{Real Palettes} Red, Purple and Gold Wedding Inspiration

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Purple is a powerful, beautiful color for weddings. Depending what you pair it with it can be great for any season. And that’s what many of the couples we are working with are doing. Purple, lavender and silver; purple, lavender and gray (I hope to have photos of this last one soon!)

We have been seeing lots of red and gold for our Indian wedding stationery…but today I want to show you purple, red and gold. It’s a lush color combo. Thank you to Tanya and Colin for letting us work on their wedding invitation set.

Imbue You purple red gold indian wedding invitation wrap

Imbue You RSVP purple red gold

There’s so much you can do with a purple, gold and red wedding. Here are just some ideas:

purple red and gold wedding reception

eco friendly stone wedding band

vintage virginia ring pillow

Purple Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Adding gold to any wedding color combo adds instant luxury. So play that up with elegant details: lace, silks, anything luxe. I love the fullness of this reception table design, it reads like old time elegance.

{Photo credits: Wedding reception table via Wedding Wire; Ring by BMJNYC, Ring pillow by Y&E Bridal; Rhinestone bouquet by Hair Bows Wonderworld}

purple and red bridal wedding hair

And for all you rockstar brides (you know who you are!), why stop at the details? Sure purple and red hair isn’t classic. But it looks a whole lot of fun, and paired with the right details can still be elegant.

{Photo credits: Hairstyles via allbesthairstyles.com}

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How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

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booklet wedding invitation imbue you

As one of the first ways that guests experience your wedding, invitations are important for setting the tone guests should expect. And one of the best ways to do that is through your wording.

In other words, if you want guests to know what type of wedding you are having, it can be literally written on your invitation with your wording.

This is the fifth in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
3. How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations
4. How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations
5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

Invitation Wording: Numbers vs Words

numbers vs words This is the easiest way to communicate how formal or casual your wedding is. For formal weddings, write out the date and time of your wedding. More casual weddings can use numbers instead:

Saturday, the eighth of June
Two thousand thirteen
at five o’clock in the evening


Saturday, June 8, 2013
at 5 p.m.


Invitation Wording: Add a Quote

wedding invitation quote imbue you If you are having  a wedding with lots of personal and romantic details, you may want to share some of that feeling by adding a quote or verse to your invitation.

Quotes can tie in with your theme as well. Quotes work especially well for book or storybook weddings. Plus there are poems and novel text to work with many different types of weddings themes.

You can add quotes to your invitation itself or through a wrap or tag around your invitation for an extra special touch.


Invitation Wording: Fun with Your RSVP

fun RSVP wording When your wedding is fun or nontraditional, you don’t have to be stuck with the ”accepts with pleasure/declines with regret” lines on most RSVPs. You can have more fun with it.

You can even incorporate your wedding theme in the RSVP wording, with theme appropriate wording.

Just make sure that the RSVPs aren’t so clever that guests don’t know if they are saying yes or no, or so elaborate that they have to write an essay to respond.

Some fun ideas:

will celebrate
___in body

___in spirit



___can’t wait!

___can’t make it



___deal me in

___I fold


Invitation Wording: Dressing Up or Down

cowbody wedding attire Whether it’s “black tie optional” or “cowboy boots encouraged”, guests really do want to know what to wear.

So even though it may not be the most traditional thing to do, if you have a particular attire for your wedding in mind, let your guests know. They’ll have more fun and you’ll have more fun because everyone will feel more comfortable.


Invitation Wording: No Kids

kids at wedding ringbearer This issue has been coming up more and more: How do you politely tell your guests to leave their children at home? The most traditional way to do this is to include an inner and outer envelope, with the inner envelope specifically naming who is invited, or “and guest” if the invited person can bring a guest.

However, the inner/outer envelope is not being used by many couples these days. In that case, you can simply add “Adult only” to your invitations. But I prefer adding something like “Reception is an adult-only affair” to the RSVP, where it will most likely be read and understood.

To make it even clearer, some of our couples include a line “We have reserved ____ seats in your honor”, with the number written or printed in. This also keeps a stricter control of your wedding guest list, especially if you feel that some of your guests may bring uninvited guests.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

{Photo credits: numbers: wedding booklet invitation: Imbue You Weddingthisisnthappiness.com; invitation quote: Imbue You Wedding; RSVP via Sparkle & Hay; cowboy boots: Kate McElwee Photography via Niche White; boy in suit: Fine Handmade Clothing}

Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You and Imbue You Wedding. Thanks for reading!

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How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations

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red teal yellow Mexican wedding invitation

It’s not uncommon for weddings to feature 4 to 6 colors in a wedding palette. So I often get the question: “How do I take all of these colors and use them on my wedding invitation.”

And more often than not, my answer is you don’t.

Having a rich color palette is perfect for your wedding day. You have a ceremony site, reception venue, dresses, suits, shoes, flowers, stationery …so many items to take the various parts of your color palette and bring it life.

But invitations are one item (or a small collection of items). And using all of your colors in a small space may not set the mood you want.

This is the fourth in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

1. How to Choose a Wedding Theme That’s Meaningful to You
2. How to Show Your Personality With Your Invitations
3. How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations
4. How to Use Your Color Palette on Your Wedding Invitations
5. How to Match Your Invitation Wording to Your Wedding

Fall Persian wedding invitation

Find Your Wedding Mood, Find Your Invitation Colors

Instead I recommend choosing 2 to 3 colors from your palette and concentrating on using those. Often palettes have core colors that you can choose.

