color. That will give you more variety for mixing and matching, and provide the colorful look you are going for.

In the example above, of the purple and chartreuse, orange, red, teal and even yellow would fill out the palette nicely. White or ivory can be added to allow the colors to breathe on stationery. With stationery white will allow more of the vibrancy to show, while ivory will mute the colors a bit, and possibly provide more blend.

{photo via Chic Cheap Nursery}

colorful wedding desserts rainbow pastel

4. Have Fun

With a color palette full of strong colors, there’s a lot you can do to add variety to your wedding designs. Different colors can take the lead on different items for a rich, colorful look. Just make sure at least one of the core is present and your wedding will still look polished.

{photos: left photo via That Inspirational Girl; right photo via Belle the Magazine}

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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Real Palettes: Romantic Pink, Gray and Coral Mexican Folk Wedding Invitation

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Imbue You Mexican Folk Invitation set pink

It’s amazing the power that color has to change the mood of a design.

We’d done this folk design in bold fuchsia, teal and gold for a couple getting married in Mexico, which was a lot of fun. But recently a subtler, softer color palette was requested.  This look is more romantic…same design, different colors, different feeling.

Imbue You Mexican Folk Invitation pink

Imbue You Mexican Folk RSVP set pink

I was thinking back on this design and the difference color makes because I received an email from a bride looking to have a traditional formal hacienda Mexican inspired wedding. She needed help choosing a design that would work with her theme and mood.

Thinking over all the weddings we’ve done using our Mexican designs, I realized they ranged from fun and casual to traditional. And the main thing that helped convey the feeling the couple wanted was color, not just in the inks.

But also in the paper. We’ve recently used ivory and a metallic champagne paper to help create the mood the couple wanted for their wedding stationery. So yes, there can be a bold romantic palette, you just may want to soften it with different colored papers.

Imbue You Mexican Folk Invitation with Envelope pink

Imbue You Mexican Folk Envelope set pink

This design is available in any colors you like from our custom handmade wedding stationery shop. If you have a certain mood in mind, but aren’t sure about the colors, I’d love to help you.

Imbue You Mexican Folk envelope back pink

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}


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Real Palettes: Fuchsia, Mint and Ivory Bali Wedding

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Ganesh Lotus Wedding Program by Imbue You in fuchsia, mint green and ivory

When Emily came to us to create the wedding program for her fall destination wedding in Bali, she had a problem that lots of couples experience: How to bridge her invitation colors with her reception colors.

It’s good to have some consistency between your invitations and ceremony and reception stationery because it ties the whole wedding together, and makes it seem like, well, one wedding.

In Emily’s case her invitations were dark red with green, and her reception colors were mostly dark pink. So what to do?

I suggested she simply take one color from the invitation and pair it with her reception color. Because she was getting married in Bali, green would be the best choice as it would also capture the island flair of her wedding location. Red and fuchsia would also work, especially for super modern, or romantic wedding themes.

She loved the look of ivory paper so we incorporated that. Ivory also helped to tone down the brightness of the pink and green and blended them very nicely. In general ivory paper will give your colors a more muted, romantic look which is why it’s a popular choice for vintage weddings.

The combo would have also worked well on white paper, if you love color (which I do!).

We loved this lotus design so much with the Ganesh icon that we added it to our Etsy wedding stationery shop. What do you think?

Ganesh Lotus Wedding Program Inside by Imbue You

Ganesh Lotus Wedding Program Back by Imbue You

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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Real Palettes: Teal, Fuchsia and Gold Indian Wedding

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Indian lotus wedding program in teal, fuchsia and gold

Sometimes it takes experimentation to land on the color palette you like.

We were working on a wedding program for an Indian wedding that originally had royal blue and gold as the main colors. A two color palette works well on invitation design. But often once the reception design begins, more colors are pulled in with flowers, table linens, chair coverings and even tableware.

So the bride came back and added teal and fuchsia to the mix and it really brought the entire design alive.

I love the results, what about you? What colors would you add to your palette to fill it out?

Indian lotus wedding program inside teal, fuchsia and gold

Indian lotus wedding program back in teal, fuchsia and gold

See more of our handmade wedding programs here.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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Purple and Gold Island Wedding with a Twist

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My wedding is in December in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. The wedding colors are purple and gold and my theme is traditional with a twist. My question is how do I incorporate the island destination with these colors and my theme.



I would say that people actually see shapes before they see color. So I would suggest that if you want an island feel, you can do that with your colors as long as you use shapes in your designs that relate to an island feeling, such as palm leaves, tropical flowers, etc.

Also it might be nice to incorporate more “twist” elements into your wedding design, so that guests understand that it’s not a typical traditional wedding. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.


monogram tropical invitation by Imbue You

This is our new tropical wrap wedding invitation. We usually feature this design with a plumeria flower design, but have replaced it here with one of our monogram designs for a more traditional look. See the original tropical invitation here.

beaded bridal hair piece by BeadFloraJewels

Another way to show the uniqueness of your wedding is to use unusual materials. Here an island flower is handmade as a bridal hair piece from beads. This design is by BeadFlora.

different bridesmaid dresses by thejerseymaid

Another idea is to have your bridesmaid dresses be the same color and basic shape for a traditional look, but slightly different styles for a twist. These bridesmaid dresses are from The Jersey Maid.

spiral wedding seating arrangement

Everyone has a great seat with a spiral seating arrangement. It’s definitely something different, but not too different for a traditional wedding. This photo is by Gideon Photography via b.loved.

monogram tropical thank you by imbue you

We’ve begun doing these thank you cards for couples having destination weddings. I love the idea of these. Weddings after all are about sharing a special day with the people who mean the most to you. A card like this shows your appreciation for your family and friends, especially if they’ve traveled to share your wedding day. You can display it on plates during dinner, or in welcome bags for out of town guests.


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