{Ask Imbue You} When is the right RSVP Date Deadline ?

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As an invitation designer I see a lot of “two weeks before the wedding” RSVP by dates. This usually works great for the caterer, who only needs that long to prepare meals for your final headcount.

But catering isn’t the only consideration for your RSVP date. That’s why I recommend setting you RSVP by date to four weeks before your wedding, three weeks at the shortest. And here’s why:

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1. Tracking Down Non-responders

Never a fun thing to do, especially not fun {and more stressful} on a tight time limit.
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2. Your Seating Plan

Developing a seating plan for your guests almost always takes more time than you think it will.
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Lotus wedding stationery program table number

3. Your Ceremony and Reception Stationery

You’ll need a completed seating plan to finish your place cards. Purchasing or creating your menu cards, ceremony programs and other day of stationery also depends on accurate numbers.
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4. Your Budget

Without proper numbers you can overestimate your quantities. Plus last minute decisions and work can lead to rush fees, which can eat into your budget or make you spend more than you have to.
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5. Your Sanity

Ultimately, the final days before your wedding should be as low-stress as possible. You’ll have enough final preparations in the days before your wedding without adding on extra to-dos.
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So set your RSVP date a little earlier. You’ll be glad you did!

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