How to Use Your Mood Board to Get the Perfect Invitations for Your Wedding

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vintage map wedding invitation

You’ve spent hours scouring blogs, magazines and websites for inspiration for your wedding day.

And you’ve done it.

You’ve created your personal wedding mood board. But now what? How do you turn these visual ideas into an invitation design you’ll love?


Step 1: Determine your formality

The first step is to see how formal or casual you want your wedding to be.

Think about your venue and your attire. Look at your photos, especially table settings and stemware. Are they lush and luxurious or rustic and intimate?

This will help you determine the overall feeling of your wedding invitation. And more specifically, the invitation wording and fonts to use. Use invitation wording that matches your wedding, from formal to more personal.


Step 2: Find the meaningful details

Are there motifs in your photos that hint at your wedding theme? This can be as simple as sand dollars for a beach wedding. Or some more nonspecific, like maps for a vintage wedding.

You can often use these motifs in your wedding invitations and throughout your wedding stationery to pull your look together.


Step 3: Find the colors of your mood

Often a wedding palette will have 3 to 5 colors or more. But 4 or 5 colors on your wedding invitations may not work. So it’s best to limit your colors to 2 or 3 main ones for your stationery.

To figure out which ones to choose, go back to your board. What is the overall feeling it gives you: serene, bold, sweet? Pick out the 2 to 3 colors of your palette that together match that feeling.

So how are you using your mood board to pick your wedding items? Share any tips and aha’s in comments!

{Wedding invitation design and photo by Imbue You, the home of romantic wedding stationery}

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How to Ask for Cash or Money for a Wedding Gift

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gift envelopes by sally sanders

We all get it. You likely have been living with your sweetie. And you already have many of the household items that couples used to register for. You may even have two!

Another blender is of no use to you. But money you can use for a house down payment or a dream honeymoon is helpful. And that’s fair…so there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

So if what you really want for your wedding is money and not a knife set, here are a couple of wording options for your wedding website or additional enclosure card with your wedding invitation. Like registry info, I don’t suggest this goes on the invitation itself:

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for! However, if you want to give a gift, we would be grateful for a cash donation towards our {insert what you need it for: honeymoon, house, new future together}.

Your company at our wedding is our greatest gift. However, if you would like to give a gift, we are saving up for {a house} and would appreciate a cash donation to help that dream come true.


Other Cash Gift Options

Cash Registries

But if all this is still too much trouble, you can simply signup for a cash registry and treat the wording the same as any other registry. Done and done!

What I like about cash registries is that you often sign up for items, like airplane tickets for your honeymoon or a romantic dinner. And guests can contribute towards that. It makes the idea of cash more tangible and more like a gift.

No Boxed Gifts

For many of our couples having Indian and Pakistani weddings, there’s the tradition of saying “no boxed gifts” when asking for money instead of gifts.

And there is a heart-felt honest explanation of this tradition over at The Bridal Diaries:

If you are looking to do this, I suggest wording like “We kindly request no boxed gifts”.

If you have many non Indian or Pakistani guests, expect many of them to be confused by this. So you may also want to use some of the above wording on a website to clear up the confusion.

Wishing Well

Many of our Australian couples use the concept of the “wishing well” to ask for cash gifts. Poems are popular and this one is my favorite… mostly because it’s short, to the point and still gracious.

If you were thinking of giving a gift
to help us on our way,
a gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
feel free to surprise us in your own way.

So how about it? Are you asking for money instead of gifts, or in addition to gifts? How are you doing it? And were you embarrassed to do it?

{Photo credit: Sally Sanders Calligraphy & Design}

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The Non Tacky Guide to Sharing Wedding Registry Information

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wedding gift photo by Julian Wylegly

Conventional etiquette severely frowns on putting registration information anywhere near your invitation. Let alone on your invitations! The suggested answer is to have your parents or bridal party spread the word.

But let’s face it. The reality isn’t that simple.

Who wants to be responsible for secretly telling your guests where you’re registered?

So here’s my “of this century” advice for how to share your registry information. And next week, I’ll share how to ask for money (scandal!) with dignity and grace.

Bridal or Couple’s Shower Invitation – This is often your first chance to let guests know where you are registered. But everyone isn’t usually invited to a shower, so your best place would be a…


Wedding Website – This is a great place for registry information. You can put your website address on your invitation, an additional card or an RSVP.

Add a simple phrase before it like:

“For additional information, please visit”


“Please visit our wedding website for more information”


Enclosure Card – Places where you’ve registered may give you a card to include with your invitations. Or you can order a designed card that coordinates with your invitation. Or you may separately order a business card sized card.

Here are some wording ideas:

Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. But if you would like to bring a gift, Jaime and Thomas are registered at ….

Traveling with us for our destination wedding is the best gift we could ever ask for. Some of our friends are unable to go and have asked how they could help. So we’ve registered at .…


RSVP – This is probably the least ideal place to put your registry information since your guests return it to you. So it puts the burden on your guests to note the information before sending the RSVP.

So are you adding registry information to your invitations? And how are you doing it?

Photo source: Julian Wylegly

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The Truth About How Much Your Wedding Invitation and Reception Should Match

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starfish beach wedding invitation

Imagine this.

You’re planning your wedding and it’s time to search for invitations. You’re not done planning your actual wedding, though. Everyone says invitations are important because they are the first thing your guests see.

