How to Blend Cultures on Your Wedding Invitations

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Figuring out how to celebrate your heritage on your wedding invitations or stationery can be a challenge. Add another culture and it can seem even more puzzling.

But it’s so worth it! And you’ll have a truly meaningful wedding that you and your family and friends will treasure. All you need are some tips for pulling it off.

This is the third in a five article series: How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding Theme.

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What Your Cultures Mean to You

indian mendhi wedding hands Before you can share your cultures you’ll have to choose the most meaningful elements for you.

Everyone sees culture a little differently, even people of the same heritage. What do the cultures you are blending mean to you? What do they mean to your future spouse…and maybe even to your parents and future in-laws if they have a say? What are the sights, sounds, tastes and colors that go with that?

Go looking for other cultural style inspiration. Comb through travel books, native language style magazines, or cultural blogs. You might discover some design or detail that brings your wedding fusion style together.

The best designs focus on just a few strong ideas. So start editing them down or saving them for other elements of your wedding, such as the dessert bar or the music selection. Creating a name for your blended theme will help you focus even more when you have to choose among several design choices.


Mix Traditional Colors of One Culture with Motifs of Another

African Cultural Art Here is where your cultural inspiration search can really help you.

If one of the cultures you want to blend has strong colors associated with it, you can take those colors to use on designs that are strongly associated with the other culture. Like a red and gold plaid or tartan print on an invitation for a Chinese Scottish wedding.

This also works when blending a culture and another theme. For instance, if you were having a rustic Indian wedding, you could use a traditional Indian motif, such as paisley, and blend it with browns, deep reds or mustard yellows from a rustic palette.


Blend Design Style of One Culture with Symbols of Another

korean wedding dolls There are many cultures whose art and design have very distinctive styles. And there are other cultures that have motifs and symbols that are easily recognizable.

Can you take that strong culturally identifiable style and apply it to the traditional symbols of another? A wedding invitation motif of a Celtic symbol done in a Chinese calligraphy style would tie together an Irish Chinese wedding nicely.

This idea can also work well to blend a culture with another wedding theme. An Indian beach invitation could feature a starfish done in a mehndi style. How cool would that be!


Find Cultural Common Ground for Your Wedding Invitations

mexican italian tile wedding save the date As I was studying art from different cultures across different time periods, I realized that some design elements popped up a lot.

So, in looking for cultural inspiration you might actually find more commonalities than you’d expect.

One of our popular designs for Mexican invitations, our tile design, was first inspired by traditional Persian architecture.  But it could easily be used for Moroccan or Italian theme weddings. That’s because tile design appears in many cultures.

Similarly, the paisley, known as a traditional Indian motif, is also very prominent in traditional Scottish design.


Go For It and Use Both Cultures

indian mexican multicultural wedding If you have a bold, adventurous or whimsical style, you might not have to blend at all!

In that case you can take elements from each culture and incorporate them on your wedding invitations and stationery.

You can use two motifs on the same invitation, connected by color or style. Or incorporate one culture as a monogram design and the other as a print. Another idea is to use layers of paper with one cultural design layered on another.

For more information and step by step advice on getting your personality in your invitations, download our free styleguide: 7 Designer Secrets for Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Invitations.

Next I’ll walk you through tips for choosing your wedding color palette.

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