Hi! We’re Kemba and Justin

We live in a world where wedding invitations, stationery and gifts aren’t boring. They are colorful, fun and romantic, like you. And most importantly, they are infused with your vision and personality.

Our designs meet your creativity and become one of a kind.

We’re actually visual storytellers. The story we help you tell is a thread that runs through your entire wedding, with invitations and stationery that capture your style in a meaningful and memorable way.

In this story, themes are fun yet classy. Global prints are authentic yet modern. There’s dimension and texture, and it’s awesome.

That’s the world we wanted to live in when we created Imbue You. A place where nothing’s cookie cutter or boring. And we’re so glad you found us!

Ours is a Jersey-boy meets Brooklyn-girl love story. In the process, we found that we also share a love for global design, reading to each other, science, anime, making things and making each other laugh (a lot!).

We’re award-winning designers (and a real-life married couple) who have helped hundreds of other couples around the world create wedding stationery they love.

In fact, they often tell us they get enthusiastic compliments on their stationery.

We believe when stationery is done right, it combines your personal style and wedding vision into something amazing that outlasts your wedding day.

After all, it’s how family and friends know you’re getting married. It’s the details of your ceremony, and the menu at dinner. It’s with the favor your guests take home and it’s the thank you note from you as newlyweds.

Stationery ties your wedding experience together, from beginning to end. So shouldn’t it be as special as you are?

We think yes. So we’re here to make your wedding stationery as meaningful as it is memorable.

For years we were experts in business and nonprofit branding. But left that behind when a dear friend and marketing client couldn’t find any wedding invitations that matched her style.

We stepped in to celebrate her Persian heritage with a design that was carried through her entire wedding. She and her husband were so happy we “branded” their wedding. We were too.

And so began our unique blend of global and theme design, highly coordinated stationery, intricate prints and dimensional style.

As you can see, we’re real people…not a conglomerate. And we love to help.

So whether on our blog, in our handmade studio or from our shop, you’ll always get great advice on how to infuse your wedding, special occasion and daily life with your own singular style.

Years of design and wedding experience goes into that advice…as does a lot of love.

So what’s the story you want to tell? Is it sweet and sassy, bold and fun, vintage and quirky or something new? You tell us.