Cure Wedding Planning Overwhelm: Create a “Don’t Like” List

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fight wedding planning overhelm

Justin calls me a picky eater. I don’t like gelatin-like foods (so gummy bears are out), or mushy foods (so rice pudding is a no) and I absolutely can’t stand eggs.

But I think I’m a happy eater. I know no matter how awesome an omelette looks, I’m never going to like it. So I find something better for me.

When there are so many choices in the world, like what to have for breakfast or which wedding reception place setting to choose, knowing what you don’t like can often bring you closer to something you’ll love.

That’s a recipe for a more personal and meaningful wedding, which is what you want, right?

So get it on paper or ipad. When pulling together your “don’t like” list remember to include:

Pet Peeves: I’m working with a bride now who doesn’t like ampersands. It was the first thing she told me, and I loved it. I loved it so much, it’s the reason you are reading this article right now. Now she knows that if a design can’t be adjusted without an ampersand to simply move on.

Moods and Feelings: Many of our custom destination wedding stationery clients tell me that they don’t want anything “too formal”. Knowing that, I can adjust the fonts and wording to create something classic, but not too traditional.

General dislikes that can lead to more specifics: The most important thing is to get started. So if you have something general that you don’t like, such as “anything too feminine” you can narrow it down to “no pink” or “no lace” later on.

So say it loud and proud. What are your wedding don’t likes? Go talk to your sweetie and make your own “don’t like” list. And share any Ah-Ha moments from your list in the comments below.

{Photo: handmade journal from Re-maker}

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