Another idea is to think about the mood you want to create for your wedding day. Is it bold, is it romantic, is it fun, is it elegant? Thinking about that mood, what colors from your palette communicate it?

For example “romantic” can be shown by soft colors that don’t contrast each other much. On the other hand, a “bold” and “exciting” mood is set by highly contrasting or vibrant colors. “Elegant” can be richer colors or metallics.

And never say never. There are also times when you can include your entire palette for a beautiful explosion of color. If you can find a pattern or print that can handle a lot of color, that would be perfect. Often interior designers get room palette inspiration from a fabric or wallpaper print, so this is the opposite idea.

Also if your wedding theme, mood or personality calls for lots of colors on your invitation, I say go for it. Whimsical wedding themes are great examples of this, and the use of color becomes part of the theme.

Imbue You Asian Wedding Invitation

Places for Color on Your Wedding Invitation

Once you know what colors you want to use, there are a number of ways to apply those colors to your wedding invitation stationery.

Ink: This is what most people think about for invitation colors.

Invitation paper: Your invitation paper or cardstock adds another dimension to your ink colors. Ivory and off white can communicate the mood of your wedding. They also tend to make the ink colors printed on them darker and more muted. In general, the brighter the white the more vibrant your ink colors will be.

Layers: Backers, pocketfolders, wraps and ribbon can be a great way to introduce additional color to your wedding invitation set. They also can add unexpected texture to your suite.

Envelopes: A color envelope introduces your guests to your color palette instantly. You can have fun with 2 different color envelopes if you are doing an RSVP card with your invitation, and if your wedding mood and personality go along.

Next you’ll learn how to match your invitation wording to the type of wedding you’re having.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

{Written by imbueyouido.com, the blog of Imbue You. Photos by Imbue You Wedding. Thanks for reading!}


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Where should I list my reception information on my invitation?

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rustic chic metallic wedding invitation

I get this question often. There are a few ways to handle this depending on the formality of your wedding and on your budget.

You really only have to deal with this issue if your reception is in a different location than your wedding ceremony. Otherwise you don’t have to mention your reception at all or a simple “reception immediately following” will do.

On a reception card

This is the most proper place to put your reception information. It should follow the same formality of the card and be in the same style and font. So if you are writing out times on your invitation in words, do so here too.


Please join us for a reception following the ceremony.
at six o’clock
Whaler’s Inn Restaurant
367 Main Street
Baltimore, Maryland


On an events card

If you are having many events during a wedding weekend, your reception information can be listed along with them on an events card. In that case follow the layout and wording of the other events listed on your card.


On the invitation

If you are putting this information on your invitation, leave a space between your ceremony wording and the reception wording.

Follow the same formality of the main invitation. Whether you are using numbers or words for your dates and times, do the same for your reception information. And just like the invitation wording, the zip code is not typically listed.

Reception to follow
at six o’clock in the evening

Whaler’s Inn Restaurant
367 Main Street
Baltimore, Maryland


On the RSVP

If there’s no room on your invitation and you don’t have budget for a reception card, there’s often room to list this information on the RSVP.

I see this as a last resort though because the RSVP is returned to you and doesn’t stay with your guests.

Reception at 6 pm
Whaler’s Inn Restaurant
367 Main Street
Baltimore, Maryland

{Photo credit: Imbue You Wedding, read about this rustic wedding invitation color palette}

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Cute and Chic Halloween Party Style for Adults

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handmade halloween countdown clock

Justin loves Halloween like most people love Christmas. I love candy corn like most people love chocolate cake. So this is a really fun time of year for the both of us. Yet somehow we’ve managed to not throw a Halloween party in a really long time.

But if you are throwing a Halloween party this year, I’ve found some chic yet fun inspiration for adults. And maybe I can live through you just a little bit.

halloween party door wreath feathers

halloween decor candles glam spider web

imbue you halloween party spider web invitation

lace glam halloween fall pumpkins

Spooky chic. There are so many unique and interesting ways to set the mood for your Halloween party. I’m a sucker for feathers and these lace pumpkins are genius.

{Photo credits: Halloween countdown calendar by Bloom and Barnacle; Feather wreath by The Wright Wreath; Glittery spider web and DIY tutorial: A Fanciful Twist; candle vases and DIY tutorial: Fresh Home Ideas; Spider invitation by Imbue You (that’s us!), get it here; Lace and Glitter Pumpkins and DIY tutorial: Green Eyed Monster}

halloween mummy cupcake

halloween party drinks

halloween party cookies

halloween candy corn pudding mummy cupcake

Play with your food. These treats almost look too good to eat…almost! Who knew mummies could be so cute?

{Photo credits: Mummy cupcake topper by Claudia The Cupcake Lady; Halloween champagne flute drink and recipe: Martha Stewart; Halloween martini and recipe; OMFG Atlanta; Orange and black Halloween cookies by the Pièce de Résistance; Mummy cupcake and DIY tutorial: Half Baked; Candy corn vanilla pudding with instructions: Craftster}

halloween cootie catcher

whimiscal halloween party ghost

Have a whimsical Halloween! Fun things to do or play with are great for adult parties too.

{Photo credits: Halloween cootie catcher and DIY printable with tutorial: Catch My Party; Ghost with chalkboard by Bloom and Barnacle}


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