How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Wedding Theme

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Alicia wasn’t sure what to do.

She knew she wanted a quirky vintage feeling for her wedding. But she was stumped about how to choose the colors that would work with that.

And with all the wedding designs that would share those colors: dresses, décor, invitations and more, the importance of the decision was really weighing on her.

Happily, there’s a way to easily think through your color options to quickly get you on the right track. You can use color to:

  1. reinforce your wedding theme
  2. set the mood for your wedding
  3.  follow your creative heart

And when I was first working with Alicia on her handmade wedding stationery, this is how she found her solution:


red Las Vegas wedding invitation

1. Reinforce your theme

There are often some colors that have come to be identified with your theme. So this is one of the easiest ways to choose wedding colors.

In Alicia’s vintage wedding case, this might have been using creams and ivory, with muted colors like pale blue or light pink.

For a Las Vegas wedding, this would be using red and black. Or blue and tan for a beach wedding.

These colors instantly signal your theme to your wedding guests.


fun Vegas wedding invite fuchsia

2. Set the mood

But maybe instead you have a clear vision for how you want your wedding to feel: elegant, fun, quirky, cool.

In that case, you can use your colors to show your wedding mood.

For Alicia’s quirky wedding feel, she could have chosen colors unexpected for a vintage wedding, such as orange.

For a fun Vegas wedding, you could throw in something bright and happy like fuchsia. Or for an elegant beach vibe, you could add in gray.


Vegas birthday party theme invitation

3. Follow your heart

And sometimes, there are just colors you love. Whether they go with the theme or not, they go with you.

One of our customers loves orange. So that’s what we used for her Vegas themed birthday invitations that you can see above.

Ultimately, this is the way Alicia went. There was a bird brooch from her grandmother that she always loved, it was a muted brown and teal. She paired that with ivory and loved her color choices.

By using muted versions of the colors with ivory, it also reinforced her vintage theme. So you can mix these ideas to find what works best for you.

How did you pick your wedding palette? Or what colors are you thinking about? Let me know in the comments.

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When to Choose Non White Paper for Your Wedding Invitation

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Imbue You Sand Dollar Wedding Invitation

When I was decorating my office, I wanted it to be all about creativity. I researched furniture, rugs and storage. I had all my colors chosen.

But when I got everything in the room, it wasn’t quite right somehow.

Then, I realized what was missing. And after a fresh coat of green paint, the room was everything I wanted. And I loved it.

Why am I bringing up my decorating woes?

Because your wedding invitation paper is a lot like the wall color of a room. It can play up your colors, blend them beautifully or make your invitation pop.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the look of a white background on wedding invitations. It’s crisp, and the colors are the most true on white.

But sometimes the mood of your wedding day or the look you want for your wedding invitations may demand more color.

In our handmade invitation shop we offer ivory, gold metallic and silver metallic as additional paper color options. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing color paper for your wedding invitations.

Imbue you vintage map postcard on ivory with purple

Ivory Wedding Invitations

There’s an elegance and timelessness to ivory. That’s one reason it’s a great choice for vintage or rustic weddings.

It does mute you colors, so bright colors won’t be so bright. But that also means it blends colors well. So colors that may look high contrast on white will complement each other more on ivory

Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Gold Wedding Invitations

Brash and bold, gold still looks traditional and elegant. It’s most popular for the Indian weddings that we do.

The key with gold is to use deep colors with it, and of course colors that work with gold. Navy, red, brown and purple look great with gold.

Imbue You Indian Arch save the date silver

Silver Wedding Invitations

Like gold, silver is a bold statement for a wedding invitation. But silver has more of a modern look. And it’s more unexpected.

Again deep colors are your best bet on silver, such as dark gray, teal, purple, navy, black and fuchsia.

What color background would work best for your wedding invitations? Let me know in the comments.


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What to Do When Your Venue Has a Distinct Color Palette

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Kelly and Tim loved the wedding venue they choose: Cevíche, a Tapas restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

There was only one problem.

It had a very distinctive look with dark wood and red walls. And they just weren’t sure how that was going to work with their Mexican wedding theme.

This is a common issue for couples I work with through Imbue You, my custom wedding stationery studio. They want a special, personal wedding that has a pulled together look. They love their venue, but aren’t sure how to make it work with their colors and theme.

Unless your budget includes a décor line item to drape the room and overlay the floors, there are 3 ways to overcome this issue.

1. Bridge the Colors

Luckily for Kelly and Tim there are many ways to do a Mexican wedding theme.

So I suggested “Mexican Hacienda” as a way to mix the Old World traditional look of the restaurant with the culture and design of Mexico. I even wrote a theme board for how to achieve this look.

The restaurant provided a rich red, and Kelly had already chosen a navy for her bridesmaid dresses. The tableware had an antique gold look, so the color palette became red, navy and deep champagne printed on a metallic ivory cardstock.

Mexican Tile Wedding Invitation

2. Match the Colors

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That’s the idea here. If Kelly didn’t already chosen navy bridesmaid dresses, she could have added chocolate brown to her palette. And that would have worked nicely as well.

