How to Show Menu Selections on Your Place Cards

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color choices for wedding menu selection

We were working on place cards for one of our brides last week when she mentioned that she found cute little stamps to show her guests’ menu selections on their place cards.

And it got me thinking about how our other customers have solved this problem.

In many cases your caterer’s waiters will not ask your guests what they ordered for dinner.

Or you may not want them to in order to have a carefree experience for your guests. Or for fear that people will forget or change their minds and throw off your count.

You can go by your seating chart, but what if someone doesn’t quite sit where they should?

As a result, including some kind of code on your place cards or escort cards has become very popular… with couples and caterers.

These are some options:

wedding menu icon on place cards


You can do these with stamps or by asking the person working on your stationery to include icons in the design.

Photo via somethingturquoise.com


letters for menu choice selection on wedding place card


Using letters, such as “B” for beef and “C” for chicken, works well for more formal weddings.

At first Amanda, whose place cards are shown above, wanted to use icons for her design. But she liked the more formal look of using the letters, and we incorporated them into the look of the rest of her stationery. So it all blended.


color coded place cards for wedding menu selection

Color Coded

Color coding is very popular.

One reason, it’s very easy to see. Stamps and letters can be small but if your entire card is a color, it can be really fast for waiters to understand and move on.

These map place tags were coded for beef, chicken, fish and even the kids meal. The couple used airport codes for table numbers to go with the travel theme


Spell it out

Maybe the easiest thing of all is to simply write, or have printed “beef” or “chicken” on the back of your escort cards.


Both the map place tag and folded tent design are available online in your custom colors from our Etsy handmade stationery shop.

Photos, except the stamped icon photo, are by Imbue You.

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Italy Map Wedding Invitation: New Design

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Italy Map Wedding Invitation

Last month we shared with you our new Italy map save the date. And now we have the coordinating wedding invitation to match.

A vintage map of Italy graces the cover and inside of this folded booklet wedding invitation. The map includes Florence and Tuscany. We can even adjust what the map shows to feature more of Corsica and Sicily.

It’s perfectly lovely for an Italy destination wedding, or travel theme wedding.

Want to see ordering details? This design is available online in your custom colors from our Etsy shop in the wedding invitation and samples sections.

Stay tuned for the matching thank you cards and other coordinating wedding stationery.


Italy wedding invitation

Italy Wedding Invitation with return address envelope

Folded Booklet Invitation

Personalized cover introduces your invitation to your guests.  Inside, neatly keep your RSVP and inserts together with a clever loop while the focus stays where it belongs…on your invitation.


RSVP for Italy wedding invitation


Layered reply card with response envelope matches the style and look of the main booklet invitation.


Italy Map Matching Wrap Address Labels

Return Address Wrap Labels

Stylishly dressed envelopes include your return address with labels that wrap your envelopes in coordinating design. Color envelopes are included, and we can even print your guest names and addresses on your outer envelope label.


Want to learn more? This design is now available online in your custom colors from our Etsy handmade stationery shop.

Photography by Imbue You


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Purple and Fuchsia Indian Floral Save the Date Bookmarks

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purple and fuchsia save the date bookmarks

Sometimes you can be creative when mixing your preferences and that of your soon to be spouse.

With the case of these save the date bookmarks, the bride loved fuchsia and her bridesmaids were wearing plums and purples. But the groom loved orange.

What to do?

We used them all! There’s a little orange in the design, but mostly it’s used for the envelope.

Mixing colors like this works well on designs that can handle a lot of color. And when the color combination still works for the mood you are trying to create.

For example, an orange, purple and fuchsia color palette works great for a bold, fun wedding. But probably not so well for traditional or formal weddings.

save the date bookmarks with orange envelope

Imbue You bookmark save the dates

Happy Inspiration!

This design is available online in your custom colors from our Etsy handmade stationery shop.

Photography by Imbue You

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