How can you pick them before you’ve finalized your wedding details? And now you’re confused, and worried about doing this important thing wrong.

But you may not need to imagine.

You may be searching for invitations before you have completely nailed down your wedding day details.

And if you are confused about how much your wedding invitation should match your ceremony and reception, don’t worry. I’ve got the answer for you.

Most likely you’ve found a venue, narrowed down bridesmaid dresses (if you have those) and chosen flowers.

Plus, you have a good sense of what kind of wedding you want, whether that be elegant or casual, rustic or carnival.

Well, then good news! Frankly, that’s all you need.

Getting this far means that you have your wedding colors, mood and theme. That’s the essence of your wedding to capture on your wedding invitation, specifically:

Wedding Colors

Often you’ll have 3 to 5 colors you are using on your wedding day in dresses, flowers and décor. Choose 2 to 3 of them to feature on your invitations. When selecting them think about which of the colors best represent your wedding and its mood.

Wedding Mood

You can capture your mood in your colors, the invitation design, the wedding wording and even the fonts.

When I work with a couple on a design in our handmade wedding stationery shop, I always want to know the mood first. It helps me think through fonts, how to present the wedding details in the wording, and even how much of a color to use.

Wedding Theme

If you have a wedding theme, such as vintage or beach, it’s great to show that on your invitation.

It’s part of what you’re inviting your guests to. After all, you’re not just inviting them to your wedding. You’re inviting them to your vision of what your wedding will be.

Ok, now it’s your turn. What colors, mood and theme will you capture on your invitations? And let me know how you are choosing invitations in the comments below.

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RePost: Fun with Bookmarks at Your Wedding

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wedding bookmarks ideas

Whether or not you are having a book or library themed wedding, bookmarks are a fun way to add the personality of book lovers to a wedding. They are certainly unexpected, and bookmarks have a keepsake quality that’s perfect for weddings.

There are so many ways to add them to your celebration. These are a few ways we’ve created for others:

bookmark invitation in red teal or aqua

Bookmark Invitations

How cute would a bookmark invitation for a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or engagement party be? There is enough room to fit typical invitation text and even RSVP information.


bookmark save the date for beach wedding

Bookmark Save the Dates

Many couple like their save the dates to be a little unusual and with more fun than the invitations get to be.


floral bookmark place card

Bookmark Place Cards

If you are naming your table after favorite books, or sharing favorite quotes with your guests, bookmark place cards fit in perfectly.


bookmark wedding favor

Bookmark Wedding Favor

As wedding favors, bookmarks can leave your favorite quotes or a special message of thanks with your guests.


baby shower wish bookmark

Bookmark Wish Cards

Great at showers or receptions,  wish cards are a chance for guests to give the couple advice, congratulations and good wishes for their life together.

See more of our bookmark save the dates, and more ideas for a book themed wedding.

{All photos by Imbue You. Written by, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding}

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Wedding Stationery Calendar

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Imbue You Vintage Map wedding invitation set

I’ll let you in on a secret: I think wedding planning is a little weird.

For me it’s the expectation that normal people with normal jobs that have nothing to do with weddings are expected to become fluent in what to do when and the best way to do it.

I think that’s asking at lot.

So at least for stationery planning, which I do for a living, I’ll try to make it easier for you. I’ve pulled together an ideal calendar of what to do when for your invitations and the rest of your wedding stationery, with some tips and advice along the way.

7 to 8 months before wedding

  • Start shopping for save the dates, or decide to make your own
  • Shop for wedding website and start creating
  • Start pulling together guest list and addresses

Tips and Advice:

What wedding stationery do I need?
What your destination wedding guests need to know


4 to 6 months before wedding

  • Mail save the dates (send as early as possible for destination and holiday weddings)
  • Start shopping for invitations, or decide to make your own

Tips and Advice:

Tips for addressing your invitation envelopes (also applies to save the dates)
Are you making these 3 creativity sucking mistakes when selecting wedding invitations?


3 to 4 months before wedding

  • Purchase wedding invitations, or start making your own

Tip and Advice:

When is the right RSVP by date?
Where do I put reception information?
Alternative wedding invitation wording
Formal wedding invitation wording
Love quotes for wedding stationery


6 to 8 weeks before wedding

  • Mail invitations
  • Start shopping for wedding programs and reception stationery, or decide to create your own

Tips and Advice:

What stationery do I need for my reception?


4 to 5 weeks before wedding

  • RSVPs start coming in
  • Start finalizing numbers for wedding programs and reception stationery
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations are sent out


3 weeks before wedding

  • Finalize wording for menus, programs, signage and other reception stationery
  • Finalize seating plan
  • Purchase or create wedding programs, seating chart, place cards, table numbers and other reception stationery

Tips and Advice:

Sample Wording: What goes in a wedding program?


1 to 3 weeks after wedding

  • Write and mail thank you notes

Tips and Advice:
The stress free guide to writing thank you notes

So take action now. Where are you on this timeline? And how are you doing? If you are a little behind, that’s ok. Use this timeline to get ahead of the next task.

Spread the love. Share this stationery timeline with any couples you know who are getting married. Hopefully it will be a sanity saver.

{Photo: custom wedding stationery by Imbue You}

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