3. Go for Neutral Colors

Since the venue was so rich with color, another choice would have been to aim for taupe, ivory and champagne and create a neutral palette to work with the room.

Now it’s your turn. Think about your wedding venue. Does it have powerful colors that you simply can’t ignore? If so, come up with your color plan. And report back in the comments.

{photo credits: restaurant: Cevíche; invitation by Imbue You}

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Wedding Color Palette Advice: What Goes with Coral

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Coral is a bit unexpected but versatile color for romantic weddings. It can be used to add a beachy flair, to fit into a muted palette for a vintage rustic look, or to balance a deep, rich color.

Do you have your eye on adding coral to your wedding and wonder what it would work with? Then keep reading, because I’ve got some options for you.

Imbue You Vintage Map booklet invitation w cover

Coral and Navy

This palette has a rich look, yet has a timeless feeling that would work well for vintage or traditional weddings. Add champagne or ivory to keep that vintage feel.


Imbue You Sand Dollar Wedding Invitation

Coral and Teal

A romantic palette for a beach wedding. It can go casual by adding tan, preppy by adding navy, or you can add some sparkle by including silver.


coral and red wedding

Coral and Red

This color palette just oozes romance doesn’t it? (Even though “ooze” is not a particularly romantic word!) This is a twist on a light pink and red palette, which has a similar feeling. You can add gray or tan and white to keep this a soft romantic look, or add purple to heat it up even more.


coral and purple wedding palette

Coral and Purple

Speaking of heat, that’s what you get when you pair coral and purple. It’s a very rich palette, great for a twist on a traditional Indian wedding and perfect for a sumptuous evening affair. This is a high drama zone.


coral and brown wedding palette

Coral and Brown

This is an earthy, yet romantic palette. Great for rustic or vintage weddings in heritage venues. Add peach to keep it neutral or light blue to extend the palette and add more interest.


Coral and Green

This is a fun palette for coral, and also unexpected…which makes it even better. It’s a vibrant look, so lots of white or ivory will really air it out.

Brought to you by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery.

{Photos: invitations and tags by Imbue You; coral and red via Opulent Creations Events; coral and purple by Mike Lesnick Photography via Bridal Beauty Associates; coral and brown by Mark Alison Photography via Bella Sera Event Center}


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Wedding Color Palette: What Goes With Teal

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Do you love teal, and are you looking for a way to incorporate it in your wedding? Teal has the benefit of seeming both modern and lush in designs. Plus it goes great with many colors, these are some of them:


Go Bold

For a celebration of color, try these combinations. You can always air it out with white, or other colors, or tone it down with ivory.

Imbue You Lotus booklet wedding invitation

Teal and Purple

This combo has a touch of formality and elegance, yet packs a punch. Many of our customers use it for Indian weddings.


Imbue You Indian arch wedding program cover

Teal and Fuchsia

This is a bright and happy combo for bright and colorful weddings.


Great for the Beach

Like aqua or turquoise, teal conveys the right tone for a wedding by the water.

Imbue You Sand Dollar Wedding Invitation

Teal and Coral

This palette has a sweet and romantic feeling, great for intimate weddings.


Imbue You Thin Starfish Invitation

Teal and Tan

This color combination captures a classic, timeless mood.


More unusual

These combinations are a little more unusual, which makes them a little more fun.

Imbue You Mexican Tile wrap address label

Teal and Navy

Tone on tone color can be a more subdued look, or dressed up with other colors to give it some flair.


Imbue You teal lotus wedding note card

Teal and Yellow

Yellow brings out an elegance in teal that is very nice. It can be difficult to find a yellow that’s good to write text in for your stationery. But it can be done.


Imbue You starfish tag

Teal and Orange

This is one of my favorite combinations, maybe because it’s so rarely seen. I think it’s tons of fun.

{All photos and handmade wedding stationery by Imbue You Wedding}

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Wedding Color Palette: What Goes with Purple

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Purple is like a chameleon as a wedding palette color. Depending what you match it with, it can be formal, fun, elegant, casual, or cultural.

Looking to add purple to your wedding? Here are some colors that look great with it:

Imbue You Palm Tree Wrap Invitation

Purple and Green

This combination is fun and unexpected. I love purple and green together, for a slightly different look try purple and chartreuse.


Imbue You Moroccan wedding invitation

Purple and Turquoise

This unexpected color combo would be interesting for a beach wedding.


Imbue You lattice wedding menu

Purple and Gray

Put almost anything with gray and you get instant elegance, and purple is no exception.


Imbue You Decorated Elephant Save the Date

Purple and Fuchsia

This a lively and rich combo for couples who love color.


Imbue You lattice place card purple

Purple and Red

This palette is also for color lovers. Tone it down and dress it up by adding gray.


Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Purple and Gold

This color combo has a traditional elegance. Add red for a different take on a classic Indian wedding color palette.


Imbue You Vintage Japanese Leaf table number

Purple and Silver

Like with gold, this is an elegant combo, but it has more of a modern flair.

Imbue You Moroccan place card

Purple and Orange

This palette is a bit on the unexpected side, and looks great for Moroccan themed weddings.

{All photos and handmade wedding stationery by Imbue You Wedding}

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